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In 2018 a lot of headphones set came, and some of them become the biggest hit for which people are going crazy. One of the main heroes in headphones came out and got the attention of the audience called Avantree HT4189 wireless headphones. These are made for games and easily attach to PCs and TV through a transmitter. These headphones also have some amazing features, and we will discuss these features today.

The audio quality of these headphones are amazing, and that is the reason millions of people want to have these headphones to play games on PC or TV. These headphones are wireless, and that is the reason you can listen to the sound of the game by just attaching the transmitter. Synchronization of the headphones is smoother than the Bluetooth. You can also listen to the music through these best headphones under $100 as they are offering a long battery time.

The functioning range of these headphones is around 100ft. Which is more than enough and you can easily listen if you are far away from the TV. The drivers used in these headphones are 40 mm which provide the best sound if you are far from the device. There is a crisp in the sound of these headphones. If you want to listen to music through these headphones even then it is fine to have these headphones.

You don’t need to worry about setting up these headphones as they are friendly in usage and provide you the comfort of plug and play. These headphones are stylish and look beautiful in hand also. The build of these headphones is very sophisticated, and they come in one color which is black. These are overhead headphones that are the reason you can feel the little burden on your head if you are using them for a long time.

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These headphones are very sophisticated an a little bit bulky in looks which make them different. You will feel comfortable after wearing these headphones. If you are using them for a long time, you will even relax with these headphones. Sometimes you will feel uncomfortable, but that is okay. This is one of the amazing headphone set which helps you in playing games for longer or listen to your favorite show.

You can use these headphones with the help of a transmitter, and they are wireless. You can easily attach them, and this is not a very difficult procedure you need to plug and play. These headphones are commonly using for playing video games on PCs and TV. These headphones are cushioned both ear cups are covered under the cushions which give these headphones a comfortable look, and you can wear them for long.

These headphones are covered with cushions and have very less space with the speaker which means the sound will never leak from these headphones even if the volume is high. You can enjoy every single sound yourself nobody can listen to that. You can also use these headphones with the AUX cable by attaching them to a device. These headphones can easily get attached to every device to give a piece of perfect music.

Feedback of these headphones is amazing, and that is the reason everyone wants to have them when they are playing the games. You will understand all the controls of these headphones. I have tried them in the gym, and they work accordingly also when I have the movie night I use these headphones, and it never disturbs my family. These are amazing headphones because they can easily connect two headphones simultaneously.

The headband of these headphones is also covered with foam which gives the premium comfort to these headphones. All the controls related to voice are present on the ear cups of these headphones, and you can use them easily. These are amazing and smooth control, and you can easily play with them. It is not very hard to remember which control is on which side and usage of the controls are also easy. AUX cable whole is also present on these headphones and also the availability of charging is on the ear cups which you will love.

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These headphones come with the transmitter which gets attach with the TV or PC and give you the perfect sound of the music and game. The range of Bluetooth is amazing, and these headphones have an amazing range of up to 100 ft. Which means you can listen to the sound and music even if you are far away from the device with which the transmitter is attached. The smooth sound will come with these headphones because the synchronization is easy with these headphones.

The quality of sound coming from these headphones is amazing, and you will enjoy a smooth and enhanced sound through these headphones. You will enjoy the sound of the studio through them that is the reason these headphones are the perfect choice of every game and music lover. You should also give it a try, and you will never get disappointed with this pair of headphones. You can party along with these headphones.

This is much easy to fit these headphones on your head as they are easily adjustable according to the head of the listener and that is the reason this is very relaxing to have them on the head. You can use them for a longer time, and that is the reason people want them so desperately. Game lovers can wear them for longer and be the part of the game due to the beautiful sound of these headphones.

These headphones lower the impact of the sounds coming from outside, and the battery life of these headphones are amazing. You can easily listen to music for 20 hours without any problem, and this is the reason people can use these headphones while they are traveling. The sound of these headphones is sharp, and every word is clearer to hear. Some crisp is present in the sound when the sound is high.

Bluetooth works amazingly in these headphones, and these are compatible with every device. Most of my friends are using these headphones, and they have no complaints about the connectivity of these headphones. They have the power to connect two devices with them simultaneously. Bass of these headphones are amazing, and you should listen to the bass mode in the mids of the sound. In high a feeling of uncomfortableness always come.

