Best Bookshelf Speakers under $1000 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Bookshelf speakers have long been the heart of the party. Offering good quality with a nice homely look, these best bookshelf speakers have really changed the audio business. Some of the best speakers in the market come at a very reasonable price and are often the perfect size for your home not only as speakers but even as a nice decoration piece.

So, without wasting any more time, we will now be looking at some of the best bookshelf speakers under $1000 and analyze which one is the best from this list.

Edifier R1280T – Powered Bookshelf Speakers

One of the masters in the business, Edifier has proved with their amazing products that they do not hold back on quality and are definitely contenders for the top spot. The company recently acquired TRAX which is a best headphones manufacturer and a fairly advanced one as well. Using technologies from the company that they acquired and a decent amount of research done on their own, the Edifier has released R1280T. These best bookshelf speakers under $1000 are versatile and a complete package for music enthusiasts.

A unique feature in this model from Edifier is that they have given less importance to the design of the speaker. The MDF in this speaker can only be found on the sides and the overall structure is made from plastic which saved them greatly in production costs. However, even though the material used is plastic, the material is pretty good and still has a good feel to it. The speaker has grills as well which keep it safe from dust and pets. The color of this speaker is one that bends in very nice in your home. It is actually very rare to see bookshelf speakers that are silver in color but the Edifier has done an immaculate job of making a product that is simple as well as beautiful.

A rare feature of the structure of this speaker is that the tweeter is placed on the side. This is done to make space for a front firing port for powerful music.

The speakers are equipped with a 4-inch drive along with a 0.5inch tweeter. The tweeter is contained in an enclosure which works as a waveguide as well. The speakers throughout their performance are very powerful speakers and do not suck in a huge chunk of power. The combined power rating for the speaker is 42 watts meaning that each unit is cable of a power rating of 21 watts. Something which the Edifier has slacked off in is the wire cables. The cables need to be replaced right away because f the poor performance as they make interferences in the audio. These interferences are sometimes reported as a problem in the speaker while actually, the problem is just the faulty cables.

The Edifier takes a very strong stance in terms of performance. The speaker is very versatile and handles treble, the midrange, lows, and bass very well. The treble sounds smooth and clear with the help of the small yet high-quality tweeter. The midrange and the lows are also very clear in all kinds of audio. The volume for the Edifier is also considerably huge if the size of the speaker is considered. The speaker does make some issues with the lower frequency ranges. The speaker also sometimes makes issues with the bass performance but then again, at this price, such a versatile speaker is allowed to have some issues.

The bass for this speaker is said to be low in quality. However, the compact size of the speaker allows only for that small thump of air as bass which should be enough for a normal audio experience
  • A unique and beautiful design
  • Reasonable price range
  • Good power rating for a compact size speaker

  • The wire cables are very low quality
  • Bass range needs to be upgraded

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Pioneer SP-BS22-LR – Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers

Definitely not a very strong contender because of the many deficiencies in the quality. However, the simplistic and minimalist design of the pioneer SP BS22 has a feel of its own and that is why we count in our list of best bookshelf speakers under $1000. Apart from all that, the speakers come at a very reasonable price so they will definitely go easier on your pocket as compared to some of the bookshelf speakers you find in this list.

The Pioneer Company has considerably ignored the design aspect of the speaker. There is no fancy finishing nor is there any aesthetics involved. Rather, the company has solely focused on performance. The cabinets lack a baffle at the front and are made with MDF. The design has however addressed one need of the general public which is the size of the speaker. One could easily consider these as compact speakers because of their elegant size. To be as suitable as can be to any sort of environment, the company made the SP BS22 in a glossy black vinyl. That way, you can literally put the speaker in any corner of your house and it will feel like home.

Although the simplistic model may be sophisticated for some but for us, these feel way too simple to be bookshelf speakers. While it is true that the speakers do have a classy look to it, it cannot be ignored that other bookshelf speakers in the market go the extra mile to make their speakers look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

The pioneer SP BS22 equip a 4-inch woofer with a structure surface and magnets which may be a bit too large for the woofer. The tweeters are placed conveniently at the top and are also in a compact size. The SP BS22 performs at a rating of 80 watts of power which, considering the size of the whole thing, is close to a miracle. The shape of the cabinets are also different. Instead of the usual boxy exterior, pioneer has made a curved enclosure which adds a little style to the speakers. The speaker also equips a 6 element complex crossover which the whole speaker is centered around. The crossover helps to make a substantial impact on the sound being outputted from the speaker.

