Best Ceiling Speakers of 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One of the most innovative ways to decorate your house includes the installation of ceiling speakers. The speakers hardly take any space and give the house a very modern and customized feel. The ceilings are suitable for almost any part of your house. Be it your living room, kitchen, patio or even your bathroom. Even though the speakers do not really come in the line of vision, it is important to find a speaker which fits the design criteria that you want in your home. Ceiling speakers can also be installed in your office so that you can listen to some calm music in the breaks you take from work.

This article talks about some of the best ceiling speakers available in the market with all their features discussed so that you get to make an informed decision.

So, let us get on with our review on the best ceiling speakers.

Polk Audio RC80i 2-Way In-Ceiling/In-Wall Speakers

The audio Rc80i are one of the best ceiling speakers on sale right now. The fact that these beautiful speakers blend right in with the décor of the house isn’t the only thing that makes them so special. They are the complete package with very good quality audio so that you enjoy music without the hassle of arranging your furniture and making room for a huge speaker.

The speakers work exceptionally well with home theaters and give you a complete cinema experience in the comfort of your home. For a heavier impact on the audio, it is suggested that the speakers are installed on the ceilings rather than on the walls. This helps you avoid the annoying noise you get when music bounces off unevenly from different surfaces.


A defining feature of the speaker is that it does not matter where the speaker is situated in a room, the surround technology used why the speakers allow you to listen to the same high quality sound wherever you stand. This addresses a huge issue of the user where sounds tend to be different in different parts of the room, making the experience less enjoyable.

The speaker contains an 8 pinch dynamic balance which is surrounded by sturdy polymer cones for protection and amplification. The tweeter on the speaker is a 1inch ring with a movement that allows it to swirl. This is one breakthrough in ceiling speakers which adds to their functionality and make this product one of the best ceiling speakers. The speaker has a considerably large bass produced by the 8 inch bass woofer. The bass has a frequency of almost 35 Hz to 20k Hz. Because of this, you get to enjoy smooth music with all the components sounding crystal clear.

Another great feature of the RC80i is that it is easy to install. This is a problem faced by tons of users. A ceiling speaker is already a bit difficult to install because you have to place them in a certain position on the ceiling. With this speaker, you do not even have to worry about putting the speaker in a good location to optimize sound. You just have to see your convenience and install it wherever you feel like.

The process to install it is also very simple. All you have to do to install the Polk RC89i is cut a hole in the ceiling and drop in the wires. After that, the speakers rotating cams get to work and keep the speaker in a fixed position. Many speakers also pose an issue because of indecent colors. With the Polk RC89i, you do not have to worry because the product comes in a beautiful white color that goes well with the ceiling. Still, you have the option of painting the grill if you please.

The company has produced the speakers with materials which can withstand the harsh effects of moisture and rust. Hence, the speakers can be easily installed in bathrooms or even steam rooms for calm, peaceful music.
  • Very High definition sound
  • Material does not get ruined due to rust or moisture
  • Installation process is user friendly

  • Not very reasonable
  • The backside is open which may be an issue for a ceiling speaker

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Pyle PDIC60T

The Pyle PDIC60T is a very innovative and a budget friendly creation which has clearly made its way towards being a fan favorite. The lightweight design is made in a very elegant manner so that it looks classy on any kind of ceiling. When it comes to sound quality, the Pyle speaker gives you a very decent performance for a fraction of the price of other top of the line speakers. This is why we included this speaker in our list of best Ceiling speaker. You don’t need to listen to people telling you to go overboard and buy an extremely expensive speaker which gets you the same results. On top of that, you need experts to come in and fix these fancy ceiling speakers for you which is also inconvenient.

The speaker consists only of a single driver in the middle of the speaker. All the other technical bits of the speaker are all at the back. Thus, making it look better when decorated. The tweeter is not placed on the side like it usually is. Instead, the tweeter is placed on the sub-woofer in the front. The sound quality of the speaker has also impressed many people. For a reasonable and simple speaker model, the Pyle offers a very good quality sound with smoothness in all kinds of genres.

