Best Computer Speakers under $100 – Buyers & Review’s Guide

Best Computer Speakers under $100

It is a common misconception among the computer using community that headphones are the only way you can completely enjoy audio while using the computer. While that may be true for some users, it should be noted that wearing those big headphones for longer duration can make you feel uncomfortable. Although, it can also cause irritation in the ears because of the impact of the headphones companies have been curious and making the best noise canceling headphones under your budget to enjoy the music without experiencing an irritational voice.

What people do not know is that they can get computer speakers to solve this issue. Like any other gadget, finding the right computer speaker is a long process of checking the pros and cons and the functionality of a speaker. That is why we have created this list of best computer speakers under $100 which work great and are also very cheap.

Let us now check out some of the best computer speakers on the market right now.

Cyber Acoustics CA 3602

The Cyber Acoustics CA, although not as cheap as the other speakers on the list, offers you a fairly decent quality of audio along with a beautiful design which looks great accompanying the computer. The speakers are enclosed in a wooden case which adds to the beauty of the design. The speakers include a headphone jack which automatically shuts the speaker without you having to fumble around with the wires.

The Cyber Acoustics speakers have 2 drivers with magnetic shielding which help to maintain stereo separation and perform in very high audio clarity. The subwoofer is equipped with 5.25-inch power bass driver which gives you a thumping bass and excellent low-frequency sounds. The power rating for the speaker is almost 62 watts which is enough in a medium-sized room.

The speaker has a decent sound quality but you will have to make some customizations with the help of an equalizer to get the kind of sound that you require. Apart from this, make sure that you use the speakers at 75% volume which is the optimum volume for the speaker.

One very helpful feature on the speakers was the control pod. All the control of the speakers are located on the center with the volume knobs and bass controls all in one place. The pod in the center also includes the aux and the headphone jack which makes it very convenient for the user. The aux cable in the box is long enough for you to easily use it on your mobile, tablet, computer or even your gaming console. The speakers make the process easier which is why we have added this into our list of best computer speakers under $100.

One aspect of the speaker which was disappointing was the bass performance. The speaker could not produce the low frequencies perfectly and the sound got muffled at a higher volume. However, the bass is still enjoyable at lower volumes.
The design, although attractive, is a bit delicate. The satellite pieces on the speaker are made of plastic and may break off if the speaker is handled roughly. The build quality of the speakers has been compromised because of the low price.
  • Control pod contains headphone jack
  • Very reasonable

  • Does not work at a higher volume
  • Bass is disappointing
  • Speaker is not well built

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Bose Companion 2

The Bose Company has been in the audio business for a long time and is experts in the field of sound. These computer speakers were released a few years back and are still one of the good products in the market. The design of the speakers is a bit old fashioned because of its low price tag. However, the company has added all important things such as the headphone jack on the front of the speaker to complete its function.

The speakers are very small in size but the power that they deliver is quite huge. The loudness and audio quality of the speakers are consistent with other Bose products. There is generally more emphasis on the low frequencies of sound making the bass pretty good. The highs and the midranges also work exceptionally well.

If you are looking to buy a speaker which does not include a lot of wiring, then Bose may not be the right product for you. The speakers require various connections as both units need to be connected to each other and the aux chord also needs to be connected to the computer. Hence, it makes the workspace look a little messy.

The speakers are very lightweight weighing in at almost 2 pounds for each unit. Bose has added the volume switch and the headphone jack on the front of the speakers which makes it very convenient for users.

Bose has used a technology called The TrueSpace Stereo signal processing circuitry. This technology helps to maximize the performance of the speakers. The speakers, instead of acting like two different units, reproduce sound in a way that captivates the computer user. The audio was tested with different kinds of music, movies and gaming all of which gave very satisfying results.

