Best Bass Headphones Under $100 – Reviews & Buyers’s Guide

Wanna make your day full of woof? putting your ears to a headphone which can make your mind go in blasting can really turn your day. We watch TV and media every day on a daily basis which can include songs, movies and much more which is very important to you. You would love to have a good visual with an amazing audio, obviously audio matters a lot with visual. Our whole life is turned into a replication of a virtual reality.

A lot of headphones are available in the markets which are wired and wireless etc. Sounds these days include a lot of bass in songs and audio included in the visual and more in virtual reality. Wireless has become more popular and demanding to everyone because people tend to stay in more comfort and need to make a comfy contact while having the gadget on them. Wireless headphones are more demanding in the market because people don’t wanna make any contact with the wires. Then the manufactures made a great stand making Wireless headphones. These headphones come with a transmitter which is connected to the TV or any other media.

Sennheiser RS120 On-Ear Wireless Bass Headphone

Yes, it’s obvious that you would love to your music wireless. Sennheiser has been producing products that you love to buy to make you feel special. The Sennheiser RS120 is a wireless headphone that is a lightweight product by Sennheiser. You can use these headphones to listen to your favorite music wireless by an approximate distance of 300′ away. This headphone comes with a supra-aural Wireless design that is produced to develop well-balanced sound and enhanced bass response from all types of media.

very lightweight with a very good sound quality.


  • Open, stereo, supra-aural, wireless RF headphone system
  • Detailed, analytical sound reproduction with strong bass response
  • Suitable for all types of modern music and TV applications
  • Wireless freedom with reception through walls and ceilings
  • Range of up to 100 meters (300 feet)
  • Control elements conveniently positioned to provide easy, intuitive operation
  • Transmitter with metal cradle for storing and recharging the headphones
  • Optional wall mounting of transmitter possible
  • Very lightweight headphones, extremely comfortable to wear
  • Appealing, modern design
  • Rechargeable NiMH batteries included (size: AAA)
  • 2-year warranty

Sennheiser RS120 comes with a feature of turning your volume control on the devices default button. The charging of this headphone is very fast, it takes almost 3 to 5 minutes to charge for a long time. When this headphone is fully charged its working time is up to 20 hours. The range is up to 100 meters which means 300 feet, waoh! now this is distance this means you anywhere in the house or outside it means you are gonna keep connected to your audio.

The comfortable wear of these headphones is fitting and its very usable while you do your house chores. The stylish high ends and the clear design is amazing and very lovely. The headphone also gets connected to almost every device, like you can get connected to your TV and laptop which is an amazing experience for both TV viewers and gamers because these are connectable to many devices. The isolation is pretty bad like not very bad just a little because of its designed holes on the back side of ear cups.

Noise isolation is not good.


  • Dimensions: 12.2 x 8.8 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 7 ounces
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium polymer battery required
  • Headphone fit: On-ear
  • Type: Wireless
  • Battery Time: 20 hours fully charged
  • Very good audio quality
  • Very Long Battery timing
  • Wireless operation

  • quality of the product is not very good

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Sennheiser HDR120 – Wireless Bass Headphone 

Talking about Sennheiser, you are surely talking about quality which is very popular among many. The new product of Sennheiser HDR120 comes with a complete package. Just plug in and start listening to whatever you like. The Internal amplifier and optimized bass are a very good combination of all over the performance of this product. The Stereo manipulation at 900MHz band is amazing while listening to your fav songs. The tuning knob on the headphone is default key feature. The transmitter has a signal sound when going away from the connective device. Considering many people like to use wireless headphones while watching TV, well these headphones are very good for them because you can watch TV from 100ft away.

The optimizer of bass in these headphones is noisier.


