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When things get the best from better, it feels good and the same as in the case of gears. Things are getting smarter every day. Like the headphones about what we are talking about today. These headphones are amazing and launched last year in 2018 with a lot of impressive features. I would give them a try too.

These headphones can easily connect with any device using Bluetooth and have a more extended battery which makes them a useful gear when you are traveling. You will enjoy the music on a long journey also with these headphones. My friends are also using these headphones, and the battery life also inspires them.

These headphones are also offering an active noise-canceling feature which works amazingly when you are traveling, and you want to listen to the music. This ANC stops the noise coming from outside, and you can quickly focus on the song you are listening to. You must try this, and you will surely get impressed with the feature. You can also watch the movie in the noise of horns or the noise of the airplane.

These headphones are amazing in comfort also and have cushions on both ear cups. This is for the comfort of the listener so that you can listen to songs for the more extended period. On the other hand, the headband of these headphones is adjustable so that you don’t need to be uncomfortable while listening to music. My head is small, and they are perfect on my head too.

I purchased this pair of headphones, and that is the reason I am going to write a review about them. These headphones are as per my expectation with a lot of features which are impressive, except this, I also suggest you more admirable headphones under $100 and I always use to discuss them with my friends.

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These headphones are amazing in quality with the exterior of sleek metallic and the high end aesthetic. These headphones are made of 45 mm large drivers which are more significant than 45mm. These are average in size drivers to give the headphones clarity in every tone. When we talk about the bass, these drivers are also providing quality in bass modes.

These headphones look stylish and provide you with the best listening experience. On the other hand, these headphones also provide ANC feature which removes the bothering sound from the environment, and you can easily listen to music. This is a fantastic technology used in these headphones. Decidedly fewer headphones have this feature.

These headphones come in a reasonably professional look, and the colors used in these headphones are white, black, and red. The white color of these headphones is very near to the silver tone. Red color shows loud music, and if you hate something, this will explain that. This set is a very sophisticated pair. I love the design of these headphones.

This pair of headphones is very comfortable, and you can wear them for long. Both ear cups are cushioned which make them convenient to use for a longer time. You can wear them all day long and enjoy music. E7 and E7 pro are the same in looks, and you cannot find the difference by watching them. But an advantage is the upgraded version and have a lot of features and convenient.

You will love the smoothness of these new ear cups, and you will enjoy the smooth sound coming from these headphones. Mics of these headphones are good in quality. The previous version of the headphones don’t have good quality mics, but this is the new edition with everything new and upgraded.

These headphones are using NFC technology for the pairing of Bluetooth. You will love the range of Bluetooth with these headphones. You can locate the Bluetooth no matter where you are. The range of these headphones is amazing. This is the reason these headphones have many fans who are striving to have these headphones.

The headband of these headphones is fantastic and padded from the inner and outer side. This makes these headphones little bulky, and they feel little uncomfortable when you are wearing them. On the ear cups name of the brand is engraved which look impressive and very stylish.

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These headphones got the high-average sound quality which will convince you. The build of these headphones is gorgeous, and they can be your best travel partner. These headphones are available with the more significant drivers who are 45 mm and that make them famous in music and travel lovers.

Bass of these headphones is powerful, but you need to set some controls. If you listen to the music in mids and high, you will surely appreciate the boosted bass which is necessary for every type of music, the crisp of sound is lovely and bright with these headphones. These headphones are best in the bass as compare to other brands.

These headphones are over ear, and you can also wear them around the neck with detachable cable which will give you the facility to attach them with any device or use them through the Bluetooth. This makes these headphones famous. These headphones are using the USB port for charging and also come with AUX.

These headphones are affordable in prices so if you are looking for a high-quality gadget with a reasonable price you should choose these headphones. You can use these headphones when you are doing jogging in the park, and you can also take business calls with these headphones. I love these headphones.

These headphones are relatively compact, and necessary operations also use wire. Over ears are always come in the most abundant type, but they are adjustable on every head so that you can comfortably relax while listening to the music or watching the movie. Padding on the headband ensures that you don’t feel uncomfortable with them.

The main focus of these headphones is for sure to comfort the listener and give them high-quality music which they can enjoy. These headphones also have the active noise-canceling option which is very useful when you listen to music while traveling and now you don’t have to listen to the noise coming from outside.