One of the issues with the speakers is that the aux cable provided in the box is very small. For comfortable use of the aux cable jack, you will have to buy a longer cable on your own.
  • A very affordable speaker
  • Lightweight
  • Headphone jack on the front
  • Powerful sound

  • Very short Aux Cable

Buy Bose Companion 2 now from Amazon

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BassPULSE Wireless Computer Speakers Bluetooth 2.1

The base pulse speakers released a similar model of their speakers a while back. Most of the features, like the design and quality, are the same. The only major difference is that these updated speakers are wireless and contain a Bluetooth which make them much more convenient to use.

The design for these speakers is pretty cool although the body is made of plastic. The build quality, therefore, is not very high but the fact that these speakers are see through make them very attractive. The speakers are also equipped with lights that switch around according to the beats making them fun to listen to music with. Both speakers have a black base made of plastic and a plastic slab sticking out of the base.

The package of the speakers is pretty big because of the subwoofer that comes along with it. The box also contains two speakers along with an audio cable and a warranty information card. The warranty of the Basspulse is 3 years which is a step ahead of other speaker manufacturing companies.

The speakers can be connected to your computer with the help of the audio cable provided in the package. However, you can connect the speakers with much more convenience using the Bluetooth mode. With Bluetooth, you can connect the speaker with a laptop, tablet phone etc. Since the wires have been removed in this updated version of the speaker, the company has added more control knobs on the speaker such as volume control, LED switch, skipping tracks, forward and rewind. These make the usage of the speaker far easier.

One issue that was observed with the speaker was that it used to stutter in between playing music. These pauses were observed in between changing songs and although it is not a huge issue, it still takes away some of the charm of a good computer speaker.
The sound quality of the speakers is great. The mids and specifically the highs were very clear and smooth which added to the great experience of the music. The lows, however, were a bit off but that is justified if you look at the cheap price tag of the speaker.
  • Cool illumination
  • Setup is very user friendly
  • Decent Sound quality

  • Small stutter between tracks
  • Bass could be improved

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Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Channel Speaker

This company has been in the market since 2010. Although they are relatively new in the market, they have gotten very high praise because of their affordable and high quality speakers. The SW G2.1 2000   is very famous in the gamer’s community because it suits the gaming platform. Although the speaker was not specifically made for movies, music or gaming, it is still in high demand.

The speaker has a total output power of almost 45 watts which means that it can give you a very powerful sound. The positioning of the speakers is designed in a way that maximizes the sound. The sound reproduced by the speaker during game testing was exceptional. You could hear very tiny details from the game which optimizes the gamer’s experience. This is why we have included this speaker on the list of best computer speakers under $100.

The audio of the speaker, although liked by the gamers is not very high quality. The speakers sometimes tend to mix up the highs and the lows which make it look a little sloppy.

The design of the speakers add to the value of this product. The speakers are very well lit up with the LED lights and actually look like a pair of speakers which are specially designed for gaming. The lights are even designed to change according to the sounds in the game. For example, if there are more crashes/fires than usual, the lights on the speaker will flare.

You can also watch movies with a better experience using these computer speakers. The bass is not so powerful that it overpowers other sounds which makes this speaker a good choice over many other expensive speakers. The speakers perform considerably better if you are not using some software enhancements to customize the sound. They work fine on their own.

Most of the music genres work fine with the speaker. The only problem is with EDM music which seems to not be suitable for the speakers. That too can be fixed by listening to it on a lower volume because the subwoofer can them perform at max potential.
  • The design is attractive
  • Decent sound quality which is perfect for gamers
  • No distortion heard during the tests

  • The bass gets unclear after the 60% volume
  • Made of plastic which does not look good in metallic color.

Buy Genius SW-G2.1 now from Amazon

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Creative Labs 51MF1610AA002 GigaWorks T20 Series

The T20 series from creative labs is an upgrade on their older and more expensive T40 speakers. These come with downsizing in quality because of the cheaper price and some updates on the small issues in older models.

