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Smartwatches are getting famous in the market with time, and everyone is interested in purchasing a smartwatch as the gears look good on the other hand, facilitating us. Suunto Alpha is a sports watch which means it will keep you physically fit and will keep you on track. The watch is offering you with the GPS tracking facility which will tell you how much you exercise, walk, and jog today. Most of the people who are fitness holic are using this watch to stay healthy and fit. If you get lost while hiking and camping this GPS can help you out.

The company used military hardware to make the watch that is the reason this is the best watch to use by the sportspersons. It will show two-time formats such as 24-hours and 12-hours. The sunrise and sunset are also recorded in the watch so you can sleep early and wake up early in the morning. Display of the watch is basic and comfortable to watch. On the other hand, this watch has a lot of useful features which will make your life convenient. The time of the watch is accurate, and you can calculate the time to return home.

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Advance Features

The basic feature of the watch is amazing, but there are a lot of other features that are available in the watch which you will love. The product is really vast and full of features which you never think of. Okay, so some sports-related features are also present in the watch like chronograph, compass, and altimeter. Lunar patterns are one of the basic features which tell you what will be a good time for fishing. GPS technology is available in the full package. You can also check out our best digital watches the way through which you are running which will motivate you a lot. You will love the versatility of the watch, and this is one of the powerful gear to use.

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Suunto watch is one of the brands and will provide you ultimate comfort on your wrist. Watch weight is around 75 grams which are a regular watch also have. This will make you happy, and you can easily spend more time with the watch when you are out and doing some physical activity. The brand always takes care that the watch has to be less so that it will never create any type of burden on the wrist and look sophisticated. On the other hand, this watch is resistant to water. You can use the clock while you are swimming.

As this watch is designed as per the use of the military, so the design of the watch is also as military aesthetics. Colors of the watch are grey, black, and dark green. All the colors are amazing, and you can purchase any of them. Features of the watch are displayed prominently on the main screen which makes it different from any other brand. This watch is designed luxuriously which will impress you in the first look, and you will use it as the fashion accessories. You cannot say the watch is ugly because you will fell in love with this watch instantly.

The face of this watch is small and beautiful, but you can easily read the items on the display screen which is incredibly amazing. Band of the watch is not that much good, and you will notice it after the use of some days. You can change the wristband as per your need. Size options are not available, and this can be a free size wristwatch. You can set the size as per your wrist size. You can casually use the watch as you are using the regular wristwatch. Designed for multiple uses but on the other hand, this is user-friendly gear.

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The accuracy of the watch in time and date matters a lot because this is the duty of watch to show the exact date and time. Watch is made for the military hardware so the accuracy in it should be the best. Also, the wristwatch is accurate to tell you how many footsteps you have taken. On the other hand, accuracy in sunrise and sunset is also good. If we talk about weather alerts, there can be some problems because the weather is forecasted before and it cannot always be accurate.

Reviewers also didn't mention any issue related to the accuracy of the watch. It is conventional wristwatch instead of a typical smartwatch, but it is smart from other brands in the market. Connectivity of the watch is through Bluetooth and is very compatible with the Bluetooth. This watch is very accurate in the connectivity and GPS settings. On the other hand, accuracy can be given on the cost of battery life. So, if you want a long battery life of the watch, you should not use all the features of the watch. The pairing of the watch is easy and on time which increases the value of this watch as compared to other brands in the market.

The battery of the watch is made of Lithium which recharges through USB. Battery life of the watch is around 14 days if you are not using Glonass and GPS functionality. There are a lot more features which you can use for the longer battery life. There are plenty of features available to watch which you can enjoy. It is made for you if you want to be physically active then this watch is undoubtedly made for you. You can reduce the brightness of the watch for long battery life. You can use the watch by disabling the advanced features of the watch.

Watch didn't come with a lot of accessories, but it is compatible with smartphones to provide the functions better. Activity tracker of the watch is the main thing which everyone love including me. I am using the watch, and it best suits my requirements. The watch is cost-friendly that is the reason I can have it quickly. If you use a lot of apps through this watch battery will drain out quickly.

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  • Bezel material Stainless steel
  • Glass material Sapphire crystal
  • Strap material Textile material
  • Battery type rechargeable lithium-ion
  • Configurable backlight color / brightness / mode
  • Coordinate systems WGS84 Hd.d° WGS84 Hd°m' s.s'' WGS84 Hd°m.m UTM MGRS British (BNG) Finnish (ETRS-TM35FIN) Finnish (KKJ) Irish (IG) Swedish (RT90) Swiss (CH1903) UTM NAD27 – Alaska UTM NAD27 – Conus UTM NAD83 New Zealand (NZTM2000)
  • GPS track analysis in Suunto and with Suunto Movescount App
  • Route planning in Suunto
  • TrackBack yes, incorporated with a breadcrumb trail
  • Altitude difference in log summary, and real-time as an App

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● It is a very durable watch because of its build. I used the watch, and this is a beautiful one. I am using Suunto brand from last many years but still, the watches of them are impressive to wear, and you can have them for a longer time.

● You will love the functions of this watch as this watch can perform all the latest tasks which a smartwatch can do. Looks of the watch are making this watch outstanding as
compared to other brands in the market.

● Cost effective watch can change your life as it can tell you the time, weather condition, and other daily routine tasks.

● You can use the watch with any smartphone either that can be Android or iOS. You can take calls through the watch and also check emails. Also, you can use other apps
through this watch when connected to the devices.

● Quality of the build is high, and that is the reason customers love the watch. You will fell in love with this watch after a few days of use.
● There are different levels of GPS in the watch which consume battery to tell the accurate location.

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● Band material is not that good when you use the watch after a few days you will notice this.

● There is no option to lose the watch strap and no button to make the watch flexible. So the strap is very uncomfortable to wear.

● Display of the watch is very difficult to read in the bright light. You cannot read anything on the watch.

● Ease and navigation have mixed reviews everywhere. I cannot say much about it now.

● Time zone of the watch cannot set up automatically. You have to do the settings manually every time when you refresh the watch.

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It is not a casual watch but a form of a smartwatch. It was made and designed according to the need for military applications. I have written reviews of a lot of watches but find this one impressive and convenient to use when you can do a lot on it. Sports watch don't have this much features. It will give you the best user experience, and you will explore a lot of features in the watch easily. It is a good investment at the best price. You can use the watch at the gym, while fishing, and while hunting with ease.

I will surely recommend this watch you can use to impress your friends, and this will keep you fit in the gym and on the track. There are minor disadvantages of using this watch, but those are not more than the advantages. You can now track your footsteps, and also keep track of your jogging. Mostly the sportspersons use it to stay fit and healthy. Most of the customers of this watch are happy with the features of this watch according to the reviews.

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