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Have you ever got disturbed when you are listening to music? I always get very disturbed when I am working in my way and listening to music also. I have very annoying neighbors who are still making some noise, and I cannot do anything. I purchased COWIN E7 headphone because I listened a lot about them and trusted me they are amazing in active noise canceling.

My friends and viewers were asking a lot about these headphones so I am here and writing a quick review of this fantastic pair of headphones with a lot of useful features which I will explain today. I can now listen to music when I am sitting on the plane and going somewhere. These headphones are with me for quite a long time, and I often use them when I am traveling around.

These headphones better fulfill the needs of music lovers. Design of these headphones is very elegant, and the company is taking care of the skin of the customers that is the reason they make these headphones cushion quite comfortable for extended usage. If you are looking for headphones which are comfortable to wear for longer these headphones will work fantastic for you.

These headphones are durable, and they are providing extensive range when you connect them through the Bluetooth. The version of Bluetooth these headphones are using 4.0 which is the latest and work well. These under $100 headphones have also the famous ear cups which are offering premium comfort to the music lovers.

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This brand is one of the best seller brands and making the name in the top headphones. These headphones earpads are made of protein, so when they touch with your ears for longer even then, they don’t damage the ears. You can comfortably wear these headphones for longer when you are traveling, and you are enjoying the music. When you are in the weather where everything is melting these cushions will provide your ears, and you can listen to music stress freely.

Ear cups of the headphones are amazing and also the headband is easily adjustable on every head. You will never feel uncomfortable while wearing these headphones because you can adjust them according to your headphones. This is one of the sophisticated headphones which are made for the comfort of the listener. The ear cups of these headphones is in silver color which is complimenting the black color perfectly.

All the headphones have volume controls on the ear cups of the headphones from where they can easily connect their headphones to the musical device and have fun for longer and same is the case with these headphones. All the options are available, and the name of these headphones is also engraved on both ear cups which give them a premium look.

It is not very difficult to remember the buttons and controls after the few minutes of usage you will learn everything.

These headphones come with the dual options you can listen to the songs with wireless headphones but sometimes people don’t want to use the wireless, and for that, you can have them with wires. These are the detachable headphones, and very less brand have these options in headphones. For charging these headphones have the USB port which makes these headphones easy to charge through any smartphone cable.

In the box of these headphones, a charger comes to charge them better. Audio jack of 3.5 mm is also available with these headphones. These accessories are fabulous and of high quality so that you can have durable headphones for the longest time. They can be your travel mate when you want to enjoy the movie or songs use them.

Never get worried about the charging of these headphones if they are not charged you can use them with wire and charge them also for having a better and long lasting experience.

A mic is also attached to these headphones for taking the phone calls when you are a gym or busy in doing something else. These headphones are for the convenience of the customer. Battery life of these headphones is 30 hours which is a long time, and you can charge them for 3 to 4 hours for a fresh start.

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These are sealed headphones with fantastic design, and the sound quality of these headphones is outstanding and make them stand out as compared to other brands. At some points, these headphones have undergone a lot of changes and which enhances the quality of these headphones. After a few months of release, a new version of these headphones also came.

The internal configuration of the first version was not good, but the company made some changes to resolve the problem. These headphones have now 3.5 mm cable, and these headphones work well in active noise canceling when they are connected with the wire. When the headphones battery is dead, the active noise canceling won’t work correctly in the new version of these headphones.

On the right ear cup, all controls are present for different volume related settings. But these buttons are too sharp from the edges although they are smooth to touch they look not that good on these headphones. Noise canceling feature is unusual of these headphones which make these headphones famous in the customers because they want to listen to music on the trip of the airplane. If something is really loud sound will never cancel, and you can hear that.

Quality and clarity of the sound are amazing of these headphones, and you will hear a crispy sound. You can also hook them with an audio cable to listen to the music easily directly from the device. I am delighted with the noise canceling feature they work correctly. On the other hand, if I talk about the bass of these headphones that need a little adjustment.

If you are not a bass mode lover, you can have them as they have a soft and beautiful sound quality, but if you set them on bass, you will listen a sharp sound which is not suitable for ears for a long time. The sound will never leak from these headphones even if you are listening to music in high volume no one will be disturbed from your music and you can enjoy a lot. If something from your neighbors is coming out, you can have your private time with these best noise ceiling headphones.