The speaker has removable grilles in this model which, when removed, show golden cones and a black fascia. This feature makes the speakers stand out from the usual black and small computer speakers that are so common these days. The company has also removed the blue LED from the front panel and also the slight illumination around the volume knob. The construction of the speakers has also changed to add more space inside the box which helps in resonating the low-frequency sounds.

The speakers work best at lower listening volumes. At these low volumes, you can feel the clarity of the audio and distinguish between the highs and the mids of the audio. The speakers are also equipped with good stereo separation so these are great for watching movies on your computer.

One feature of these speakers is that you do not have to go through the hassle of plugging the wires in and out very often. If you wish to switch to the headphones mode, you do not have to unplug the wires at the back of the speakers. This makes the process of switching audio very convenient.

The device is considerably bigger than most of the other speakers in the list of best computer speakers under $100. On top of taking more space, sound checks proved that the speakers do not work well with high volumes.

The headphone socket at the front automatically switches the mode to headphones and mutes the speakers

  • Construction is strong
  • Elegant look
  • Cheap

  • Bass response is a bit low quality

Buy Creative labs 51MF1610AA002 now from Amazon

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Creative Inspire T12 2.0

The Creative Labs Company has known to produce audio devices with very good sound which is why we expected the Inspire Computer speakers to perform better than many other speakers which cost a whole lot more than this one. The quality of the speakers did not disappoint and for such a reasonable price, we had to add this to our list of best Computer speakers under $100.

The design of the speaker is very attractive as it is done in a matte black color and a front panel that is glossy black. This aesthetic touch to the speakers adds a great amount of value to the very cheap Computer speakers. The tweeter of the speaker is located at the front while the subwoofer is added on to the back of the speakers. The creative Lab has used a technology called the Bass flex technology which has improved the overall quality of the bass produced by the speaker.

The wiring of the speakers is very convenient to set up for the user. Both speakers can be connected to each other easily. The right speaker has the power port on the back, as well as the best bass headphones, jack for private listening.

The T12 has performed a lot better than many other speakers when it comes to sound. Whether it’s the high frequencies or the lows, the T12 delivers very good audio. Audio this good at such a cheap price is a very good bargain. The speakers are also powerful and can easily add impact to a medium-sized room without any amplifiers or software enhancements.

A downside of this great speaker is that it does not have Bluetooth connectivity. In a time where computers, tablets, and phones can be easily connected to the speakers, a Bluetooth feature should be mandatory in a speaker.
One way to find a very decent volume for the speakers is to move the volume control knob to the halfway level. This way, you can receive a decent sound of the audio without damaging the speaker’s internal parts with high volume.
  • Setting up the speakers is easy
  • Bassflex technology makes the bass better
  • Balanced sound

  • No Bluetooth connectivity in the speakers

Buy Creative Inspire T12 2.0 now from Amazon

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Avantree Desktop Bluetooth

Avantree is a very high ranked company in the sound production business and has come a long way with its innovative technologies. This is one of the very few speakers in the market which has a Bluetooth transmitter. This means that you can connect any device that has a Bluetooth feature with this speaker. The speaker not only has a Bluetooth transmitter, it has a dual transmitter which means that you can connect two devices with the speaker at the same time. Such a feature in a small, portable and cheap pair of computer speakers is enough for us to add this to the list of best computer speakers under $100.

The packaging of the speakers contain all the wires and equipment that you might need for the usage of the speakers. These include stereo cables, converters, and micro USB. The process of pairing the speaker to the device is fairly simple and quick. All you have to do is push the pairing button and it connects with your device in less than 5 seconds.

The sound performance of the speakers is very good with each speaker providing 10 watts of power. The speaker can also reproduce frequencies of 100 Hz to 18000 Hz which is a very big range considering how small these speakers are.

The highs and mids of the sound produced are very high quality and do not disappoint at all. Because the speaker does not contain a separate subwoofer, the bass is a bit lower in quality but still performs considerably well. The speakers are also equipped with the technology to produce stereo sound and distinguish between sounds on the left and the right. This creates a very good environment especially if you are watching a movie.

