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Headphones are the need of the modern world when everyone wants to look cool and purchase headphones, and we have the only source of entertainment. These headphones are the most iconic brand and version. I saw them a year ago, and I was totally happy with the quality of these headphones. I didn’t get the chance to have the old version of these headphones but bought the new version and used them they are the amazing one.

In the old version of the headphones, there were some issues which were, but the new version gets amazing as these are the premium version of these headphones. These headphones are the closed back one, and you can wear them over ear which is extremely comfortable for you. These headphones can be used for a lot of listening tasks such as for audio recording which makes them different from other brands in the market.

Sennheiser HD280PRO is for modern design because these are portable headphones. The frequency response of these headphones is flat such as 64 ohms. But on the whole design of these headphones and performance is amazing and that is the reason most of the audience love these headphones and want to have them. The major change in the new version of these headphones was the headband. So you will now enjoy these headphones little more.

Now you should change your mind for the new version of these headphones if you used the old version of these headphones. I have used only the latest version, and I am the biggest fan of the company the brand is very budget friendly and that makes them famous brand in the market. I would surely recommend these best headphones.

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New in the new version of the headphones is the design of the headphones, so they have the best fit on the head which is fantastic. The design of the headphones is sleek with the best finishing. The headband is a plastic frame covered with comfortable cushions which are the best. These headphones have a sophisticated design which no other brand can have in this budget. These headphones are available in black color, and no cheap colors of the headphones are available.

The old version of these headphones doesn’t have the beautiful fit, but these headphones have the ability to fit on the head of every size. These headphones are exceptionally comfortable, and you can have these headphones for the longest time. You will never feel uncomfortable with these headphones. Ear cups of the headphones are also of high quality as they are using cushions which keep ear relax and you can enjoy the music easily.

The ear cups are not changed in the new version of the headphones as they were comfortable in the old version too. Plush and thick foam save sound from leakage makes these headphones a fantastic gadget to have every time. Your ears will never touch the seal of the headphones, and they will be safe while you are enjoying music louder.

If your ears somehow touch the earth of the ear cup foam is placed there which will also provide you comfort there isn’t it lovely move from the brand. The leatherette used in the ear pads is of premium quality, and you will inevitably experience it when you are using it for the longest time. When you wear the headphones, you will never feel the burden of the headband, and you will feel that it disappears on the head.

I was using these headphones in listening to the more extended session and was not tired after the whole day. These headphones provide the ultimate comfort at a very affordable price. The old headband was not that much comfortable, and I never like the headband at that time. Everyone loves to have modern and stylish things. These headphones will never look awkward in public also, and you can wear them conveniently.

This is the perfect design of headphones which have the perfect and smooth fit on the head, and you can have them without any burden. The build of the headphones is out of plastic which is impressive, but they look a little bulky. There are no controls on the ear cups as they are wired headphones and directly connect to a device to provide sound.

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The sound quality of the headphones is very smooth and enhanced with the new version of the headphones. The bass mode of these headphones is heavy and clean aggressive thumps of the mix are not that good. Mids of these headphones is very clear, and you can easily listen to every beat of the song without any problem.

The sound in the mid is very detailed and accurate which you will surely love. A clear sound is must when you have the beats in bulk. I really like the soundstage of these headphones and thought I am present where the song is recording, and that invoke my creative skills. This is one of the wide feelings which no other headphone can give you easily. If you compare these headphones with others, I can bet that this pair will win the race as they have the smooth sound and you can enjoy the music easily without any interruption.

The high sound with these headphones has a crisp which is why people love these headphones that you can listen to music even louder from these headphones. The feeling of diffused field target with these headphones always come which failed to get the response as per the target. In normal headphones, this level of isolation is not present. Isolation is just excellent with these headphones. My favorite coffee shop background completely fades with the isolation of these headphones, and this is one of the non-scientific tests of these headphones.

In the office, some people were talking about a meeting louder, and I was listening to the songs through these headphones. Those persons never bothered my music, and I didn’t listen to them. The sound coming from these headphones were amazing, and I was trying my time with these headphones.