These are little heavy, but that will feel uncomfortable if you are using for a longer time. But you will not get tired with them quickly. The thick padding, on the other hand, is comfortable. These headphones are amazing in sound quality always come in a case with all the necessary cables. You can pack these headphones in the box to use them for the longest time.I take the case with me when I am traveling.

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  • The color of the headphones Black
  • Connectivity of the item Wireless detachable
  • The impedance of the headphones 16 ohm
  • The frequency of the item 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Active noise cancelation Yes
  • Power of the headphones Lithium Battery
  • Bluetooth connectivity Yes available
  • Tuning controls of the headphones 45mm Large
  • Item dimension 6.54 x 3.62 x 7.13 in
  • The weight of the headphone 0.85 lb
  • Sound quality Powerful sound
  • Sensitivity 120
  • Waterproof No
  • Vocalism Principle of headphone Dynamic
  • Plug Type Line Type
  • Volume control of the headphones Yes

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The active noise-canceling option is available in these headphones which make them famous, and you can easily travel with these headphones. You can easily listen to the songs while you are traveling and there is a lot of traffic on the road. You can enjoy your own space with the music, video, or call.

In both modes, you can use the noise-canceling either you are using the headphones with wire or wireless. In both condition the technology work well. These headphones make them best and famous in the audience. I am using them, and they have the powerful feature of ANC from which I am convinced.

These headphones have 45 mm large-aperture drivers who give the response of bass accurately. The sound of the ANC is very crisp and clear for the ears make these headphones more famous in the customers, and everyone wants to have them. These headphones will give you the quality sound, and you will enjoy the sound.

These headphones come with the soft cushions for the ears so if you are using them for a longer time you can easily have them on ears. They will never hurt your ears and give you a piece of good music. On the other hand, the fit of these headphones is amazing, and you will not feel uncomfortable after using them.

These headphones have the quality to settle around your ears according to your comfort level. If you are on a long journey and watching a movie or listening to the music you can easily do it with these headphones, you will enjoy the high-quality sound through these headphones.

Performance of these headphones is very comfortable, and you can use these headphones with Bluetooth. You will get a lot of range of headphones when you connect with Bluetooth, and that is amazing. On the other hand, these are using a wire to connect with any device to listen to the songs.

These headphones always come in a case of plastic with all the accessories. You can pack them in the same box after every use for the long life of the headphones. These headphones will work best for longer if you handle them with care. I use the case when I am traveling around.

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Design of the headphones is a little heavy, and it feels very uncomfortable if you are wearing headphones. The design doesn’t feel sensitive and lighter, but these headphones are durable in the quality. But these headphones feel uncomfortable even if you are wearing them around the neck you cannot wear them for long.

Microphones sub-par make these headphones little uncomfortable, and you cannot talk through them for longer. You cannot use them for more than 2 to 3 hours when you are on the call. If the call is very necessary and you are in the gym, you can have
the call for some seconds.

Noise-canceling is little disturbing when the ear cup seal is broken. This is bad damage, so you have to be very careful with these headphones. Secure them in their case to avoid the bad effect coming in case of any damage. On the other hand, these
are expensive headphones, so you need to care for them a lot.

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These headphones are amazing with the balanced sound and if you are searching for a headphone which has the latest feature try them. These headphones are very comfortable with the bass tone and that make them famous in the users. You can use the mic for essential calls when you cannot pick the call up.

These headphones have fantastic battery life that you never had a problem if you are on a long trip and you don’t have a place to charge the headphones. While charging them, you can also listen to the songs because these headphones have a detachable cable. I am amazed by the features of these headphones.

The sound of these headphones is extremely clear that you can easily listen to every beat of the music easily. If you are a music lover, these headphones suit your needs. These headphones have an extensive range of connectivity through the Bluetooth which make them a reliable and must have product.

The user has a good experience of enjoying music through these headphones, and if you are searching for headphones, nothing can be better than this. These were launched in the previous year, and there are still many people who want to have these headphones.

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9.2 Total Score

These headphones have good battery life and enhanced quality of music. If you are looking for a high-quality headphone pair, this set will easily fulfill your needs. You can listen to music for a longer time.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Good Battery Timing
  • Bluetooth
  • ANC
  • Overweight
  • Bass is not good
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