Best Mouse for League of Legends – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One of the biggest hassles a gamer faces is choosing the right mouse. It may seem like a small thing but a gaming mouse plays a big role in a good gaming session. Whether you are a professional gamer or just play on the weekends, our best gaming mouse for league of legends guide will surely help you get an idea about the top gaming mice in the market.

A gaming mouse is different than a regular mouse so the features are quite important to pay attention while choosing the one for you.

Logitech G502 Proteus – Tunable Gaming Mouse

A pioneer in their field, Logitech is one of those companies which have been at the top of their game for a long time. The recent release of the Proteus Spectrum is an upgrade of the Proteus core with no major advancements. However, Logitech has done a great job in fixing some of the minor issues in the old model and perfecting a great product.

The design is one that should be appreciated as it accommodates players with a palm grip as well as a claw group, giving extra emphasis on the buttons. The new design incorporates 11 buttons with 3 button movements in the scroll wheel. The Proteus core has a free scrolling mode where the scroll wheel becomes easier to move around but become stiff as soon as you press the button.

Players using their palms for gaming may find the mouse a bit smaller for their liking while the mouse offers a nearly perfect design for claw players.

The software used in this Logitech series allows you to make 3 profiles for gaming. Not just that, the software even has the ability to scan your pc for games and create profiles according to the games you play automatically. Gamers can even choose the weight that they would like on the mouse.

The mouse has a compartment with small weights allowing you to optimize your experience. The buttons on the Proteus allow it to be a mouse with good accuracy and a better precision than other mice in the market. The high performing mouse goes well with all sorts of games with the button assigning feature making it easier for the gamer to customize their playing style.

The best mouse for league of legends, after careful scrutiny, has been concluded to be one of the best of its kind. However, the liftoff range for the mouse is somewhat low and Z-axis tracking fails to keep the cursor in the same place when you lift the mouse off the surface.
  • Effective buttons located efficiently
  • Optimized software with the option to customize the features
  • A sturdy scroll wheel with a great free scrolling mode
  • Weight adjustment feature

  • Not suitable for Palm Grip players
  • Less emphasis is given to the Z-axis tracking problem

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Redragon M801 Mammoth – Best Mouse for League of Legends

We all have seen how high quality always comes at a high cost. However, this is not the case with the Reddragon Mammoth. You would think that at such a low price, you would get a temporary fix which would be useless in a couple of days but that’s not true. The redragon gives you the complete package in this new design.

The ergonomics used in this masterpiece make it a great mouse for gamers. At first, it comes off as bulky and not the usual size but when you get a little used to it, you see that it is actually very comfortable. The mouse even has sides where you can rest your fingers in an intense gaming session. Even though the design boats great comfort, it should be noted that it prevents you from using the claw group in its full force meaning that it very clearly favors palm gripping gamers. Apart from that, the mouse is also not a very good option for left-handed players.

The mammoth also offers you variable weightage. With 8 increments, you can add 2.4 grams of weight to support the kind of gaming you like and enhance your experience. The mammoth, therefore, is great for all kinds of gaming and gives you a versatile edge over other such mice.

The mammoth comes only in a wired form which has its own advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, you can avoid having a low battery on your mouse while on the other hand, you have to deal with another wire on your desk.

This may not be preferred by people who like keeping their gaming stations tidy. The Mammoth also offers you 9 programmable buttons which can be customized according to your liking by the software.

The overall feel of the mouse is quite durable and in no way does it feel like a budget-friendly product. The buttons, however, needs some furnishing as they are somewhat slippery and make an annoying click noise.

One of the strongest features of the Mammoth is the software it employs. With this software, you can customize every bit of the mouse. From LED = to sensitivity to scroll speed and what not. You can basically create an experience from this software.
  • Accurate Laser sensing
  • Highly praised ergonomic design
  • Customizable

  • Favors right handed players
  • Switches are a bit sloppy

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Steel-Series Sensei RAW

The Steel Series have made many versions of the sensei. For this review, we will be looking at the Sensei RAW. The mouse is one of the few ambidextrous mice that have been successful in the market. The design is nearly perfect with a very simplistic yet aesthetic model which is suitable for both Claw grip players and palm grippers.

