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When you are looking for a headphone set which is within your budget, some of them will have a bad design while others may have a poor quality of sound. It can also be possible that the headphones have powerful bass, but the battery life is not too long. In modern time, with the invention of gears, it is the exhausting procedure to find the right gear to fulfill the needs. Headphone selection is also a bigger issue because everyone wants a headphone which is trendy in design and has a beautiful sound with all features and an affordable price.

A good headphone is that which has a great sound, but this is not the case every time because some people also want something which looks fabulous. So today we will tell you about the very best headphones which are amazing and affordable in prices too. You will love this pair because this is fulfilling all your needs.

The user experience of this headphone Paww WaveSound3 is amazing, and everyone can get excited about this headphone. After the release of these headphones, they got instant fame in the market due to the design and sound quality of them. On the other hand, they are offering Bluetooth connectivity.

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These headphones are in amazing over the ear style, with the feature of noise canceling. The build of these headphones is with metal, and that is the reason for little bulky. But you can wear them for long as they are very comfortable. The color scheme of the headphones is black and white and look beautiful.

Controls are placed on both ear cups of these headphones which you can see easily. The noise-canceling button is placed on the left ear cup, but the sign is not visible. But you will see the button quickly. Charging port is also placed there, and that is a micro USB port which can easily connect for the charging.

You will see a lot on the right ear cup of the headphones. All the controls related to tracks are placed on the right ear cup, Bluetooth connectivity is also on the right ear cup, volume controls are also present there, and the option of microphones and Aux jack is also placed on the right ear cup. An LED light is also the part of these headphones which tell you when you are connected to the Bluetooth. Microphones of the headphones work perfectly.

All the things are on the right ear cup but these are user-friendly headphones, and after the use of a few minutes it is easy for you to remember all the controls of the headphones. These headphones provide you with the easy adjustability on the head so that you can wear them comfortably for longer.

You will always relax after wearing these headphones because the ear cups are covered with soft cushioned leather which is thick and makes them very smooth to wear even if you are wearing them for long they will never hurt your ear. I love this feature of them.

These headphones are wireless and just connected through Bluetooth with the devices. Both ear cups of the headphones have the logo of the company which makes them more compelling for the customers. These headphones are connected with the Aux also if needed. When you are charging you can still listen to music.

These headphones always come in a beautiful and attractive case which make them flexible while traveling around. You can take them with you even if the journey is long and when you get bored you can save them in the box which will secure them from any damage.

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These headphones are coming with the incredible battery which works for longer. You need to charge them for 3 to 4 hours and can use them for 16 hours consistently. This is a very accurate ratio of the battery compared with other brands. These headphones charge with the normal USB wire they don’t need a special charger to charge.

If you are on the long ride and your battery goes down, they also have an airplane adapter which can easily charge them. This is an amazing feature of the headphones, and this headphone is the best travel partner. There is no indicator available on them to show when the battery is down.

But there is a message recorded audibly in these headphones which tell you that now you have to charge them. This annoying voice of the lady will announce about the battery after every 60 seconds, and then you will surely charge them up. This audible idea is an amazing reminder too. But the company can make it more pleasing notification for the user.

Quality of sound is amazing in the affordable price the sound is smooth. These headphones are using the drivers for sound which is 40 mm Neodymium for enhancing the quality of the sound. Dynamic sound range of these headphones is impressive trebles and mids of these headphones are also sharp to listen.

The sound coming from these headphones is amazing, and every word is evident with them. This can be a proper headphone set which is easily adjustable on every head, and there is no problem of sound leakage is present with these headphones. Active noise-canceling option feature is also available in these headphones which works fantastic. This makes you relax while listening to music.

Bass impact of these headphones is little overpowered which is not good, and you have to adjust them to mids to get the excellent voice. The sound is overall smooth and gives you good listening experience. This is the reason people love to have these headphones. You will never feel the sound surrounding you when you are listening to music through these headphones.