  • Open-back, supra-aural stereo wireless RF headphones with extended bass reproduction for Hi-Fi or television monitoring
  • Three selectable RF channels in two separate UHF groups with receiving the range of up to 300′, reception through walls and ceilings
  • Very lightweight headphones with comfortable padded ear cushions and headband
  • Dual NiMH “AAA” rechargeable battery operation with 20 – 25 hr. battery life

These headphones are almost all-rounder when it comes to using it can be used in home theater, the HI-FI stereo system lets you enjoy your movies on awesome bass to remind you of the quality of this company that is provided to you in such low price. These headphones are also good for gaming.

Noise isolation is very good and battery timing is very good.


  • Impedance: 24Ω
  • Frequency response: 22 – 19500Hz
  • THD, total harmonic distortion: < 0.7%
  • Transducer principle: open, dynamic
  • Weight: 230g
  • Operating time: 20 hours
  • Power supply: 2 AAA batteries
  • Battery is good
  • Long ranged

  • Nothing

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Wireless Bass Headphones for TV with RF Transmitter

ARTISTE has become a known company which has a number of a wired and wireless product. They also give you a very basic and versatile headset which is very responsive to every kind of your motion. The company has made itself committed for providing their customer with a really shocking and HD experience. Its Wireless headphone is a long-distance high-fi headphone which comes with a high fidelity meticulous overall voice.

The charging of headphone is very long.

The stereo of this headphone is very preferred by many users because the headphones bear a jack of 3.5mm and 6.3mm which gives you a quite high quality of sound traveling into your ears. The ear cups of these headphones is a full ear covering which almost comfortable for everyone and keeps you comfy. The wireless quality of these headphones is very nice from 100ft you can still listen to your favorite audio without any distortion. Just like regular headphones, these headphones have a 3.5mm direct line in a cable which is obvious in almost every headphone.

These bass headphones are capable of keeping you relaxed for a very long time we mean very long for 20 hours. You just need to charge it and then you`ll know the battery timing which is gonna keep in your comfy state for 20 long hours. These headphones are very good in isolation so that means you are playing games and conversant because of the isolation.


  • Stereo capability This headphone also comes with a 3.5mm-6.3mm stereo plug
  • Comfortable the high-quality pad covers your whole ears and don’t put an excruciating amount of pressure onto your ears like a majority of other headphones.
  • Build Quality These headphones look very well-built and seem like they will last quite a while.
  • Regular Headphone Use You can use these headphones like regular headphones because these also come with a regular 3.5mm-3.5mm direct line-in cable.
  • Rechargeable it has come with rechargeable batteries and that you can just recharge the headphones by putting it on the transmitter. one full charge can last 20 hours.
  • Distance You can put the transmitter up to 100ft away from the headphones and you will still be able to hear quality sound.
  • Great for games You can use these headphones and plug them into your TV to get a wireless gaming headset


Not very much isolated according to studio quality.

It has a clear and great voice, and at the same time it gives a very good dynamic which is able to adapt to any type of music varieties and they meet up the demanding value of daily video use. This headphone is very useful when it comes to home and while you do your house chores you can listen to music with distance and comfort.


  • Working Voltage: Transmitter/charger DC 5V 550mA
  • Receiver: 2*1.2V AAA
  • Frequency Response: 25Hz-20KHz
  • Carrier frequency: 2.4GHz
  • Modulation Modes: GFSK
  • Degree of Distortion: <0.5%
  • SNR>70dB
  • Effective distance: 30 meters
  • Comes with two mm jacks
  • Covers your whole ear
  • Wireless
  • Charging is very good

  • Not good in sound isolation

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Avantree HT3189 – Wireless Bass Headphones

The Avantree HT3189 is manufactured for people who wish to run and listen to music while doing their work. This headphone comes with a transmitter that can connect to any of your Media devices like TV, DVD, PC or mp3player etc. or any other audio device which can stream a high-quality audio that plays your music or video. This device is already paired with the transmitter that doesn`t need to connect every time you start your device so don`t get bothered by connecting device every time.

These headphones don`t need pairing every time.