These bass headphones have the feature of active noise cancellation, and that is the reason you can listen to only those sounds which you want to listen. They also can work as passive noise canceling in this you listen to some sounds. I use these headphones in the gym where people are talking a lot about their routine, and I am relaxed in my free time due to these headphones.

These headphones are easy to use, and some looks of these headphones are like you are wearing the old telephone on your head, but you will become the fan of the comfort of these headphones which easily inspire everyone. You should have them if you are a music lover.

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  • Connection cable of the item Coiled Cable (min. 1.3m / max. 3m)
  • THD, total harmonic distortion of the item 0,1 %
  • Nominal impedance of headphones 64 Ω
  • Frequency response (Headphones) 8 to 25000 Hz
  • Jack plug of the item 3,5 / 6,3 mm stereo
  • Sound pressure level (SPL) of headphones 113 dB
  • Transducer principle of the item dynamic, closed
  • Ear coupling of headphones Circumaural
  • Wearing style of the item Headband
  • The contact pressure of the item 6 N
  • Weight cable 285 gram
  • The color of the item Black


These are the fantastic headphones which are closed ear headphones which are using the dynamic drivers. These headphones have great sound quality due to the best drivers, and that is the reason for the fame of these headphones. Most of the customers are loving these headphones due to the sound quality. These headphones have the incredible weight that you can easily listen to the songs from these headphones for a more extended period of time, and these headphones have the powerful bass which is right in the mids. In a high level of the volume, you cannot use these headphones.

These headphones are unusual in the design, and that is the reason most of the modern music lovers are using these headphones for enjoying the perfect beats of the music, and they are convinced with the design of the headphones. These headphones become your travel partner when you want to listen to music while traveling. Ear cups and headband is padded with the cushions which give them stylish look, on the other hand, these headphones become very comfortable that you can wear them for longer around your neck to provide an elegant and super cool look when you are in the gym or at the airport.

An audio cord of the headphones is easy to replace so if it gets damaged you should not worry about it. These headphones always come in a case which is perfect to save them when you don’t want to use these headphones. The ear coupling of these headphones is Circumaural, and you will enjoy this. These headphones don’t have any leakage problem because cushions never spread the sound of the music so if the environment is entirely you can use these headphones easily. These headphones will give you the perfect listening experience which no other brand can give you.


If you have a more massive head, you cannot use these headphones for the longest time because it will create some stain on the head after some time of the use. Overall these headphones have the perfect fit on the small head, and they will never create any problem with the smaller heads. Connectors can get strained due to the heavy coiled cable. These are the significant disadvantages in the design of the headphones, but overall you can easily listen to high-quality music through these headphones.

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I have tried a lot of headphones and written a lot of reviews about headphones but these headphones are my favorite one, and I am still using these headphones. These headphones are a fantastic product, and the brand has put a lot of effort into making these headphones the modern one. You are confused when you are purchasing the headphones that which one you should buy which will fit your budget and your music sense. If you are traveling lover and want to listen to songs while traveling these headphones should be your first priority. These headphones also have professional features that are the reason they are getting famous.

These headphones are unusual in the design also, and that is the reason for their increase in the market. I love the comfortable headphones a lot, and I use to travel with them a lot of time, and I have the best listening experience with these headphones. You will never get disappointed with these headphones. Your friends will love the fabulous design of these headphones. They are amazing, and you will entirely be convinced with the ultimate comfort of these headphones. I would prefer these headphones over other brands. Looks of these headphones are premium one and that make these headphones a brand.

If you have a professional job and you are passionate about working creative things such as recording the audio on the field these headphones can be one of the best things for you. In office usage and you can take them with you at the coffee shop too, and they are the worthy combination.

Gaming with them become very clear, and you can easily beat every level with the fantastic sound clarity of these headphones. These headphones have the ability to increase your imaginative power, and you will become a fan of these headphones.

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9.2 Total Score

If you have a very creative mind and you want to do something like audio recording through these headphones. These fit best when you want to enjoy the music in the office or in the coffee shop.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Smooth design
  • ACN
  • Bulky look
  • Wired
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