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Everyone has some music in life, and no one is blank I am sure. Some of us have a hobby of listening to music in their free time or when they are traveling. Listening to music is one of the popular activities because it won't require much brain to listen to the music and you can relax while listening to your favorite music. Some people also sing with the music of their choice and feel relax in that. It’s all about your personal choices of life.

Everyone has unique choices in music not everyone loves a singer everyone has its type of listening to music, and they enjoy their free time with their favorite music. So, you should also have a list of best headsets set through which you can listen to the songs easily without any interruption while you are in the gym or traveling around the country.

When you are listening to your favorite music you can be anyone yourself you can dance in your mind, and for that, you need a clear sound and crisp of the music to add entertainment in your life. Music is the thing which we want to share with others easily. But through your headphones, you can enjoy that music easily. So we will talk about a beautiful set of headphones which is getting famous among the audience, and that is Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones.

I will tell you about the exciting features of the headphones and tell you why they are getting famous more than their competitors. I am very honest in my review because I also have purchased these headphones and my experience is also added in these headphones. In the end, also I tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of having these headphones.

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These headphones are amazing in design and provide the ultimate comfort to every user. That is the reason people now prefer these headphones, and they can never travel without these headphones. The build of the headphones is a little bulky which give the feeling of uncomfortableness if you use them for the longest time, but on the other hand, they are stylish. These headphones are available in a lot of colors I have them in black and red color which is a sophisticated combo.

These headphones are detachable, and you can use them through Bluetooth and also with the wire. These features make headphones a fantastic choice at very affordable prices. I love the cushioned ear cups of these headphones which are made to take care the texture of the ears and that is the reason you don’t feel bad even if you are using the headphones for a long time they will never get irritating on ears.

The diameter of the ear cups is smaller which avoid the sound leakage, and you can enjoy the full music through these headphones while you are traveling around. If you have the large ears, it can give the feeling of uncomfortableness to you. All controls are present on the right ear of the headphones which are easy to remember because these headphones are friendly to use. All the controls present on the headphones are smooth, and you need to touch them when you are using these headphones.

If you are the user of iPod, you will quickly understand the controls of these headphones. On the other hand, all the features of call are also present on the ear cups. Microphones are placed on the left ear cup of these headphones so that you can easily take the calls. Audio cable jack is also placed on the left ear cup which will provide you songs when you attach them with any device.

Feedback of these headphones is amazing, and you will love the idea to have them. The headband of these headphones is easy to adjust on every head and work well on all type of heads. This is the reason these headphones are amazing and becoming the priority of music lovers. I have them, and I have a small head, and they are fit on my head amazingly. The headband is also cushioned from the inner side for the comfort of the user.

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The sound quality of the headphones is amazing, and they provide the best experience to the listeners. All the modes have amazing sound controls through which you can add some crisp in the sound of your favorite music. I am the lover of these headphones with too many controls these headphones can work well. Bass of these headphones is boomy for those who are purists. If you listened to songs through them, you would feel the quality of the songs is little focused.

You need to balance a little to listen the bass perfectly, and it is totally on your choice what you do with this sound to make it more attractive because these headphones can give you a lot of variety. In mids and highs, these headphones will surely mesmerize you nut again it all depends on the controls that how you play with them for the smooth and enhanced sound.

These headphones can do passive noise canceling, and this totally depends on how these headphones fit on the heads. These ear cups are really small and this best fit if you have small ears. On large ear, it is very difficult to tackle with these headphones. These headphones can easily filter fewer sounds, but if you are planning to use them in an airplane for noise drainage, this can be a bad idea. These headphones distract you lesser, but on the whole, you can enjoy the music in a comfortable environment.

Battery life of these headphones is amazing, and you can enjoy the music for a long time through these headphones. You can use them when you are attaching them with Bluetooth, and they will entertain you for 20 hours. You can charge them for 4.5 hours before using them again. You can also attach them with wire to listen to the songs while charging. This is amazing and one of the latest feature of these headphones.

