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Some of the headphones making brand are using traditional techniques for the invention of new headphones and becoming one of the researchers of the market. Same is the case with this Grado SR60e headphone which is making everything just perfect for the best music listening experience of the customers.

Some of the companies usually prefer the street headphones design and still are designing headphones like that, but this brand is focusing on the premium looks of the headphones which no other brand can give. Sometimes these headphones are inconvenient, but on the other hand, the quality of them is fantastic. These best headphones are affordable in prices that is the reason for their fame that they are giving quality with the reasonable expenses which will never burden your pocket. These headphones are amazing for ears also you can listen to songs on them for a long time when you are traveling.

I have given reviews about a lot of headphones after using them, and I find these headphones amazing one to use while you are traveling. Grado SR60e is your partner in your journey and will provide you with ultimate entertainment. Most of the students are the fan of these headphones as they can have these headphones easily.

Design and sound aspect of these headphones make a beautiful combo, and that is the reason people like these headphones a lot. Some disadvantages also come with these headphones, but you have to manage with them. When you have a lot of cheap options for headphones you should choose them as they are better than a lot of brands.

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Looks and design of the headphones is everything in the modern time, and everyone wants to have the headphones which are sophisticated in looks. These headphones have a look which old pilots were wearing while flying the plane and I am talking about the 1940s. This is a very young look which will surely inspire you, and you will love to wear these headphones.

Most of the headphones are now using these looks, and these headphones have a distinctive look. These headphones are on the size of beat solo 2. These are the headphones which are on ear, and they are not very huge. Traditional sense is used in these headphones as they are not for portable use. A headphone amplifier should be used with these headphones.

These are open-backed headphones which use your smartphone or any MP3 device for the connection and after that play the songs conveniently. You will enjoy the comfort of these headphones a lot as they are not very bulky and you can have them around your neck for a longer time than any other brand.

On the outside of these headphones, the look of the ear cup is like the speaker. This is telling the customers about the drivers who are working well. But after using these headphones, you will get to know that these headphones are spreading the sound of music in both directions.

When you are working in the office and want to listen to songs these headphones is the wrong options. These headphones leak the sound which will disturb other staff in the office. This is the reason you cannot use these headphones in a quiet environment. Leaky headphones have a terrible impact on others. These headphones ear cups are plastic based, and that is the reason they are not very durable, and you cannot use them for longer. Make of these headphones is very reasonable which is not durable. Ear pads of these headphones are very soft that you can comfortably wear them for the longest time and enjoy your free time. I have used them, and they are not rough in the usage. They are cheap but better than a lot of brands.

Two steel rods are connecting the ear cups. A leather piece covers the skeleton of these headphones and gives it a complete look of headphones. The piece is leather is also not original. If you stretch them for longer, you will feel little scratches on the leather piece. There is no significant damage caused by this stretching. You should try them they won’t surprise you a lot. These headphones are excellent in providing comfort. Quality of the cable in these headphones is good because in the last model there were a lot of complaints about the quality of the cable. On both ear cups name of the brand is engraved.

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Sound Quality

The sound quality of Grado SR60e is an amazing one if you don’t value the looks you should know about the most prominent feature of the headphones. You will get the smoother and enhanced sound through these headphones at affordable prices. The sound of these headphones is smoother and clearer, and you can easily listen to every beat of the song. The design is not mitigating the sound well, but overall you will fall in love with these headphones after listening to songs from these headphones. These headphones have classic treble as compare to other brands in the market. These headphones sound will never disappoint you. Some sound enters your heart and makes some space and these headphones have the music which can do magic.

These headphones can be used in the mid-volume you cannot use them in the high volume because they get wrong in the high volume and also increase in the leakage. Bass also work well in the mid of the volume, and you need to put a lot of effort into the adjustment of the volume of these headphones. There are no such controls of these headphones like the headphones which are connected to Bluetooth. You can use them easily need to connect them with a device and done.

Bass is relatively thick and taut in these headphones. The design and this sound together work amazing for everyone, and you can have a bright and beautiful musical sound. The music of these headphones will relax your mind and soul. Other brands cannot give this much quality in the sound. You will not like the entire design, but the sound of these headphones is much enhanced.