One of the main attractive features of this speaker is the fact that it is extremely easy to install. For other speakers, you need to drill holes and make compact spaces so that the speaker is held in place. That is because they have too much material on their speaker which makes it heavier and consumes more space. The Pyle, however, is lightweight and compact and can be easily installed in positions wherever you want.

Even though the sound quality is said to be good, the speaker does not perform perfectly. The position is one very important aspect which you will have to take care of because the surround technology doesn’t work like other high-end speakers.

Maximum power required by the speakers is 250 watts which means that the speaker have a pretty decent impact. Music on a loud volume can be enjoyed without lack of quality.

Pyle has created the speaker to start the frequency range from 65 Hz. This means that the speaker would be able to deliver a heavy bass line as well.
  • Price is very reasonable
  • Installation is easy
  • Sound quality is great

  • Non water resistant
  • Audio capability is not as advanced

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Polk Audio RC65i 2-Way In-Wall Speakers (Pair, White)

The Polk Audio have made another beautiful speaker which not only looks good but is also very affordable. The speakers come down to as low as $150 making these a great budget buy Apart from its low price, the speaker has a good audio standard which many other speakers fail to meet. The speaker comes in two sizes so you can choose the one which suits your house better.  The design team has worked considerably well because the aesthetic design of the speaker does not disappoint. Apart from the design, the team has also made sure that the material used is moisture resistant which makes this useable even in the washroom or a steam room.

The sound quality of the Polk RC65i is exceptional. This is why the speaker is often compared with its competitors that are 2-3 times more expensive. The sound is very smooth and you can distinguish the perfect audio because it is free of crackles. The low and high frequencies hit the bull’s eye because of the large mid-woofer. Apart from the woofer, the speaker also comes with another 1-inch speaker in the package.

The speaker is built with strong material which means that these can withstand some force. Apart from being durable, the fact that these speakers are made with moisture-free materials means that these can be installed literally anywhere. The installation process itself may be a bit tiring but for the smooth audio you can listen to, the process is worth it.

The speaker has used a high-quality woofer and driver to make sure that the highs and lows are reproduced perfectly. However, these are not the only things that need to be considered. The Polk speaker has also invested heavily in making sure the surrounding parts and the layering are good enough to withstand such heavy vibrations. The frequency of the driver ranges from 32 Hz to 20000 Hz which makes this a complete monster in terms of bass production. The music impact is definitely more than bargain for in the Polk RC65i.

The tweeter has a swivel attached to it which makes it convenient to change the position of the speaker according to your need. For a heavy impact of sound, you can point the tweeter towards you and enjoy some heavy music. Furthermore, you can position the speakers at different angles to make your own home theatre surround system.
  • Comes in at a very reasonable price
  • The sound is very smooth and clear

  • The process of installing the speaker is a bit tedious and may be tiring

Buy Polk Audio RC65i now from Amazon

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5252AC Silver Ticket In-Ceiling Speaker

The 525AC is another under rated product in our list of best Ceiling speakers. Producing sound which may not be as good as the sound produced by its competitors, the speaker still gives you a good value for money. A decent quality of music along with an aesthetically pleasing design makes this one of the best options if you are looking to add some audio décor in your house.

One of the defining features for this speaker is that the company released a number of speakers with the same exterior but with different structures. This was made to address the different kinds of ceilings so that the speaker can be set up without much hassle. This means that for a reasonable price, you can install almost 10 speakers in different positions in your house. The speaker also works great if you use them in a production studio. The sound quality would be compromised but with some simple audio tools, you can turn these into high performing speakers.


The driver, tweeter and the subwoofer, all come to combine to form a decent sound which keeps the bass in a smooth area and reproduce sound to keep the midrange, highs and lows, to avoid interrupting each other. The result is some smooth music which is a complete bargain for this price.