The Bluetooth is offering a lot of good experience because these headphones can easily be connected to more than one devices at the moment. You can now take the call while listening to your favorite music through these headphones. I have used them in the gym while taking important calls and listening to music. I have the best listening experience of them.

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  • 1 Color Black
  • 2 Drivers 40 mm neodymium
  • 3 Bluetooth 4.0
  • 4 Active Noise cancellation of the headphones Available
  • 5 Built-in music controls Available
  • 6 Construction of the headphones Foldable headphones
  • 7 Audio Jack 3.5 mm
  • 8 Calling through the headphones Available
  • 9 Microphones of the headphones Built-in
  • 10 Battery life 16 hrs
  • 11 Premium carry a case of the headphones Yes available
  • 12 Tangle-free 3.5 mm cable for headphones
  • 13 Airline headphone adapter Available
  • 14 Durability Yes
  • 15 Weight 0.8 lb
  • 16 The dimension of the item 7.68*6.3*3.94 inches
  • 17 Headphone fit Over the ear

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Airplane adapter is available with these headphones with an Aux cable so that you can easily travel around and charge the headphones easily. These headphones are for the music lovers of every age. If you want to play the movie attach your headphones with the airplane LCD and enjoy the movie. No one can beat the sound quality of these headphones.

The connection of these headphones is faster with the Bluetooth of 4.0. This is one of the latest Bluetooth technology which easily connect to every device without any problem. The range of these Bluetooth is 4 times more, and the broadcasting speed of the headphones is 8x which is amazing, and everyone loves the sound of these headphones.

These headphones are travel-friendly, and that is the reason these come with a smart traveling case so that these headphones cannot get damaged easily. The case comes with these headphones which keep you relax while packing the headphones. This is a beautiful carrying case which makes these headphones attractive. These are providing the best sound experience to the listener with easy packing.

Now you can take calls while listening to your favorite songs because these headphones also have the built-in microphone feature which can quickly connect you with the call. Bluetooth of the headphones can easily connect to more than one devices at a time. This is a fantastic feature which makes it different from other brands. You should purchase these headphones.

These headphones have a significant battery life you can easily use these headphones for the most extended period without taking tension of the battery. I have these headphones, and I can take them with me when I have to travel for longer they are the best partner of my journey. You should also give them a try.

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Construction of the headphones make them slightly heavy, and that is the reason you feel a little uncomfortable while wearing these headphones around the neck. Most of the people complain about the weight, and they cannot wear it for a longer time due to the weight issue. I am also using them, and I know the little weight of them.

You can enjoy the music for longer when if you are ready to bear the weight. After the use of 2 to 3 hours, the ear-cups start sliding from the ears which are bad. These headphones are not adjustable that easy after that time. This is somehow uncomfortable especially when you need them more than 2 to 3 hours. These headphones are not for those who have smaller ears because they are not adjustable.

The bass effect of these headphones is not much massive, so if you love the bass mode in songs, you should not go for them. These headphones are for the smoother sounds and relaxation of the mind. But the bass effect is not very heavy in them. I used them and I know the sound of these headphones are refined but not for a bass feature.

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Volume clarity, noise cancellation, and the feature of decent sound made these headphones amazing one. These headphones are fantastic if you are looking for something which comforts you while you are traveling around. These headphones are your right choice for long trips. I am using them and completely satisfied with them. The heavy bass mode is not available, but that is okay.

Battery life of the headphones is really good, and you can easily use these headphones for the most extended period. You can use these headphones for 16 hours. This makes these headphones amazing and famous in the users. This can be your great travel partner and best in the usability. You can enjoy the music smoothly with them.

These headphones have more enhanced high-end options which are far better than the other headphones. You can conveniently take calls through them the whole listening to the music which makes them attractive for everyone. Bluetooth of these headphones is better than any other brand of the same model.

Design of the headphones is fantastic that everyone can easily be convinced with them. You cannot deny the flexibility of the design of these headphones. The budget of these headphones is excellent with a lot of features so that everyone can easily afford them. That is the primary reason for the fame of these headphones. I love to have them and recommend them to everyone who is looking for a perfect pair of headphones.

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