V-MODA Crossfade LP2 Review


Today we will discuss the most stylish and enhanced headphones set, and that is V-MODA Crossfade LP2. These headphones are famous among the audience because of the style and the sound quality of these headphones which make them different from other brands coming in the market and that make them unique.

V-MODA can help those who are the lover of music and traveling with the premium quality headphones with smoother sound quality. These headphones also offer you the warranty and they are durable enough that you can easily take them with you anywhere. Now you can enjoy the traveling with these headphones.

Some headphones are beautiful, but at the same time they are unaffordable because of the quality they get too expensive, but this is not the case with these headphones. These headphones never get damage that quickly and that is the biggest reason people are giving priority to these headphones.
Performance of the songs with this headphone is rock solid, and that is one of the exciting features. These headphones are not the latest version of headphones, but I have purchased them now, and I am totally satisfied with the quality of these headphones. There are a lot of wow factors in these headphones.

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These headphones are famous for the stylish shape and are very durable, and these are the two main features of these headphones. The aircraft-grade is made of aluminum chassis and can swap the cable on a quirk. On the other hand, you can swap the faceplates on the back which suits you. This is very stylish about these headphones. I love the design of these headphones, and everyone gets impressed when these headphones are around your neck or in your hand.

It depends what style you want to wear these headphones. These headphones are unbreakable and never break with a small fall on the floor. If you are worried about the tangled wire of your headphones, let me tell you that even never these headphones. You can also connect the cable with the 3.5mm male to male cord easily and can feel relax.

These headphones are hard like the bulletproof vest. You cannot destroy them that easily. Other brands are not that much durable like these headphones. Cable also have the control to manage the sound of the headphones efficiently. This is a function button which is used generic and also have a mic so that if you are having the call while listening to the songs, you can efficiently manage to take the call and talk this is good features.

You can connect these headphones with any devices with your powerful smartphones also to take the calls. These headphones have a clear voice, and you will listen to the each and every word on the call. In the straight packaging cables also come if you don’t want anything extra you can easily do that too.

In the construction of this headphone, the metal work played an important role that is one of the biggest reason for durability. Band digs are also used consequently in the headbands which make them flexible, and you can wear them for the more extended period. These headphones are very comfortable to wear and listen to the songs.

These headphones are using the XL pads for ear cups which make them prominent, stylish and comfortable to wear. These are the best choice for you because they will never make you uncomfortable with the beauty and with comfort.
These headphones don’t spread the sound, and you can listen to the songs quickly. A case always comes with these headphones which make them unique and stylish.

You can take them with the fact, and they are impressive in the case too. The wires will never get tangled in the case, and they will stay secure for the more extended period. You need to fold these headphones when you are not using it to save them in the case. You can use these headphones using an adapter for listening to your old tune which you were playing on the guitar. On both of the ear cups name of the brand is engraved which look beautiful.
These headphones are available in black matte color, and this color is sophisticated and add style statement if you are wearing them. My friends love this pair a lot and always admire the beauty of these headphones.

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I am impressed with the performance of these headphones that is the reason I always recommend them when you need wired headphones. Some people don’t like wireless headphones; this is the most conventional model of the wired headphones pair. You should go for them as they are very economical at prices.

These headphones have heavy bass also little fall off in the highest end nodes and the sub-bass. This is one of the pleasant things about these headphones which no other competitor will give you. The voice of these headphones and this is the reason people like the sound of these best bass headphones.

The frequency of these headphones is 40 Hz, and these headphones emphasize in this frequency. If you are the excellent observer, you will find some sounds coming behind the music, and these are amazing effects thanks to these headphones which finally give some relief to the ears and make the music stylish.

In the lowest nodes of these headphones there is a lot of distortion, but still, these are the best headphones. There are not too much complains about these headphones from the people who are using it. When it comes to the sound of these headphones, you will find the sound unusual and pleasing. You will love the music with these headphones because I have
experienced them and they are fantastic in sound quality.

If you are the music lover of almost every type such as rock, EDM, pop, and hip hop these headphones can be your partner, and you will enjoy the music for every kind through these headphones. In the outside noise, these headphones are not working well but the bass mode of these headphones will give you much relaxation, and no outside noise will disturb you.
You can use these headphones when you are going somewhere and want to enjoy music during the journey. Headphones with Bluetooth need a lot of time to charge but these headphones are using wire, and they are directly connected to the smartphone. You can also take the call with these headphones.

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  •  Sound Output Mode stereo
  • Color matte black metal3 Frequency Response 5 Hz
  • Included Accessories 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm adapter, carabiner clip, carrying case
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • Product Type Headphones – 3.5 mm jack
  •  Weight 9.17 oz
  •  Body Material memory foam, microfiber, steel
  •  Connector Type mini-phone 3.5 mm 4-pole, Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm
  •  Additional Features 45° plug, Kevlar reinforced cable, STEELFLEX headband, V-PORT V3 Airflow System, bass level isolating soft silicone (BLISS) technology
  •  Headphones Form Factor Circumaural
  •  Diaphragm 2 in
  •  Sensitivity -42 dB
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  • These headphones have the fantastic quality of build that makes them distinctive
    from other brands. You will experience a durable set of headphones which are
    working best in every environment. If they fall somewhere, there are fewer chances of
    breakage. This is the reason people love these headphones a lot.
  • Bass of these headphones are powerful, and you will listen to the quality sound through
    them that is why they are getting famous in the music lovers. These headphones are
    the limited series and they are producing impressive soundstage for closed back
    headphones. You can easily carry them with you.
  • These headphones come with a case which makes it easy to handle your headphones
    when you are traveling they never get tangled. You can take them with you anywhere
    with care because this case is unbreakable and durable. This case is also very stylish
    and make the headphones more beautiful.
  •  The design of these headphones makes them famous as compared to all other brands.
    This is one of the sophisticated headphones pairs that is the reason people are loving
    it a lot and starving to purchase this beautiful set. These headphones will never
    disappoint you, and you will be in love with them.
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  • Some of the related mid-range headphones are claiming to be as good as this brand
    is, but they are not that good. Never go for a product like this you should take the
    original one because the original is always a good version and better than the copies.
    So you should try the innovative V-MODA products for better results.
  • Somehow the weight of these headphones is a little heavy, but due to the headband,
    they look very comfortable. If you wear them in the neck for a long time, they can
    become uncomfortable. But they are overall good and for those who love to have
    music all the time can use these headphones.
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If you are a music lover and love to listen to hip hop and pop music, you will get the precise sound through these headphones. If you want anything else like you to want to listen to calls through them, they can do this amazing, and that makes these headphones popular in the audience.

I have reviewed a lot of products, but these are heart winner. I purchased them for listening to music, and my little sister is still using them. They are still beautiful, and sound didn’t finish till now.

You can use these headphones for a more extended period of time because this is very difficult to break them and they are durable and be your partner for a more extended period of time. This is one of the impressive features of these headphones. I would recommend you because they are impressive and fulfill your every need of listening to the music. These headphones will never disappoint you as they are the benchmark of quality with decidedly less complains comparing to other brands.

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9.3 Total Score

These headphones are user-friendly and affordable in prices. These headphones are a good choice if you are a music lover. I have used them, and the sound quality is the best.

  • Good Sound
  •  Budget Friendly
  •  Powerful Bass
  • Quality is normal
  • Heavy in weight
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