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Skullcandy crusher is one of the most beautiful pairs of headphones with an innovative bass slider which enhances the sound which is already massive. An older version of the crusher has now become Skullcandy which provide the Bluetooth connectivity, as these are wireless headphones. Design of the product is enhanced with time, and a lot of work has done on the design.

The sound of this headphone set is amazing, and you can easily listen to your favorite song using them. They are unique in the sound that is the reason they are getting famous. Bass headphones are the best for all types of music; it can satisfy your desires. Most of the customers are loving the music through these headphones which is why we are here to give a detailed review of this product.

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Design of the Skullcandy crusher is very sophisticated even than the previous versions by this company. The old model of these headphones seems to be ear defender; however, these best bass headphones look more like the standard pair of beautiful street headphones. This makes the design of these headphones beautiful and unique which is the choice of everyone.

The external parts of this headphone are of matte black plastic which is soft and smooth to touch. On top of the headband, synthetic leather is used which makes it more comfortable and beautiful. When you wear the headphones the steel headband is also revealing which make it attractive. But if you have a small head, you cannot see the steel.

Wireless headphones Skullcandy crusher look same as the skull candy Hesh 3. This pair is different from the brasher, bulkier headphones which were the classic design of these headphones. These headphones have the capacity to fold-up which is best because they take less space and this is fantastic in traveling.

The headband is more substantial, sticks over your head and give comfort, Logos of the skull are more abundant and are placed on both cups. The design of the Hesh 3 is much enhanced now. These are heavy in weight, and that can be the effect of bass resonance chamber. The finish of the design is also different the soft external side of the headphones is softer here.

Crusher headphones are comfortable than Hesh 3, and a lot of customers has experienced this difference. But they can break if they fall from your hand. Crusher has a lot of space which you can place on your ears to listen to the music. The ear cups are made perfectly keeping every customer in mind.

These headphones have a decent clamping force, so if you are the person with large ears, you will never feel comfortable with these headphones. So, most likely, you can be in problem with these headphones with the large ears. I suggest you purchase them if you have normal or small ear because there is no variety for them.

These headphones are coming in a bag which is fantastic and keep them safe from dust and other material. As you would love to get these headphones as a gift, you can surprise your friends and family by gifting them as well.

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Skullcandy Crusher Wireless and Bass Chamber

There is no reliability problem with the Skullcandy crusher wireless headphones; this means there is no problem in them. Other brands when releasing the wireless headphone they are nearly perfect in the performance. On the right cup of the headphones, there are more significant playback controls which facilitate you while listening to music.

Bluetooth always needs a battery to start, and that is the reason these headphones also require batteries to work. But the battery life for these headphones is the best, and you can use them for more than 40 hours. This indicates that you can take it anywhere and listen to music of your choice without any tension of battery shortage.

In the bass mode, the battery of the headphones do not work much, but I could not say that how much battery it takes when it is on bass mode. I never have it on bass mode for more time and change the mode as per my convenience. You can still listen to the bass music, and I am sure it will work well on that mode too.

You can up and down the fader effect of bass through the left ear. You can also attach your headphones with the woofer and for that this sound system will help you a lot. These controls can use in this type of situation easily. You can maximize or minimize the haptic voice of the music through them.

The quality of the bass made is inferior on the whole. It is a full uncontrolled, and the terrible tone is coming out. These headphones are not working with actual active drivers at all. If you attach it to the woofer, you will hear the dominant sound which is a bad thing. Maximum setting of these headphones is terrible to listen to music.

You can have some club style thrills through these headphones in low-frequency smog cloud of bass. You will feel that you are listening to the songs in the club and there is a wall of brick between you and the club. This is a fantastic effect, and you will get the best experience through these headphones.

These are easy to fold, and that is the reason they have less chance of damage. Skullcandy crusher comes in an amazing packing. From the first generation until now the Skullcandy has improved the sound, and it has also enhanced the user experience too. I have used it, and I must say that it is far different from the previous version.

There are some side effects which are practical. When you tap on the sound cups twanged sound of spring come out which is irritating. Reverb chamber is used in these headphones. Even if it falls from your hand, same twang sound appears which is not good. I don’t want to ruin my music when on the treadmill of the gym.

