Precise time measurement with Sand9 devices – used by the military

Precise time measurement with Sand9 devices – used by the military

Sand9 is a technology leader in the field of timing products and systems.

Sand9 excels in producing reliable MEMS timing chips that are used by the military, as well as other companies that rely on precise time measurement.

The company has been around since 2010 and is headquartered in California, USA.

Sand9 employees more than 400 people who do research, design and manufacture MEMS products.

In 2017, the company opened its first Asia-Pacific regional headquarters in Shanghai, China to strengthen its presence in this region of the world market.

Sand9 devices primarily measure time with a high-level of accuracy. Sand9 is especially used by military and other essential groups, due to its ability to work in harsh environments.


Sand9 devices measure time with a high degree of precision and are used by the military due to their ability to operate in harsh environments. A MEMS timing product is an accurate way of measuring the passage of time. The company works on many timing technologies, mainly MEMS timing products.

Sand9 is a technology leader in MEMS-based timing products and services. They provide timing products to a number of defense, aerospace and high-tech companies.

Sand9’s devices are often used by the military for the most accurate time measurement possible – they are the perfect solution for any project that requires precision timing.

Sand9 devices are a part of the S1-MEMS product line. The company, MEMS, is a technology leader in timing products.

They offer timing solutions for a variety of applications ranging from micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) to global positioning systems (GPS). These devices provide precise time measurement and can be used in military or commercial settings.

The Sand9 clock is an example of their work that allows for accurate readings down to nanoseconds. The Sand9 clock is capable of measuring this because it includes charge hold circuitry which provides resolution that ranges between 10 picoseconds (10 trillionths) and 100 femtoseconds (100 quadrillionths).

In military scenarios, this device would help provide accurate time stamps for weapons logs and ammunition tracking. In commercial settings, it could be utilized by banks when sending data over satellite.

Sand9 is a company that specializes in timing products. They have produced the world’s first accurate timepiece – a quartz-based atomic clock. This technology leader aims to make their devices ubiquitous in all industries, from the military to healthcare.

The company’s most recent product is the clocking device for satellites, GPS and aviation equipment. These devices are crucial for accurate time measurement and positioning. It’s used by the military for its precise timing technologies, because it ensures accuracy of weapon systems on ships and in aircrafts.

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Sand9 is a technology leader in the field of MEMS timing products. Sand9 is the first to offer CMOS-based micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) timing products, and its innovation in this area set the standard for future time measurement equipment.

Their latest product improvement was made with military precision in mind and offers improved accuracy and stability. This reduces the need for post-processing, which allows for a faster system update with real-time information.