Bluetooth of these headphones work amazing, and the range is also very good as these headphones are using Bluetooth 4.0. These headphones easily attach to any device you want, and you can enjoy the music through them. The mic is also present in these headphones which make it easy for you to take important calls when you are busy in the gym, or somewhere else.

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  • The form factor of the headphones Over-ear headphones
  • Output mode Stereo
  • Weight 15 oz
  • The frequency response of the headphones 20 Hz
  • Sensitivity 98 dB
  • Impedance 30 Ohm
  • Wireless range of transmission 33 ft.
  • Battery timing of the headphones 13.5 hours
  • Cable comes with the headphones 3.5 mm
  • Drivers of the headphones CSR chip and 40 mm
  • Controls of the headphones Smooth and sleek
  • Ear cups detailing Cushions on both ear cups
  • Bluetooth connectivity of the headphones Yes available
  • Sound quality Brilliant sound

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The sound quality of the set is amazing, and I am entirely convinced with it. Keep it in mind this is not active noise-canceling, but it is passive, and it doesn’t drain out all the noise coming from them, but also they can save the battery while providing high-quality sound.

This is a fantastic pair of headset over ears. The sound of these headphones is smoother and enhanced which make them famous brand in the music lovers. Ear cushions have memory-protein which stimulate the texture of the skin which keeps you comfortable even if you are wearing the headphones for longer they will never irritate you.

The sliders are of stainless steel which is cushioned to make the headband comfortable and durable. They give perfect on the head also. These headphones are detachable, and you can enjoy this feature of these headphones that you can use them with the Bluetooth or directly attaching them with the device to enjoy the music. You can continuously listen to music with the extended battery which can entertain you for 20 hours. Wires are for the convenience of the listeners.

Design of the headphone is foldable and stylish you will love the headphones design, and you want to use it more. These headphones are easy to adjust according to your head, and you can easily use them if you have a small or a large head. These headphones are available in every shape and design, and that is the plus point of them.

There is no leakage of the sound through these headphones even if the volume is very high. You will listen to the music, and outer noise will become lessen with these headphones. This is a perfect travel partner of travel lovers because they stay longer with you and you don’t get the chance to get bored.

These headphones come in a lot of colors you can select the color according to your mood and choice. I have them in red color, and they are amazing in this color. The sound is amazing, and the color is my favorite with the combo of black. You will get a delighted experience with these headphones.

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Cheap plastic is used in these headphones which mean compromise in the quality of the headphones. Most of the customers complain about the headphones due to this bad quality, and this is one of the most significant negligence of the company. You will need to compromise the quality of the headphones if you want to purchase them.

They are not providing you with much comfort due to weight because you feel little uncomfortable if you are wearing them for longer you will feel tired. These headphones are amazing in voice, but the weight of these headphones are not even comfortable for the neck of the listener. This is the reason people do not prefer these headphones.

Corners of these headphones are very sharp, and those can easily harm us. They should be covered under the pad but this is not the case, and that makes these headphones a bad choice. You always feel discomfort when you are touching the corners of these headphones. Look at these headphones is cheap and they do not look very expensive and stylish. Almost every color of them is the same cheesy.

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Use of wireless headphones is increasing with time as everyone wants to become modern. I love the beauty of these wireless headphones. On the other hand, I think these are a fantastic brand, and everyone should have these headphones. They are best in design if you are looking for a headphone which you can use with wire or wireless you should give them a try.

These headphones are sleek and comfortable enough that you can wear them for a more extended period. Every brand launch headphones every year but the competitor of these headphones cannot win the race as they have fantastic sound quality. They don’t have the feature of ANC, but they also have a long battery life. Most of the customers love this feature of the headphone.

They have a fantastic range of Bluetooth. You can also connect them with wire to listen to music for more time. I love the brighter sound of them with a crisp and extraordinary design of the headphones. I have a lot of sets which are amazing, but no can beat them in design. You should purchase them as they are very reasonable in the prices and goes into your heart.

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9.3 Total Score

These headsets are amazing in the sound quality and available in a lot of colors. If you are looking for headphones which are of good quality and price you should try them. They won't disappoint you.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good Battery Timing
  • Bluetooth
  • Overweight
  • Build is of plastic
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