The speaker is rated at a power of 80 watts which means that it considerably impacts full and this too without damaging any parts inside. Along with a dome tweeter which can be swirled to face the direction you want it to face. It is safe to say that the speakers are highly customized able and address the needs of a common audio user efficiently.

For music enthusiasts who do not mind spending a higher amount on audio systems, this speaker would not be the greatest suggestion. The music quality does not automatically hit the right note. Rather, you have to make some tweaks to get the sound that you are looking for.

Another great feature of this speaker is the incredibly beautiful design. For affordable speakers such as these, you get a very basic design that does not look very suitable for house ceilings. However, the producers of this speaker have spent a generous time in the workshop to create an elegant design which blends in with any sort of ceiling. Adding on to that, the minor parts at the back of the speaker allow you to fix them wherever you want.

The circle on the woofer is made of a material which helps it to produce a deep bass line. However, it is advised that you do not go lower than 50 Hz on this speaker to avoid any damage.
  • The package includes template and hooks making it convenient for users
  • Beautiful design

  • The lows lack good quality sound.

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Yamaha NS-IW280CWH 6.5″ 3-Way In-Ceiling Speaker System

Established as one of the pioneers of the music industry, Yamaha is one of the oldest names to be producing the magic of sound. Functioning for almost longer than a century, Yamaha has made its name by adding great value to the audio business which they started in 1974. These Yamaha Ceiling speakers are the proof you need to understand the great legacy of this company and how they have used great minds in perfecting what they already did best.

The tweeters on the speakers can be adjusted according to the way you want. For very impactful sounds, you can direct them towards yourself and you will be in for a beautiful collection of highs, lows and midrange audio.

Sound as clear as crystal, the Yamaha NS Ceiling speaker is one of the best ceiling speakers in the market. The speakers offer very high performance with a 6.5-inch woofer and two 0.75 inch dome tweeters. With these specifications, the Yamaha has defined what bass is all about. No matter the genre of the music, there is always high-quality sounds surrounding you in the comfort of your home or office because this speaker gives you what you bargained for.

The design of this speaker is not very appealing and does not hit you with the aesthetics. The speakers come in a template where all speakers are fitted. For people who value design over everything else. This may not be the best product.

However. Yamaha has been known to give less emphasis on the looks and more on the performance. The same works for this speaker, it may not look very elegant, but the design is long lasting and very useful if you want to add in more speakers to the template.

The installation process for the speakers may be a little tiring. Because of the large woofers on the product, it requires that you dig a hole that is almost 10 inches into the ceiling The wires can be passed from in between the walls to connect the speaker.

It is suggested that when setting up the speakers, you handle the product with care. The delicate template may be damaged if you apply too much force on it. The grills on the speaker are at the risk of bending. Apart from this, the installation process can be done in almost half an hour.
  • Speakers can be added into the template so the speaker is customize able
  • Very smooth sound and good range of frequency
  • A heavy bass

  • Not as good as the other speakers in the market as front end speakers

Buy Yamaha NS-IW280CWH now from Amazon

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Yamaha NSIC800WH

One of the pioneers in the business, Yamaha has been in the audio production since 1974 and manages an experience of more than a 100 years. The sound that Yamaha engineers in all their speakers whether cheap or expensive have not a considerable difference. This is a company that goes out of the way to produce a high-quality sound and makes sure that it upgrades its technologies to find newer and better ways to reproduce Audio. The new NSIC800 is proof of how they have used innovative ways to add value to their already beautiful sound.

The design of the speaker is very simplistic. Yamaha has a history of giving less emphasis to the design and giving extra concern to the quality of the sound that it produces. The speaker contains a horn-shaped acoustic baffle which creates a very clear and crisp sound. This is proof of how Yamaha upgrades on their technologies and finds new ways to optimize the experience of the user. The speaker has a PP mica cone woofer and is lined with a material that can withstand the vibrations of the speaker. This ensures that the insides of the speaker do not get damaged.