The mouse comes in both, glossy as well as the rubberized version. The glossy has issues with sweat accumulation but the rubberized version has worked exceptionally well. The mouse is also equipped with a number of buttons all placed conveniently on the sides. This means that one cannot accidentally push a button. In the case that you do push a button, you can disable the feature by setting up the options. The 7 buttons on the Sensei RAW are programmable through the software to cater to your specific requirements.

The Sensei RAW, carrying all these features, is extremely cheap and even after using the same switches and same sensors as its predecessors, is half the price.

Even though the SteelSeries has not worked considerably hard on illumination, meaning that you cannot change the colors as you desire, you can still make minor tweaks to the intensity of the simple white light on the palm of the mouse. The mouse has an SS3 Engine which makes it highly customizable.

Apart from the illumination, you can attribute changes to the buttons according to your liking. In game, reviews have portrayed the Sensei RAW to be performing way better than expected. The new budget buy is setting new standards in the world of cheap gaming equipment by using laser sensors that are a bargain at this price.

The scroll wheel is also a sturdy one. One would expect that being a cheaper version of a model, the company would use lower quality products but the Sensei RAW has proved us wrong.

  • Extremely comfortable for both kind of grippers
  • High performing product
  • Side buttons placed in an efficient manner
  • A complete bargain at this price

  • The illumination aspect of the mouse has been completely ignored

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Razer Death Adder Elite – Premium Gaming Mouse

Considered the apple of gaming equipment, there is no doubt that Razer is somewhat overpriced. The first version of the Death Adder came in 2006 and since then it has released few upgrades in this product. Razer has kept the concept and design similar to the old versions but has fixed a number of issues which make this mouse a great upgrade.

For starters, the Razer Death Adder has fixed a problem that seems present in most gaming mice. The Z-axis issue in which mice make random movements when lifted off the surface. The Razer Death Adder, however, does not make any movements when lifted more than 1mm.

Apart from the advances in technology, the Death Adder also has better display technology and by using the RGB lightning make gaming a better experience
  • Great Display
  • Better accuracy
  • Good delivery in performance
  • Ergonomic design

  • The model is the same as last year except for the addition of 2 buttons
  • The software requires the user to log in

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BenQ ZOWIE FK1 E-Sports – Optical Gaming Mouse

The FK1 from the Zowie series is unlike other gaming mice you see in the market. It does not have the flashing LED lights nor does it have a huge logo on the front. However, the product shows its worth in terms of the design and features which make it one of the best in the list.

One of the main characteristics of this mouse is the size. It falls in the middle size category although it claims to have a large structure. As compared to other gaming mice, it fits in in the moderate size list. The shape of the mouse is made in such a way that it does not favor right-handers over left-handers. Hence, left-handed gamers do not have to go through the hassle of finding a design that suits their style.

The buttons on the mouse are placed on the side which means that they do not interfere with your focus while you are in a gaming session. The buttons on the right have to be activated first so there is no way that you might accidentally click them. The FK1 has a beautiful black matte finish and have made the product in such a way that the grip is just right. Meaning, it is not slippery but is made to smoothly move in your hand

The design is relatively flat and might pose a bit of a problem for palm grip players as they would have to alter a bit of their grip to use the mouse in full flow. However, testers agree that by altering a bit of their grip, they could feel a better grip than the usual palm grip One of the annoying features in most mice is the click sound.

In the FK1, both, the right and the left click give you a smooth and crispy click sound which users find satisfying. The scroll works smoothly as well and makes hardly any annoying noises.