  • Outstanding wireless Stereo audio quality.
  •  Fast stream low latency technology effectively removing transmission delays. Real audio and video synchronization.
  •  3.5mm (&RCA cable) plug standard to most audio devices.
  •  Ultra-soft over the ear pads with adjustable headband.
  •  Long working time – up to 40hrs.

When you use these you are gonna know Avantree HT3189 give a pleasant experience that these headphones are very comfortable even after several hours of usage. The headphone`s ear cups and headband comes with a comfy foam which fits you comfortably and the volume control button is in the reach so you can turn the volume up or down by your choice according to you. The working hours are unexpectedly up to 35-40 hours. When fully charged they can keep you in your place for like 2 days. This is something that every lazy person wants. The paired transmitter will give you a joy of long distance with no distortions.

wireless transmitter will mute the TV speakers.

The good isolation of these headphones is very smartly done as they take effect over the TV. The fast streaming removes low transmission sounds which means they can give you a very clear and good quality video synchronization. The 3.5mm RCA cable is the joy of amazing sound quality which is very clear and lively.


  • Bluetooth V4.1
  • Supports profiles: headset, hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
  •  Audio Formats supported: aptX Low Latency, SBC and AAC codec support
  •  Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters
  •  Driver Diameter: 40mm
  •  Impedance:32 ohm
  •  Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz
  •  Rechargeable lithium battery capacity: 550 mAh
  •  Up to 40 hours music time and 20 days standby time
  •  Headset size: 180mm x 170mm X 80mm
  •  Earpad inner diameter: 6.3cm(length) * 4cm(width)
  •  Earpad Outer diameter: 10cm(length) * 8.5cm(width)
  •  Headset weight: 180g
  • Outstanding Audio Quality
  • Fast Streaming Audio
  • Ultra Soft Pads
  • Long Working Hours

  • Non so far

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 ARTISTE ADH300 2.4GHz – Digital Bass Wireless TV Headphones

ARTISTE company does not only deal only in headphones but also has a vast number of other products that they had elegantly manufactured. The product of Artiste we are gonna discuss today is ADH300 wireless headphones. This company has committed itself to produce some amazing product that comes with long-distance connecting with the media such as TV, music players, and products like them. For this, the company has made this amazing headphone to give a customer an experience they want from a good company.

These headphones come with good battery timing along with the good quality sound.


  • Enjoy your amazing sound with crystal clear voice at 30hz-20khz
  • These headphones are wireless
  • Adjustable soft pads
  • Connects to TV and other media devices
  • A very good companion while you are doing your work

These headphones come with a very clear voice of sound and give a facility of getting connected from a long range while still giving you good dynamic experience with various styles of music. The soft adjustable pads are very comfy which are fitting and late sweat giving. The audio ranges from 30hz-20khz which is a very nice audio quality and keeps your music alive by giving such an amazing sound. With the connection of almost all devices and gives you a very nice strategy of getting connected to various media and using these headphones as your choice. When you get connected you just need to sit back and love the comfortable zone. The distance is not very much its because the company wanted to give you a very live quality of audio without any distortion and the noise isolation is pretty good in these headphones.

Noise isolation is not very good in these headphones.


  • Working Voltage: Transmitter/charger DC 5V 550mA
  •  Receiver: 2*1.2V AAA
    Frequency Response: 25Hz-20KHz
  •  Carrier frequency: 2.4GHz
  •  Modulation Modes: GFSK
  •  Degree of Distortion: <0.5%
  •  SNR: >70dB
  •  Effective distance: 30 meters
  • Long distance
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable Pads
  • Connects with various media

  • Not good in isolation
  • May distort sound

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Digital Stereo Headsets with 2.4GHz RF Transmitter

When we talk about a very immersive sound quality provided by a company then ARTISTE is the one providing it all. The great audio reception is provided by the product it gives us is Wireless TV headphone with a 2.4 GHz RF Transmitter. ARTISTE gives this headphone a very good pair of over-ear pads that cover up all the ears of the user. These headphones are manufactured beautifully as they are quite well then other headphones in sound isolation. The wireless communication is up to 100 ft away when taking the headphones away from the transmitter.