The design of the speakers is very attractive with a rubberized texture which encases the speaker. The build and finish are impressively done and in no way do these speakers look like they are under $100
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • Design is aesthetically pleasing
  • Sound quality is very good

  • Audio sometimes lags behind the video

Buy Avantree Desktop Bluetooth now from Amazon

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Edifier R980T 4″ Active

One thing that most of the speakers in this category lack is decent power. Many of the speakers in our list of best computer speakers under $100 cannot provide the powerful impact that some users are looking for. Thankfully, the Edifier active speakers have taken care of this and produced a speaker which gives a power output of almost 24 watts.

The speakers contain a flared bass reflex port which provides the user with enhanced bass. The tweeter equipped in the speaker also adds to the great audio experience by providing a powerful sound. With a feature that lets you adjust the bass, it is safe to say that this speaker gives you the option to choose the way your sound plays.

The speaker has a very stylish design which makes this very attractive for users. The speakers have a black wooden case finishing. The immaculate finish can blend in well with any kind of surrounding which adds to the value of this speaker. The wooden case also helps to improve the audio clarity by reducing the resonance of the sound.

The speakers are even compatible with a Television set. This is a new feature that is rare in speakers made by other companies. The dual input system gives you the freedom to plug in two devices with the speaker at once. So if you would like to connect the computer as well as the TV to these speakers, there will not be an issue and you also avoid the hassle of having to switch between different input systems.

The Edifier speaker has great audio. However, in some of the units, a problem of static was observed which made the speaker unusable after a month. Hence, if you are unlucky, you may end up buying a unit which has this issue.

The warranty provided by the Edifier Company is a bargain at this price because not only do you get 2 years warranty, you also get free spare parts and a cover for the labor as well. That is something you will not find in warranty cards provided by other companies.

  • Long warranty provided
  • All cables included in the package
  • Compatible with different voltages

  • Problems of static observed in some units

Buy Edifier R980T 4” now from Amazon

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Cyber Acoustics High Power 2.1

Cyber Acoustics is one of those companies that value quality over quantity and that is exactly what they deliver in their new High power subwoofer speakers. The beautiful design accompanied by a very good functionality is what made us add this pair of speakers in our list of best computer speaker under $100.

The design of the speakers is very attractive. The sleek exterior coupled with the beautiful blend of silver and black colors makes this speaker look extremely elegant. The color combination is such that it can blend in well with any kind of surrounding in your house so this speaker has scored pretty good on our test for design.

The speakers are equipped with the technology of magnetically shielded satellite speakers. This technology helps to make the audio even clearer and significantly improves the audio experience. The highs and the mids come close to perfect because of this technology.

The subwoofer of the speaker is contained in a wooden casing which, apart from adding a touch of class to the speakers, helps to maintain a solid bass performance. With this enclosed space, the sound is allowed to resonate and perform at the optimum bass level. The drivers on the speakers are 1.5 inch which is a significant size for a computer speaker allow for a broad range of sound which improves the quality of sound produced.

The speaker is made very efficiently as it contains small details which mean a lot to the user. The speaker has a grill cover on the drivers which helps to prevent dust from entering and damaging the speaker. Apart from this, the speakers are also equipped with all the knobs that control different areas of sound such as the volume, treble and the bass.
  • Great value for money
  • Aesthetic design

  • The sound is less impact full than expected

Buy Cyber Acoustics High Power 2.1 now from Amazon


Our list of best computer speakers under $100 looked at some of the best products in the market. Each one of them had their strong and weak points but there still was one speaker which won the top spot. This speaker in our opinion was the Bose companion 2. It is very surprising to see that a company of such high caliber would release a speaker that is so reasonable in pricing. While the speaker did have some issues in terms of the short aux cable, there was no match for Bose’s sound quality when compared with other speakers. Hence, the Bose companion 2, in our opinion, is something you should invest your money on.

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