The buttons on the side are located in an efficient spot making the travel considerably less and also work like a charm without any weird clicking noises.
  • No software required. Only plug and play
  • Comes with an extra pair of feet
  • Dpi toggle

  • Scroll wheel could be smoother
  • click latency is high

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SteelSeries Rival 300 – Optical Gaming Mouse

For gamers who are new to the gaming industry, the mice with a long list of features and countless buttons may be overwhelming. To address this audience, the steel series rival 300 has done a great job. The rival 300 uses a minimalist design which is perfect for beginners and even for some professional players who prefer a simpler design.

The grip of the Rival 300 is better than most mice on the market. The design is made considering the comfort of the palm which provides the player with a more user-friendly experience. However, for longer sessions, this mouse may not be the best you can use as the surface tends to feel a bit sturdier than usual and may result in pain in the palm.

The two buttons and the scroll wheel have been made with extra consideration as the rubber used prevents your fingers from slipping.

The scroll wheel works very smoothly and aids in a more accurate shot. The buttons on the top are guaranteed to survive over 30 million clicks and give you a nice feel when you click on them. However, the case is not the same for the buttons on the side. You might even end up touching these buttons accidentally because of the unconventional location they have. The Rival 300 has worked tirelessly on their software and gives you a variety of customizable options.

The mouse can be customized for a number of color display modes such as the breathing mode or the constant mode. The colors can even be changed according to the situation in the game you are playing. Showing red when the player is weak and green when health is full. It is not entirely a very useful feature but then again, gives you a fair amount of customizing freedom.

Even though the mouse does not have extremely advanced functions, the interface made for customization is very easy to use. The dpi settings can be altered in the interface and for the sensitivity, there is a curve that can be adjusted according to your liking
  • Efficient layout
  • Handy design with comfortable gripping structure
  • User-friendly interface

  • Less bright illumination
  • Lacks a dpi indicator

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Mionix Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic – Optical Gaming Mouse

Mionix is widely known to give great consideration to comfortable designs and efficient layouts. Producing some of the best looking products, it is no surprise that they are listed with some of the most expensive and top companies producing gaming equipment. However, the company lags behind greatly in terms of software usage and need to upgrade their game if they want to be in the race for the top mice for gaming.

The Castor is one of the few mice that target the less frequently addressed claw grip players. Their superior designs have always been the star of the show with ergonomically studied designs which provide comfort and pain-free gaming. This specific mouse employs a spot for the thumb that is textured giving a nice smooth feel. The mouse has six buttons which are all in very efficient locations. The mouse buttons are programmable giving you the chance to optimize your experience.

The design features led lights on the scroll wheel and the palm rest area giving it a nice aesthetic look. Together with the comfortable design, one does not get bored of holding this mouse for hours.

When compared to its ancestors, the Castor has shown genuine improvement in terms of the software. However, when compared to high-end soft wares like razer’s synapse 2.0, the Mionix software does not even come close. The software employed in the Castor mouse is one that controls only the mouse making it a bit useless. Apart from that, the mouse is still pretty customizable with options to change the LED lighting and the dpi.

The dpi range being 100-10000 make it a competitor in the market. Mistakes in spelling make the software look pretty sloppy but it is necessary to note that all options are easy to use and complete their job. The mice have been tested with different kinds of games and it’s safe to say that the mouse performed very well for many different genres of games. Overall, the design of the mouse is great with the button layout proving to be very convenient. There are some minor issues with software but looking at the upgrade Mionix has made from their last model, we can expect better performance from the Castor.[/wpsm_tab]

Mionix has also put great emphasis on aesthetics and has made the illuminations exceptionally well.
  • Beautiful design
  • Performs exceptionally well in gaming
  • High dpi range

  • A bit expensive for the features it offers
  • Less features if compared to other company mice

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Roccat Kone XTD

The Roccat Kone has a very heavy price tag. However, for this price tag, it delivers more than what is necessary. The software and the design used in the Kone XTD outclass the majority of the mice that compete in the same league.