Sound isolation of these headphones is very good.


  • Compatible with many devices
  • Adjustable soft pads for every ear
  • Battery timing is very much
  • Comes with a new technology of 2.4GHz RF
  • Has a 6.3mm Adapter

The connectivity of these headphones is almost with every device which includes Tablets, iPads, TV, Laptop, Cellphones, MP3 and CD or DVD players. The adjustable soft padded earpads let the user adjust the pads according to their ear shapes. Working time of these headphones is up to 7 to 8 hours. The 6.3mm adapter of the headphones gives you a quality audio which is an amazing experience for many users. The distance of connectivity is up to 100 ft which are quite good in giving you audio without an distortion.

The connectivity of the headphone is very nice because they compatible with almost all devices like Tablet/ pads/ Laptops/ TV and other media devices. The adjustable soft pads headbands and fitting ear cups are designed for the best fitting on customers to keep them happy.


  • Weight: 1.94 pounds
  • Color: Black
  • Range: 100ft
  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 70db
  • Harmonic Distortion:  0.5%
  • Battery Timing: 20hrs Battery Backup
  • Good Sound Isolation
  • Long Battery time
  • compatible with many devices

  • Mutes devices after connection

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Avantree HT4189 – Wireless Bass Headphones

When we talk about AVANTREE we know that this company is putting its best to keep us happy as it did before also it gained millions of trust from many people. Talking about its product named Avantree HT4189 which offers an exceptional and unpredictable audio quality in such low price and amazing functionality. These headphones are designed with a unique design and cutting-edge technology with a Bluetooth transmitter that gives a liberty power to a user for listening to the favorite track of user`s choice. Just connect your headphones to your TV and listen or watch your fav music videos, shows and much more.

Battery timing of these headphones is very long.


  • NO-NEED-TO-PAIR, HASSLE-FREE wireless TV Headphone transmitter SET.
  • Zero lip-sync delay – ideal for watching TV, movies, videos, and gaming.
  • Optical port supports latest model TVs.
  • Class, I technology transmits audio signals up to 100ft/30m.
  • Headphones provide up to 40 hours of use.
  • Perfect for video games – FastStream codec supports dual channel music and voice.

The operating of this headphone is up to 40 hours, which is very long relative to other headphones. These headphones are linked or connected to a Bluetooth with your TV or PC by a transmitter. This transmitter is also known as audikast which can also be connected by USB cable that comes along with these headphones.

This headphone is not good in sound isolation and also the bass is not leveled with treble.


  • Operation range: Class 2, 10 meters
  • Up to 40 hours music time and 20 days standby time
  • Driver size: 40mm
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
  • Headset size: 180mm x 170mm X 80mm
  • Earpad inner diameter: 6.3cm(length) * 4cm(width)
  • Earpad Outer diameter:10cm(length) * 8.5cm(width)
  • Headset weight: 180g
  • Very Long Battery Timing
  • comes with a 3.5mm jack almost connectable with all devices

  • Isolation is bad
  • ear-pads are not comfortable

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After taking a look at the best bass headphones, we get to know that if we want to buy something that is cheap and quality wise memorable then the above products can solve your case. All these products are very good hence they have bad isolation but still they can take over all the expensive products by their looks and quality.

We know we can`t use these professionally although not everyone can retail the expenses so for the people who just want normal usage they can buy all the above to stay cool. Some of the above-stated products are wireless some wired, this does not matter unless they are not used according to what they are made for. The bass of these headphones is incredible but talking about high ends meaning treble, this might give you a problem stabilizing with the bass. But looking all over these products are gonna kick your ears with bass you expect from these products at a cheap price.

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