Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Navihawk Watch Review


We are living in a modern age where we are stuffed with a lot of gadgets like headphones, watches, and other gadgets. But today I am not talking about ordinary gadgets, but a watch which is expensive and has a lot of best features. Citizen is one of the famous brands in the market which is experienced in selling beautiful watches to the customers. I have used a lot of watches in past time but this one of the fantastic and comfortable watches which I used ever. I have worn it for longer and without any problem. I am fully impressed with the clarity of time on this watch but also how comfortably I have this watch on my wrist.

The modern time is of smartwatches which are able to estimate your heartbeat, your footsteps, and your calorie intake easily. But let me tell you this watch is designed beautifully, and that makes it a really an expensive brand to have on your wrist. I can never even imagine a watch can be this much relaxing for the wrist. I thought I should do a review for the citizen watch and here are the things come in my observance after the use of this watch which impressed my friends and me a lot.

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The watch is super accurate and tells you time both way digitally, and analog dialer is also available in the watch. The dialer of the watch is fantastic, and that is the reason I love this watch. The dialer screen is made of quartz, and that makes the watch durable, and it will never crack in a bad fall too. Citizen is also using polyurethane strap which is right in the summer season and will not create any problem for the skin. You can comfortably wear the watch in the summer for longer and when you are taking a bath because this watch is water-resistant.

Citizen watch is available in black color which looks sophisticated in hand. Design of this digital watch looks too smart and it is easy to observe this watch, and that makes it an iconic brand. The strap of the watch has a push button, and it is easy to wear the watch because it's really easy to close it. In the evening pool parties, this watch can mesmerize your friends easily. The dialer is very beautiful which make this watch stylish to wear.

Quartz watches are not the traditional one because these watches show the time accurately, but the ordinary watches make a difference in the time yearly or monthly. That makes this watch a standout brand in the market. The citizen watch can show the time of 43 countries and know the GPS location this makes the watch a unique one. You can comfortably wear this watch even if you are a lover of water sports because this watch is water-resistant. You will see the dialer of the watch is brighter and clear so you can easily watch the time in a hurry also. Both of the needles are bold that makes the clear look to the watch.

I love the design and finishing of the watch which my friends also and they also want to have it. The watch is expensive, and it also looks expensive. This doesn’t have ordinary looks, and this is the most beautiful feature of the watch. You should go for it.
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The GPS of this watch is very new with a super accuracy in time. Eco-citizen has introduced this watch which is the really premium model for them. This watch is the design winner of the whole collection of the citizen which make it stand out as compared to other brands in the market. Citizen is making a lot of effort in making stylish designs. Citizen is trying to make the watch simple too, but this is not still happening due to a lot of controls present on the dialer. The primary goal of the company is to provide the small and small detailing of the time through GPS to the customers. That is the reason I used this brand because I want to be very accurate. Along with that watch is having a timer through which you can easily walk or do exercise.

Sliding side rule bezel make the watch more stylish gear to wear. The brand is antique, and design of the watch is classic only those who know the watch who is the biggest fan of the brand and love antique things. This watch is telling the time of more than 43 countries. The band of the watch is textured and filled with sophisticated which will increase the desire of the customer to have it. The citizen watch is Japanese made, and assembly of the watch is also in Japan. Watch of the citizen is stylish, and you can have it on hand for a long time when you are traveling or in the office.

You should purchase this watch if you want a unique brand of watch and you don't like to wear smartwatch. You will satisfy with the company of this watch. This watch is not for students, but if you are a professional, you should use this watch it will save your time to set the time according to the time zone.
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  • 1 Band Polyurethane, Strap, Fold Over Clasp with Hidden Push Buttons
  • 2 Dial Black, Power Reserve Indicator
  • 3 Case Size mm 48 mm
  • 4 Case Material Black, Stainless Steel, Promaster Crown, Pilot's Rotating Slide, Rule Dial Ring
  • 5 Water Resistance WR200/20Bar/666ft [Swimming, Showering & Snorkeling]
  • 6 Crystal Anti-Reflective Mineral Crystal
  • 7 Functions U680, Atomic Timekeeping Technology with Synchronized Time, Adjustment Available in 43 World Cities, Synchronized to Atomic , Time Clock for Superior Accuracy, Atomic Timekeeping, Technology with Synchronized Time Adjustment Available in 43, Cities, 1/100 Second Chronograph Measures up to 24 Hours., Perpetual Calendar, Dual Time (Second Time Zone), 2 Alarms, 99-, Minute Countdown Timer, Digital Backlight Display, Universal, Coordinated Time (UTC) Display, Power Reserve Indicator 

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  • Watch is imported and made under the quality standards, and that made this brand a unique one. Citizen is a very famous brand in men, and that is the reason everyone loves to have this watch on the hand, and it also looks impressive on the hand of men.
  • This watch is powered light and with the facility of orange accent. This watch has a lot of multi-function chronographs, digital information display, and luminous markers which make this watch a stylish brand to decorate your wrist. There are a lot of functions of this watch which make this watch a famous one in the market.
  • This watch is using anti-reflective mineral crystal and with 48mm stainless steel case which makes this watch a favorite brand to wear. This watch is also using analog time display with a Japanese quartz movement which can be a treat for you. You will love the experience of using this watch.
  • Band of the watch is made of polyurethane which has fold over buckles with push buttons to open and close the watch on your wrist. This will never affect your wrist in the harsh weather too, and you can wear the watch in the summer also. I am personally using it and find it an amazing one.
  • This watch is water-resistant and using the most efficient technology which is best for professional marine activity and other sports on the surface of the water. You cannot dive scuba with this watch. So, if you are doing small tasks of water, you don’t have to worry about the watch as this watch can manage to wear in water.
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  • This watch is a little bulky, and that is the reason it is really hard to wear them for long. The look is very stylish, but it gives the feeling of heaviness. In student level, you cannot wear this watch because this is not a fashion icon for teenagers.
  • This watch has a band which is not for weaker arms. You cannot wear this watch for longer or feel really uncomfortable wearing this watch because the flexibility is the issue of this brand. Otherwise, you can wear this watch easily in the summer also without any problem.
  • Another problem with this watch is the cost. Citizen is a very famous brand, and that is the reason the price of the watch is too much high. You need to make a lot of money to wear this watch.
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This is a fantastic gadget to wear and look really stylish. I have purchased a lot of watches because I love to use these watches, but this is an amazing one. Citizen is a famous brand, and this watch is extremely comfortable for me to wear. Even if you are going to take a bath in that case, also this watch is very suitable because this is water resistance.

On the other hand, this watch is an iconic one, and everyone want to have this on the hand. You can easily impress anyone if you are wearing this watch in the night out parties. This watch, on the other hand, look professional and for those who are doing business. I enjoyed the company of this watch. Citizen is a durable brand and that increase the worth of this watch. I never want to leave it when I am going out because this watch looks stylish on hand.

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