The design for the Roccat Kone gives you an edge over other mice. The dimensions are bigger than average and are suitable for both kinds of players, claw grippers and palm grippers. The mouse is also equipped with a space for the thumb and the fingers to give the user added comfort. This, along with a beautiful look justifies the cost of this product.

The Kone XTD has 12 buttons and while it is true that some of them may not be as useful as others, the ones that you will use most often are in a very convenient location on the mouse. The wheel scroll works perfectly and has buttons on either side. The side buttons are large and are easy to access for intense gaming sessions.

The Kone XTD employs four 5 gram weights so that you can use the mouse with different weights and optimize your experience. This feature cannot be found in most mice and is often overlooked.

The Kone XTD, however, has been on point with the variable weight feature. The software used for the Kone XTD is pretty admirable. A fairly simple one to use, the Kone software may be a thing of the past but it allows you to customize the mouse in any way you like.

You can change the dpi settings, sensitivity, and the illumination according to what you require. You can even make separate profiles on the mouse using the software. That way, you do not have to reset the settings if you decide to share the mouse with someone. The illumination aspect of the mouse is one that has not been given much consideration. The colors may or may not go well together even though the strips at the side give a beautiful feeling when used in mono color.

You can access your full skill bar with a touch of a single button
  • Beautiful Layout
  • Efficient software
  • Variable weights

  • Illumination is poor
  • Minor flaws in design

Buy Roccat Kone XTD Mouse now from Amazon

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CORSAIR Harpoon – RGB Gaming Mouse

The Corsair company has made a huge sacrifice in releasing a mouse with so many features at such an economical price. A mouse which boats a vast number of different settings and customizability does not come without a huge price tag. Thankfully, Corsair has made this a budget buy.

The design of the mouse feature a lightweight structure which feels sturdy as soon as you grab it. The sides have space to rest your fingers and thumb and give you the ultimate experience with the beautiful ergonomic design. The mouse also has a rubbery texture which gives the user a smooth feel.

The mouse has a bigger height than usual mice which make it perfect for players who use the palm grip. However, this does not mean that claw grippers have been overlooked. The mouse fits perfectly in a claw grip as well making it usable for any sort of player.

The mouse employs 6 buttons which are laid out in a very user-friendly structure. The buttons are all accessible and have customizable functions. A smart feature in the design is the space between the two mouse buttons, the right mouse button and the left mouse button on the top.

This does not have a technical importance, rather, it helps you clean up the dirt with more ease and keep the mouse in perfect condition. The Corsair has addressed one of the features that are missing from many mice in the same price range. The mouse has the features of onboard memory which means that settings can be saved on the mouse and you can plug it into a different pc without having to reset all the settings.

This saves you a huge time and enables you to perform on any PC with the same setting that you are comfortable with. The mouse generally works without any software but for what it is worth, you can install the Corsair software to customize the lightning and the dpi settings according to your needs. Because the mouse has a separate sniper setting and a button full attributed to it, there is no need to tweak the dpi settings. If you still require to customize the dpi settings, you can choose from 5 dpi levels ranging from 250 to 6000.

A mouse that quite frankly offers the complete experience, there is one thing that the Corsair lacks and that is a good illumination. The only lightning in this mouse is under your palm so you can not enjoy the lightning experience that is usually present in other mice.
  • Very budget friendly
  • Comfortable switches
  • Great layout

  • Lacks brightness adjustment
  • Max dpi can go to 6000 only

Buy CORSAIR Harpoon Mouse now from Amazon


After testing and reviewing some of the top gaming mice in the market, we have picked the one that we find the best of the best mouse for league of legends.

The Razer Death Adder Elite is the mouse that we fit our criteria for the most perfect product. A beautiful design, user-friendly software, and pleasant illumination make it our personal favorite. With such out of the league specifications, the decision to pick one mouse was not difficult at all.

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