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  • Supports profiles headset, hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Audio Codec Fast stream, SBC
  • Operation range Class 2, 10 meters
  • Battery life Up to 40 hours music time and 20 days standby time
  • Earpad inner diameter 6.3cm(length) * 4cm(width)
  • Earpad Outer diameter 10cm(length) * 8.5cm(width)
  • Wireless transmitter BT 4.2
  • Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz
  • Headset size 180mm x 170mm X 80mm
  • Supported profile A2DP
  • Audio Codec aptX-LL, aptX, Fast Stream, SBC
  • Operating Range Up to 30 meters
  • Optical audio cable Available
  • 3.5mm audio cable Available

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These headphones are fantastic as they are friendly and easy to control the volume and other things. You need to plug and play with these headphones. These Bluetooth headphones come with a transmitter which is easy to play with. You don’t need to be very technical with these headphones. A Bluetooth transmitter is also an essential part of these headphones.

These headphones can quickly settle down with any of the devices to provide perfect sound the listener. Either you are playing a game, or you are listening to the music these headphones can be your best partner as they are providing quality sound which relaxed the mind of the listener and they can use this pair for the more extended period. This can be your best travel partner if you are traveling lover.

These headphones are flexible and provide the convenience to attach with every device easily and provide enhanced sound to the listener. You can attach these headphones through a transmitter of Bluetooth which make it easy to attach with TV and with other devices. On the other hand, this has an AUX cable for attaching to any of the devices quickly. Other speaker and devices in your home can also attach with the transmitter of the headphones.

These headphones are using fast streaming technology, and your synchronization becomes smoother. This is the reason people love these headphones. The sound of these headphones is perfect with a crisp which provides you a brighter sound. I used these headphones, and I know they have high-quality sound. Also, these headphones can easily connect two pairs with it simultaneously.

The transmitter of these headphones can work smoothly even the gap is 100 ft. The Bluetooth of the headphones is of the best quality. When you have connected this wireless set, you will get the sound of the wired headphones easily. This makes these headphones amazing one. These headphones are available at reasonable prices. Other brands don’t have the beauty and quality like these headphones, and this is my personal experience.

These headphones come in a box which is for the security of the headphones. You can save the headphones in this box when you are not using them or while you are traveling and you are doing the packing.

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These headphones are purely designed for the game lovers this is the reason they are coming with a transmitter. There is no significant link of music lovers with these headphones. The sound of these headphones is very clear, but you can play a lot of games through these headphones sometimes it simulates like you are also in the game.

A transmitter comes with these headphones, and if you have lost that transmitter, you cannot hear or attach them through the TV. This is one of the disadvantages of having these headphones. Most of the time transmitter broken out and the use of these headphones become very reasonable. These headphones only work with a transmitter.

These headphones are not that much durable, but they are cheap that is the reason people prefer this. On the other hand, these headphones look bulky, and a feeling of uncomfortableness always come with these headphones. I have personally used them they are more than any usual headphone set.

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These headphones are the better choice than any brand else because they are very reasonable in the prices. You will never see another set of headphones like them. I used them, and I am recommending them for every game lover because these will give the best listening experience to those who love to play the games.

These headphones have fast connectivity because they are using a transmitter which helps them to attach to the TV and other PCs. My video game becomes more beautiful after these headphones that are the reason I have them for a longer time. You will be relaxed with the sound quality of these headphones.

This is one of the bulky headphones they feel slightly uncomfortable, but you can wear them for a good sound coming from them. I am in love with this pair and have them for more than six months. I don’t have much complains from these headphones and a lot to say positive about them.

This can be a hero for the game lovers, and you should go for them if you are searching for a perfect sound with a stylish headphone set. My friends also have them for playing longer time on the TV and PC.

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9.3 Total Score

These headphones are fantastic for playing, and the looks of these headphones are also very stylish. You should have them for playing the games or enjoy any TV program. They have the best range of around 100ft.

  • Faster connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • Transmitter
  • Perfect sound
  • Reasonable cost
  • wireless
  • Bulky
  • Only used with a transmitter
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