You will feel comfortable when you are listening to music through these headphones as they are tested a lot on customer and this is one of the enhanced pair of headphones for the customer. I already have them, and they are good in battery life also they continuously work for 30 hours and charge in just a few hours. I can also use them with wire or wireless according to the mood.

These headphones come with a pouch, and I pack them when I am not using them for the safety purpose.

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  • Weight 0.6 lbs
  • Clamping force 1.1 lbs
  • Feedback of the item Above average
  • Microphone controls Not available
  • Average difference of temperature 4.6 C
  • Noise-canceling controls Yes
  • Additional buttons available No
  • Talk through the item No
  • The volume of the headphones 104 Cu. Inches
  • Detachable wireless Yes
  • The connection of the items 1/8” TRRS
  • Low Frequency Extension 10 Hz
  • Battery Type Rechargeable
  • Passive Playback Yes
  • Battery life 26 Hrs
  • Power Saving Feature No
  • Bluetooth Version 4.0
  • PS4 Computability Not available

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  • Active Noise cancellation is available in these headphones. If you are traveling with these headphones when you are working, moving and on those places where you think you need to cancel the noise. These headphones work well even if you are on the airplane, in office, or on the road.
  • Sound get much better through these headphones with 45 mm large-aperture drivers give the fantastic bass response. The sound is very crispy through these headphones from 75 dB to 85 dB. You can enjoy the music easily through these headphones because music is better with these headphones. The goal of these headphones is to provide standard sound to the customers constantly.
  • Cushions of these headphones are amazingly soft and provide ultimate comfort to the listener. The ear pads used in these headphones are protein and 90 swiveling. Upgraded soft ear cups are amazing and give durability to the headphones. These headphones are the long listening feast to the ears.
  • You can listen to music easily through these headphones for more than 2 to 3 hours as they have premium ear cups. These headphones have NFC technology and built-in Microphones which are of high quality. NFC technology is giving you the powerful Bluetooth function which promises the stable and quick connection.
  • Battery life of these headphones is 30 hours long on the Bluetooth mode. The extended battery up to 800mAh will work for longer and better fulfill your music needs. You need not worry about the power shortage of these headphones. On the other hand, these headphones are offering a warranty of 18 months. These headphones are easy to operate for longer.
  • These headphones come with a pouch so if you are not using them you can save them in a beautiful and durable bag. The bag comes in the box of headphones.
  • These headphones are really reasonable in price and if you are looking for headphones with reasonable prices you should try these headphones.
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  • Design of the headphones is slightly bulky which can give you the feeling of tiredness to you, but they are relaxing to hear the song for 2-3 hours. Ear cups are little bulky due to the cushions of these headphones. But overall these are the sophisticated designs.
  • When the seal of the ear cups is broken the Noise canceling stutter, so you have to be very careful with these headphones, most of the people are complaining about this feature of these headphones, and I too don’t like this. These headphones are available in a lot of colors some of them are not that good it looks.
  • Sub-par microphones are one of the disadvantages of these headphones and people are complaining about a non-clear voice or a little distortion in the headphones which is little problematic for ears. You will feel a bit uncomfortable with these headphones.
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If you want to listen to the music in a smoother these headphones can help you out in this because some of its features like bass mode are amazing. You will feel comfortable while wearing these headphones because the cushions of these headphones are protein based. You cannot stay away from these headphones longer. These are over-ear headphone which are amazing around the neck too.

Battery life of these headphones is getting famous among the customers as these are entertaining for a longer time. These headphones come with the detachable cable, and that is the reason you can listen to songs by connecting the wire with these headphones. These headphones can give you ultimate comfort.

The sound of these headphones is fantastic and very clear for the listener that is the reason customers love these headphones. Bluetooth these headphones used is advance and give a lot of range to the users. These headphones are the best choice for music lovers. These headphones have an extensive range of connectivity.

Through these headphones, you can get the perfect quality music, and they look very stylish in hand that is the reason I recommend them. You should try these headphones. They will better satisfy your music listening wish. The beauty of these headphones also convinces my friends.

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  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good Battery Timing
  • Bluetooth
  • ANC
  • Overweight
  • Bass is not good
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