Yamaha has made the speaker in a way that makes the installation process very convenient. Most of these speakers require experts for installation. For this speaker, you only have to cut a hole in the ceiling with the template provided in the box and put the speakers in place. You can easily secure the speakers in one position by tightening the screws.

It is understandable that Yamaha never spends too much effort on design. However, in a time where most of the speakers use great technology for sound quality and put emphasis on the looks of the speaker as well, Yamaha should consider working on an elegant design as well. The speakers are installed in the ceilings and if they do not blend in with the surrounding décor of the house, half the reason to install ceiling speakers is lost.

To make up for their lack of aesthetics, Yamaha gives you the option to paint the grill of the speaker. This is especially convenient for people who like customization as they can now color the grill of the speakers any way they like and add a personal touch to the speaker as well.

The speaker also contains a back cover which helps to prevent accumulation of dust. This is very important because if installed in a dusty place, the speakers might get effected by the dust and stop working.
  • Very beautiful sound
  • The installation process is easy and user-friendly
  • The speakers are durable

  • Design in poor
  • Not moisture resistant

Buy Yamaha NSIC800WH now from Amazon

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JBL SP6CII 2-way, Round 6.5″ In-Ceiling Speaker

JBL has recently gained lots of followers because of their quality of products. Offering beautiful designs along with strong audio performance, JBL provides a user with almost every aspect of a great audio experience. The SP6CII is one such product that gives you all you require in a speaker and is definitely one of the best ceiling speaker available right now.

The speaker contains a 0.5-inch titanium laminate low-frequency woofer which boasts an impressive bass line. The lining of titanium protects the speaker from getting damaged due to the heavy vibrations. The tweeter is also made of a titanium laminate and offers you a very clear sound without any fluttering. The speaker is rated at the power of 80 watts which is reasonable to handle a smooth and crystal clear output.

The speaker, even after a very good design, offers you the option to make changes to the look of the speaker. The grille is removable which means that you can paint it whatever colour you like. This helps to ensure you that the speakers blend into the surroundings.

The speaker uses a technology called Elliptical Oblate spheroidal waveguide which eliminates the need to make sweet spots for music. With this technology, the room is completely immersed in the audio from the speaker and no matter where you sit, you will experience the music completely.

Another great feature of the speaker is that it is easily installed able. This is one feature that is necessary for any company looking to make the best ceiling speaker. They need to make the lives of the user easier by making a convenient installation process. JBL does exactly that because the only requirement to install this speaker is to cut a hole in the ceiling with a template which is provided in the box.

The titanium laminate tweeter of the speaker makes sure that the sound is crystal clear. The reproduced sound has high frequency and works fine even at higher volume levels. This feature is one that differentiates this speaker from other speakers in our list of Best Ceiling Speakers.
  • Horn shaped woofer technology
  • The installation process is simple
  • Not that expensive

  • Design could be made better

Buy JBL SP6CII now from Amazon

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Klipsch CDT-5800-C II In-Ceiling Speaker

One of the pioneers of the business. The Klipsch Company has been in the audio production business for so long that there is no way a product from this company would not make it to the list of best ceiling speakers. The materials they use in all their products are some of the best that you can find which deliver very high performance. The CDT 5800 comes with a heavy price tag. However, for music enthusiasts, this number is justified because of the sound quality that this speaker offers. The CDT-5800 is definitely one of the best ceiling speakers available right now.

The speaker has a diameter of 9.5 inches and is lined with titanium and ceramic materials this is done to guarantee the speakers long lasting durability and performance. For sounds that deliver heavy bass, a speaker needs to have a considerably strong material on it to avoid it from getting damaged because of the heavy vibrations. A great feature of the speaker is that it is adaptable. The speaker adapts to the difference in an environment which means that it can withstand heat and moisture easily. Because the speaker works fine in any kind of environment, you can even use these in the kitchen, bathrooms or even steam rooms for a nice relaxing time.

