Beyerdynamic DT 770 Review


These headphones are setting up the benchmark among the music lover. You can listen to the song and use them as audio gear, and they will work accordingly for you. These headphones are still durable and have a different type of versions according to the customer's demand. Price of this headphone is economical.

You will get in love with these headphones as they are very stylish in shape and have a smooth and beautiful sound to entertain your ears. It is a treat if you have these headphones. If you want to listen to songs through these headphones, this will be the ideal choice for you.

You will listen to every detail of the music through these headphones, and they work accurately in bass mode this made these headphones the king in the market. The quality of the music is high. You will enjoy the crisp of the music through these headphones which are not made by a musician but an engineer.

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This model looks the same as the previous model which was also famous among the customers. The only difference in the designing is the logo and name on the ear cup, and for more differences, you should see the review of both of the headphones. It will help you to decide about purchasing the headphones.

These headphones have the larger frame and look bulky when you are wearing them. They are comfortable to wear, and the weight is very less. You can check out the amazing colors of these headphones one of them is grey velour and the other is black. Both colors are amazing and sophisticated.

These headphones are best in the tracking of the sound, and the leakage of the music becomes less with these headphones. Drivers who are installed in these headphones provide the quality sound to the listener. The frequency of the songs become settled according to the needs. These headphones easily fit on the head. These headphones are using dynamic drivers. On the headphone ear cups, cushions are placed which keep your ears relaxed and also headband is cushioned. You can use them with cushioned or non-cushioned headbands.

This is the reason people love them because they can wear them for a longer time. These headphones are same as the previous version, but that was 80ohm, and these headphones are 32ohm, and you can also see the 250ohm version of these headphones which is equally famous in the customers. These headphones are comfortable to connect with the mobile phone devices and later on the feature of studio mixing was added.

These headphones are made to fulfill the needs of music lovers, and if you want the ultimate entertainment for your home and journey, you can have these headphones in your free time to listen to the music. These headphones are not wireless, and you can connect them with your PC, mobile, or TV to listen to the songs.

At this price, these headphones are the best. You can use them effectively to listen to songs and entertain yourself. These headphones are the professional one, and you can carry them anywhere with you. When you do not hear songs, you can keep them with safety they always come with the nylon bag which makes them secure from any breakage.

This is an attractive pouch, and these look smart in the case. These headphones have removable cups which make them secure when you are not using them. It should have the detachable cable but sad this is not the case. Logo and name are printed on both ear cups. These headphones are the stealthy vibe, and I like a lot. The whole set of these headphones is very sophisticated instead of flash.

These headphones look amazing in your hands and on your ears. The headband of these headphones is made up of plastic which makes these headphones beautiful and comfortable. The headband is wrapped with leather and padded.

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You can test these headphones by connecting them to any device before you are going to purchase them. These headphones have the perfect bass sound, and if you listen to the music in full depth, you will feel the sound of thumping which will relax your mind while listening to the music.

Some songs have massive lows, and these headphones are reproducing them going deep in them. You will listen to the sound clarity when you are looking to music, and these headphones are an impressive gadget. I used them, and they were the fantastic product of the company comparing to last models.

If you listen to the song in the bass in mix mode, it will give the music a lot of smoothness which is also called a signature sound. You will feel every beat of the music if there is the use of drum in music. You will listen to the flattered audio in music, and this is the fantastic effect of noise.

The sound of the music always comes with a crisp which is fantastic for ears. The full bass sound of these headphones is precise and accurate with power. Some songs become heavenly with these headphones. The sound of these headphones is very rich, and everyone becomes in love with these headphones after listening to music.

Loops of drums are bright and delivered perfectly with these headphones. The sharpness of these headphones is meaningful in the high-mids. The sound of almost every music become enhanced with the help of these best bass headphones. You need to adjust the frequency of the song according to the type of music you want to listen.

Sometimes the frequency of songs become too high for the listener, and it is not bright for them also. But after the specific changes, you can easily listen to the songs. But it depends on the music and the listener of the music and after that frequency should be adjusted. I love over all every mode of these headphones.

The great instruments of these headphones are not suitable for ears, but if we talk about the average frequency, you will listen the much which is thick and rich. A very smooth vocal comes out of these headphones. Every detail of the song is remarkably enhanced in some modes of these headphones that is the reason every music lover want to have these headphones. Sometimes the mix of sub-bass is also good for ears.

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These are some of the specifications which will tell you more about these headphones and it will be easy for you to purchase them or not. You can also see them for comparison.

  • 1 Operating Principle Closed
  • 2 Weight without cable 270 g
  • 3 Sound coupling to the ear Circumaural (around the ears)
  • 4 Type of transmission Wired
  • 5 Remote Without remote
  • 6 Headphone Frequency Response 5-35,000Hz
  • 7 Nominal Sound Pressure Level 96 dB
  • 8 Article Number DT 770: Select options
  • 9 Colors Black and Grey colors
  • 10 Ear cups comfort Padded which are detachable.

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The exterior of these headphones is impressive with the best sound quality which makes them stand out from other models which were launched in the same year. These headphones will never disappoint you with the services they are offering. They are comfortable to wear for the most extended period which makes them different.

You can take them when you are traveling they can entertain you as long as your gadget is charged. These are wired headphones, and you cannot use them without wire. The exterior of these headphones is huge, but the weight is easy to carry. These headphones are robust and best in quality.

These headphones always come in the nylon bag which is for the protection, and you can carry the pouch with you when you are traveling around. This pouch makes them durable, and they can save from any damage. This is also one of the advantages of these headphones.

You can use these headphones for the recording in the studio, and this headphone is capable of doing this as compared to others. These headphones have the most powerful bass which makes it just perfect choice for those who love to listen to the songs.

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You cannot use these headphones with the Bluetooth attached to the mobile devices which look classy, and this is the reason these headphones look traditional if you are looking for a wired headphone you can purchase them other than that these headphones are your bad choice which will disturb you.

These headphones have the highly boosted bass which is not good for every listener, and every listener has to change the frequency of these headphones. Every listener cannot take these headphones due to this feature although these headphones are famous for playing music in the studio that is the specific need.

These headphones will look amazing without the cable and if you can attach them to every gadget. Other than that these headphones can give your ears a lot of comfort due to the cushioned ear cups.

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These headphones are very traditional, but they work best in the music studio which is the need of the users. These headphones are less expensive that is the reason you can easily afford them. You will never get disappointed with the reliability of these headphones. I have found them durable enough.

You should go for them if you are looking for a set with powerful sound. Designing of these headphones is also impressive and can easily take the attention of everyone. The sound balance of these headphones is also good, and you will listen to the smooth music through them after attaching them with any device.

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9.3 Total Score

These headphones are user-friendly and affordable in prices. These headphones are a good choice if you are a music lover. I have used them, and the sound quality is the best.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Professional
  • No Bluetooth
  • No wireless
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