Most of the people are complaining about the harsh sound when the volume is very high, and that problem should be resolved. This set has almost resolved the problem, but this is not solved correctly. In the mid-range of the volume, there is no harshness in these headphones. The ear will never get a defect with the mid of the volume. Volume can control through the device and you should adjust it on mid.

Dynamic drivers are used in these headphones which work perfectly. With time passed with these headphones, you will become more comfortable with these headphones. But you will never like the design of these headphones ever, and the little spike will always be the part of these headphones.

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  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) 99.8 dB at 1 mW
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Design of the item On-Ear (Supra-aural)
  • Audio Connector 1/8" (3.5 mm)
  • Driver Type of the item Dynamic
  • Earcup Style of the headphones Open Back
  • Impedance 32 Ohm
  • Matching Tolerance 1 dB
  • Operating Principle of the item Open Air
  • The Connectivity wire of the headphones 3.5mm jack
  • The sound quality of the item High quality
  • Color availability in these headphones Black color
  • The weight of the item 0.8 oz


The sound quality of this headphone is, and you will surely enjoy the music through these headphones. Bass mode is not very powerful, but a perfect sound comes when you connect these headphones with any music device. I also have these headphones, and I have a fabulous experience with these headphones. Value of these headphones is impressive they come in the black color and look sophisticated in that color. You can wear them for linger when you are listening to songs. Cushions on the ear cups are of high quality and according to the standard.

The sound will never leak out through these headphones. Headband of these headphones is covered under the leather type material which is soft. These headphones never even look bulky, and both ear cups have the brand name which is also good in look. You will enjoy the company of these headphones when you are traveling around wearing these headphones.

Sound quality and design of the headphones complement each other and make a beautiful combo. Purchasing these headphones can be a treat for you. These headphones are readily available for the customers that is the reason these got famous in the market. You can easily use these headphones. These headphones always come with a pouch for security so you can easily save them when you are not using the headphones. This is a leather pouch which guarantees the quality of the item will always be right. I use them when I use to travel with headphones.


These headphones always leak little sound which is not a good thing for any of the headphones. You cannot listen to the music privately as the cushions are not so solid which control the sound in. You cannot use these headphones when you are in public as they sound cheesy.

The sound of these headphones is a bit harsh if you want to listen to music in high volume. It impacts badly on ears, and you will feel a little uncomfortable with these headphones. The sound can harm your ears, and that is the reason never open the music for a high volume it is recommended.

If you want to use headphones for portable use, these headphones can be a bad option. You should deny the fact that these headphones are that much good in the portability. These headphones are not of premium quality, and that is the reason they never got the maximum fame from the clients. These headphones are not that much firm and comfortable to ears as compare to other brands that are the reason for not getting fame. You can use these headphones with the wire but cannot use them wireless connecting through the Bluetooth.

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I have made a lot of reviews of the headphones which are famous in the customers and are very comfortable in the usage, but no one can like these headphones as they have decidedly less good points to discuss. But mainly you can afford these headphones easily, and that is the reason you should purchase them.

A lot of headphones are available some are good in design, and some are best in sound quality, but these headphones have both features somehow at nominal prices. You can purchase these headphones even if you are a student and you want to listen to music in your free time.

These headphones are using wires for connectivity with any device from which you want to listen to the songs. You can use them to add some music to your life, and that reason is just enough why you should purchase these headphones. I love everything about these headphones, and I use them a lot.

These headphones are durable in usage, and that is the reason for using these headphones was always my top priority. Also, these headphones are right in the design, and you can show them to your friends. If you are searching for good options in headphones, you will find these headphones very satisfying as they have the quality to entertain the customers with looks and with the quality of sound. You should not lose them just because they have minor drawbacks.

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9.2 Total Score

You will get the best sound with these headphones, and they are best when you are free and want to listen to the music of your own choice. These headphones are, and that is the best reason to have them.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Value is good
  • Supremely leaky
  • Not for portability
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