The magical audio from the Klipsch exists because of the high-quality technology used in making the speaker. The speaker is equipped with Horn-Loaded Technology and Controlled Dispersion technology. This enables the speaker to produce amazing quality sound with very smooth highs and lows.

Another great feature of the speaker is the swivel. The swivel enables you to change the position of the speaker easily to optimize your experience. The speaker offers a 100 degree swivel dispersion, a feature you find in hardly any speaker. The woofer can be rotated 360 degrees and can be tilted to almost 15 degrees. The option to change positioning of your speaker lets you add a bit of creativity of your own. The weight of the speakers is almost 6 pounds making them reasonably light weight and easy to handle.

The speaker can be mounted in the ceilings easily. One of the most difficult aspects of buying an in ceiling speaker is that you have to take time out to install them into place. With this speaker, all you have to do is create a space of almost 5 inches inside the ceiling and put in the speaker.
  • Audio performance is very high quality
  • The technology used makes the sound very clear and smooth
  • A compact and aesthetic design which blends into its surroundings
  • Installation is considerably easier

  • An expensive model
  • Does not come with a user-friendly operating manual.

Buy Klipsch CDT-5800 now from Amazon

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Pyle 8” 4 Bluetooth Flush Mount In-wall In-ceiling 2-Way Speaker

A great way to add a home surround system to your home theater is by using these Bluetooth Pyle speakers. The quality provided by these in-ceiling speakers comes without emptying your pockets. Apart from being extremely affordable, they’re also great quality. When you install the Pyle speaker pair, you’re going to notice just how crisp and clear the sound is, giving you an experience that you will value, whether you’re listening to music or using the speakers for a home theater system. Pyle has clearly made its way to our list of Best Ceiling Speakers.

The package for this product also includes a wireless remote control. With this remote controller, you can conveniently skip through music tracks and you can also use it as a sound processing digital amplifier. The best thing about this speaker is the connectivity. Adding the Bluetooth feature clearly makes it one of a kind and makes the process far more efficient. The device can be connected to mobiles and tablets. Not just that. With a smart TV, you can connect your television directly to the speaker and enjoy home theater with this speaker.

The speaker is equipped with a polymer tweeter which reproduces sound in very high quality. You will not feel that the sound has any interruptions or any other distortions in their sound. The device is also lined with rubber edges to ensure that the speaker does not get damaged with the vibrations of heavy bass.

A great feature of this product that makes it suitable to be one of the best ceiling speakers is that it is very easy to install. Many speakers in this category are very difficult to mount on walls and ceilings. Thankfully, for this speaker, you only have to dig a small hole in the ceiling and put the speaker in. the structure allows it to stay in place ensuring safety to the process. Adding to this, the speakers are also moisture resistant, which makes them useable in bathrooms and steam rooms as well.

The speakers are exceptionally powerful and have a power rating of 250 watts. For a speaker this compact, that is a big number. Accompanying this specification is the frequency range which is 50 Hz to 20000 Hz. This means that the speaker performs relatively well in low ranges. Weighing in at almost 5 pounds, this speaker has the specifications which make it a must buy.

Another thing about this speaker which makes it wonderful is that it is environment-friendly. That is something is hardly any company’s motive but Pyle has done a great job in promoting a healthy environment and making their product in such a way that it benefits the user and does not damage the environment.
  • Durable design
  • Moisture resistant
  • Reasonable price

  • Installation is technical

Buy Pyle 8” 4 Bluetooth Flash now from Amazon


The list of Best Ceiling speakers has many great products which offer different varieties of design. The one speaker that we believe earns the title of the Best Ceiling speaker is the JBL SP6CII. The speaker offers great sound quality along with a convenient installation. On top of that, the price is reasonable for the quality of music that it provides. In our opinion, this is the best ceiling speaker in the market right now.

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