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Brass headphones can entertain you with a reasonable volume. Your day cannot turn on without headphones and the music of your choice. In everyday life, we love to watch dramas, movies and listen to music; this is a necessary part of life. Visual and audio are both critical because if your picture is clear without sound, you cannot see the movie and if the voice is
clear, but the picture is not clear even then you cannot watch a movie. The market is full of headphone options which could be wired or wireless. Wireless headphones are getting famous, and brass headphones are becoming the market leaders.
Wireless headphones can connect any media either that is your phone or TV.

Sony WH-1000XM3 is one of the beautiful pairs of headphones which is the priority of every traveler due to its sound quality, and they look trendy too. These headphones provide you the comfort which you never think of, and this is the reason
people are selecting this one as their first choice to listen to music while they are traveling. The sound quality of the brand is outstanding, and they have a lot of satisfied customers. These headphones were launched a year ago, and since then, these are famous among the customers.

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These headphones were launched in 2018 and had a lot of amazing features which no brand other than Sony can give you. This headphone can be the ultimate choice of you in headphones as I purchased them and I am using them. I found them amazing in every situation they are perfect.

Sony is giving extraordinary features, and they are charging a lot for it too. No other brand can provide you with noise cancellation option like them. You can have them in just $349 which is nothing for outstanding features. But you can compare the prices with the model of Sony which was released last year.

There is a lot of hardware assembled in these headphones. Four microphones are present in these headphones and on the external side of ear cups. A lot of software is also running in these headphones for voice cancellation. These headphones also have the IC chip which is running and collecting the data from real-time which is known as NC1.

The touch of the ear cup is capacitive which make the price higher, and also you need to be careful about them. These Sony headphones were launched in August 2018, and they start selling from that time. You can easily listen to your favorite music through these brass headphones, and they are smooth in sound.

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Design of the Brass Headphones

The design of headphone is stunning, versatile, and sleek with small tweaks. Tweaks made the headph0nes less lavish and more robust. If you hold the headphones in your hand, you will feel nice. Sony has attached a soft foam inside of the headphones which will give comfort to your ear.

But design will lack the sturdiness which you can expect from a brand like Sony. You can wear the headphones around your neck, and for that, they have made the neck part comfortable and attractive for the users. These headphones are available in Champagne Gold, and black colors.

You can take your headphones to everywhere you want conveniently as Sony has enhanced the wearability of the headphones and now you can wear them around your neck comfortably. Keep in mind the ear cup area of the headphone is susceptible and it can get scratch after a day of use.

Other options such as playback, call management, and other control are in touch of your right ear cup, and USB ports are underneath of this cup. NFC chip is also in the right cup which the headphones with any media. Auto jack is also in the right cup beneath the NFC chip.

These headphones have two options available one is Noise canceling, and the other is ambient. You can select according to your choice and power button is available on the right cup of the headphone. Sony Logo is embossed on both sides which were also in the last version of the headphones.

Headphones are out of fashion in design but they are facilitating you a lot, and that makes them expensive in prices. You will not love the design a lot, but the quality is best as these are depicting the brand.

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Fit and Comfort

The weight of these headphones is 9 ounces which is less than the previous model. You can carry them easily because of the excellent design. On the other hand, these headphones carry breathable aesthetic. For the improvement in comfort, Sony has made generous changes in cups and headbands which are now enhanced the comfort level that is the reason they are getting famous in the customers. Padding of the headphones is soft and extra thick without any pressure which makes the listener relaxed.

If you are a long-term listener, these headphones are specially designed for you. But they never give you the comfort of snugging fit. You cannot use these headphones in the uncomfortable condition because in that case chance of slipping becomes hire and you don’t want to damage the expensive headphones.

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Audio Performance

Sony has the beaten the market of audio quality, and one proof of that is Sony WHXM3. This has a great dynamic soundstage, which tells about the quality of the company and improves your imagination. You can now listen to every beat clearly without any problem and thanks to the beautiful sound.

When you listen to songs through these headphones, you will feel that all the lyrics are alive and these can make a simple song amazing one. I feel excellent when I listened to my favorite playlist through them. If you want to switch song the quality of the song will even then never go down.

It sounds like Ahmed Jamal are the best through these headphones you will feel the lively sound through these headphones which will make your mood fresh. For music playback Sony WH XM3 also support codecs. If you connect aux cable in them, it also maximizes the sound, but the freshness of sound will remain there.

You can switch between different modes of voice such as Noise canceling, ambient, and boosts bass level which provides the quality to the vocal. You will enjoy the beat of every song with these lovely headphones so give it a chance.

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Active Noise Cancellation

Sony QN1 processor is installed in these headphones which is responsible for enhancing the sound of the music and also support noise cancellation. Normal listeners of music can never differentiate the major difference between the previous and latest model of these headphones, but exceptional listeners will inevitably pick the new model.

In certain songs, the sounds like the construction of the building, horns, and other sounds feel like the background of the music and never impact much on the music. The NC technology has the advantage that I can easily travel around without any problem in listening to the music of my choice.

Overall the noise cancellation option of these headphones is working effectively as compared to any other headphones set. Most of us don’t want any distraction while listening to music and these headphones are the best partner for those who are very touchy about the music.