On the whole, the performance and feature of the headphones are amazing and I am entirely convinced in purchasing them. You should purchase them for quality music and enjoy.

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Sound Quality

This headphone sound is much better than the previous version of the headphones from the same company. This can satisfy your music need, and you can hear the music while you are traveling. Its sound is very similar to the Hesh 3, but it is not identical so you must purchase this for checking the quality.

These headphones stay bassy even if the haptic dial town is turned down fully. There are some clouding midbass but that not make these headphones sound murky. It is sophisticated and has a lot of exciting controls to make your music more comfortable to listen. You can enjoy the power of your music now.

When you use the haptic bass, a treble sound is also very prominent which is annoying to listen. It never goes entirely if you are listening to the music. Treble mean a little unrefined and little brittle. But the effect of harshness is not very huge, and you can listen to music easily.

You can limit your headphone sound to avoid the sound of treble, and the problem will be solved. It will not become the refined voice after that, but you will listen to the excellent sound of music without any problem, and that matters a lot. These headphones are not that expensive to purchase.

The energy of these headphones is high, and it has reasonable soundstage with mids than an amorphous mass. Treble doesn’t take on much when rendering the vocal and that means a detailed texture of the music thanks to the presence of these great headphones which make the sound relaxing for listeners.

These headphones are focusing on the high-frequency sounds which are produced by the headphones wireless or electronic signals, and this is same as the Hesh 3. But these headphones have more energy for treble than Hesh 3 which is very surprising for me too, and it is less noticeable.

These headphones are best in the classroom if you want to concentrate and I have tried them which results impressive. These headphones don’t have glaring tonal problems. You can easily concentrate the quality of voice which means a lovely effect so far. You will also have a great time with these headphones.

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It produces a compelling bass sound which means you can listen to music easily and it will provide the sound with good quality. These headphones are best when you love to listen to music while traveling. This will provide you the adequate sound which no other can give you. You can adjust volume as per your need.

Noise cancellation is one of the fantastic feature present in these headphones. You will not hear the sound of the plane and the crying baby if you are listening to music and noise cancellation is on. You must use this feature if you want to listen to your favorite music peacefully without any interruption. Make sure, never use this mode while driving.

User friendliness is one of the famous terms which every pair of headphone use. These headphones are amazing in user-friendliness, and you can easily do the volume up/down through this headphones, and you can also skip the song which you don’t want to listen with ease. This makes these headphones famous.

Portability is one of the key factors which counts a lot, and these headphones are portable easily. The weight of these headphones is 10.1 ounces which is not too much, and also you can carry these headphones with ease. Also, they come in one pouch back which make them more comfortable to carry.

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The controls of these headphones are not too much smooth, and your favorite song can skip when you are changing the volume of your headphones. This may make the user annoyed when he/she try using these headphones. You need to be very patient when you are using these headphones for listening to the music.

If you are using high volume in the bass, it will become very bad for ears, and you cannot even listen to this type of music that is the reason these are bad in bass mode. But other than that you can use them comfortably to listen to music in other modes. Sound comes from these headphones is unrefined you have to make a lot adjustment to listen to the quality song.

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It is hard to define the importance of music in the life of the young generation, but bass is essential for them too. These headphones seem too much zealous in their approach when the company was designing them. They make the lovers of bass happy. But still, the bass is at medium to low sliders level of sound.

Clarity of the sound and music is not guaranteed the mix definition frequency of these headphones is working too well. If you love the bass in the average level, but you don’t like the wireless headphones then you should go for Skullcandy crusher with wire they will best fit your needs. If you have the average ear, you should purchase them because these are not for big ears.

The price range of these headphones is tricky for the users. Your favorite headphones can be expensive or cheap depending upon the feature these headphones have. The Bluetooth of these headphones is easy to adjust, and you can conveniently connect your headphones with the device of your choice and listen to the music.

These headphones deliver the best experience to your ears with the moderate music of bass this make the new generation crazy, and they want to have it. You can take it if you love the features and these headphones are available in the range of $200 at your doorstep.

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9.3 Total Score

These headphones are user-friendly and affordable in prices. These headphones are a good choice if you are a music lover. I have used them, and the sound quality is the best.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • User-Friendly
  • No smooth controls
  • Bass is not good
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