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App Connectivity

This headphone can easily connect to your device either that is iOS or Android and give multiple sound options too. You can adjust the quality of the sound as per your choice after turning on the music. This has extraordinary features which can impress the listeners. You can change the sleep timer on the headphones and also tell this to your Google assistant.

If you want noise cancellation option, you can select through your phone. You can have your jogging, walk or travel with these headphones and they will adjust according to your the situation isn’t it the best thing?

NC is also present in this headphone which is constantly telling about the air pressure, and other facts to enhance the wearability (i.e., glasses or hat) will also change the option of sound cancellation. Sound position control is one of the useful things of this headphone and also my favorite feature.

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  • 1 Headphone Type Closed, dynamic
  • 2 Driver Unit 40mm, dome type (CCAW Voice coil)
  • 3 Magnet Neodymium
  • 4 Frequency Response 4Hz-40,000Hz
  • 5 Plug Gold-plated L-shaped stereo mini plug
  • 6 Cord Length Headphone cable (approx. 1.2m, OFC strands, gold-
  • plated stereo mini plug)
  • 7 Sensitivities 104.5dB / mW (1kHz) (when connecting via the
  • headphone cable with the unit turned on), 101dB /
  • mW (1kHz) (when connecting via headphone cable
  • and the unit is turned off)
  • 8 Volume control Touch sensor
  • 9 Input Stereo Mini Jack
  • 10 Frequency Response 20Hz – 20,000Hz (44.1kHz Sampling) / 20Hz –
  • 40,000Hz (LDAC 96kHz Sampling, 990kbps)

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If you compare with other headsets like Bose QC 35s this headphone has an amazing voice quality which will give you comfort and lock the voices coming from outside. This is the reason most people are purchasing this. You can now listen to more voice of your music than the extra sounds.

For the appreciation of the details of the music, you need to buy Sony headphones because these headphones are sending every quality detail of the music to your ears. You can now listen to every instrument separate with Sony headphones whereas QC 35s is a weak headphone pair with lowest and highest tones with mix instruments audio.

In the last version of Sony headphones, the headband was not that much comfortable that was the reason people did not love the design of the headphones otherwise the sound quality was beautiful in the last version too. But the noise cancellation of this level was not available before this version.

These headphones will give you the better voice cancellations with the perfect fit so that you can hear comfortably and these are not heavier hands-free comparing with the previous version. But these are still bulky in design but has a band to wear them with ease, and this quality makes headphones comfortable.

Battery life of the headphones is long, and you can use them for the longest time. I was using the battery from 80 percent down to 30 percent, but they never switched off. Other headphones are still using the USB connector for charging, but the latest model of Sony is using C-port of USB which is one of the enhanced changes.

Sony also worked well to make the calls on headphones useful which was not part of the previous version. There is a jack of 3.5 mm which is attached to the phone for receiving calls. There is also one adaptor like airplane two-prong style connector which supports the calls on headphones.

Sony XM3 have inbuilt Google assistant, and you can start the assistant with the button of NC/Ambient which is placed on the left cup of the headphones. Google assistant is a useful app which means you are getting the best inexpensive prices. Every user has the best experience of hearing with these headphones.

If you need some information without pulling out your headphones about sports score and weather, headphones can tell you that if they are connected to the Android or iOS. Most headphones such as Bose support Amazon’s Alexa these headphones are supporting Google assistant who is more efficient and the best experience.

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All the controls of the headphones are touch sensitive and under the right ear cup which can damage easily. This product can be unreliable if you are not handling it with care these can be damaged which is not worthy. Volume, playback, and other controls should have some buttons which is the best option. Other than that this is a cool thing you have everything on a
single touch.

Sony headphones on arrival were creating a sound of buzz in the right ear cup I am not sure where the sound was coming from. When I purchased the second pair of headphones those were not creating this sound so beware when you are going to purchase these headphones. Bluetooth is not that much effective in these headphones as compare to other company’s
headphones. Other headphones can connect with different devices simultaneously, but with these headphones, you can connect to one device at one time which is not a good thing.

You are paying too much for them but honestly speaking you will look silly wearing these large headphones like I was looking. They are comfortable but tremendous to wear which make them out of fashion. Think before you are going to spend money on them and be particular about the size of them.

These are expensive but if you want headphones to cut out the voice of crying baby, plane, or other sounds you should go for them they are the best in it and will give you comfort. Your journey will become lovely if you are a frequent traveler. I will recommend you buying these headphones.

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Some features of these headphones were enhanced really as compared to the previous model. The voice of low-end pitch is sturdy which is suitable for the bass lovers. When connecting to the app, a full suite of sound options is available to select the option which you want. This makes every listener happier.

The audio crowd is not a lot happy with the looks of these headphones, and it didn’t meet certain standards of the modern time. These are not looking expensive in the first look that is the reason people never prefer to purchase it. But overall the quality of them is best, and you can have a great time with them. This season this product of Sony will partner you while you are traveling and this can be the best option for you.

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9.3 Total Score

These headphones are user-friendly and affordable in prices. These headphones are a good choice if you are a music lover. I have used them, and the sound quality is the best.

  • Active noise-canceling
  • Budget Friendly
  • Support codec
  • Sensitive
  • Bass is not good
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