The SP BS22 has most definitely set the precedent for the best bookshelf speakers under 1000 coming in at this price range. The crossover technology employed in the Pioneer speaker helps to smoothen out all the highs and lows in the audio. The treble, mids, and lows all make a perfect transition among themselves to make the perfect blend of audio.

One drawback of the Pioneer SP BS22 is the problem with its bass. The bass response from the speaker is somewhat limited which maybe limits the experience of the music. But overall, this product does a good job at delivering quality at a reasonable price.
  • The quality of the clarity between ranges is commendable
  • A very smooth blend in the mids, lows and the treble
  • Very reasonable and delivers good performance

  • Bass range is very limited

Buy Poineer SP BS-22-LR now from Amazon

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Audioengine A5 + Wireless Bookshelf Speakers

Audioengine is a company started by two entrepreneurial minds about 10 years ago. The two young audio enthusiasts have since then released many audio products which are now considered one of the finest in the market. The new speakers from their range, the A5 belong in the list of top best bookshelf speakers under $1000 that you can buy.

The Audioengine A5 is a 2.0 powered bookshelf style speaker which has two kinds of inputs. A wireless one as well as a digital optical input. These inputs can be found on the left speaker which makes it easier for you to connect them to your laptop, smartphone etc. the box also has separate grills that you can use to keep the speakers safe from dust, children, and pets. The speaker has a Bluetooth that is tested a lot and works exceptionally well every time. The Bluetooth did not fall out one time during the testing session and worked like a charm. Furthermore, the speaker was comfortable playing different genres of music ranging from jazz to rock and hip-hop.

To cater to all kinds of audiences, the Audioengine Company has made Bluetooth as well as a wired solution. The speaker has an audio jack and all other wiring is packaged in the box making it very easy to use either of the two, Bluetooth and wired systems.

The speaker has a power rating of 150 watts which make it a considerably powerful speaker. The speakers, both, have two drivers along with a 1inch tweeter and a 5.5 inch Kevlar woofer making it a complete package for all audio enthusiasts. The speaker handles a decent amount of low-frequency audio going as low as 50hHz. The rear part of the speaker has the feature of releasing smooth bass and the best thing about this is that it actually works, unlike in many other big speakers.

The speaker works beautifully with any kind of music involved. This is by far the defining feature of any speaker and the audioengene A5 has truly set a standard for other speakers to replicate. The drivers used in the A5 allow the speaker to resonate with the quality of the acoustic sound and resonate it perfectly from the speaker’s sounds.
  • Very smooth sounds with distinguishing quality
  • Beautiful simplistic design

  • Lacks a bit on the energy spectrum

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Edifier R2000DB – Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier has been a huge company in the audio business for almost 20+ years. The company started with a group of people who had a passion for music and wanted to replicate the magic of live music to speakers in such a way that it felt original. The company has seen tremendous success and is now making home theatre units, bookshelf speakers and many other audio systems.

The R2000DB incorporates a beautiful design along with some very advanced features. The speaker comes perfectly in the bookshelf range with 5-inch alloy bass drivers and a 25mm tweeter. The speaker has a polish finish and has textured surfaces on all sides. One of the top features of the speaker is the low resonance MDF cabinet along with sophisticated Digital Signal Processors.

The DSP based dynamic range of the speaker allows it to prevent the distortion and helps to keep the distortion levels at 0.3%. Furthermore, the DRC of the speaker has features which help you control the loudness. A separate classic mode offers you to go completely old school as well. Therefore, the speaker gives you considerable freedom to choose the way you want the audio to be.

One of the advantages for this speaker is that the packaging contains most of the necessary wires and additional instruments that you might require. The package has 2 types of wires and even an infrared control remote. The remote has all features that you might need to use so it gives you the whole package without the hassle of having to stand up from your chair to change the settings or simply pause the audio.

The sound quality of the R2000DB is a complete bargain at this price. The sound is extremely clear and the quality matches that of an acoustic sound. The DRC, however, is the main winner for the R2000DB. With this feature, you can listen to the audio and optimize it according to the way you want it to sound. The control works best for newer recordings as they have settings for you to change the bass, treble and other features of the audio. For older recordings such as Pink Floyd, it is better to leave the DRC function disabled and enjoy the old school music in its original glory.

The dispersion of sound is pretty good if you place the speakers in the correct position. The best position for this is an equilateral triangle with the tweeters placed at your ear level. You can tweak the positioning a little bit to get that perfect sound.
  • Very versatile in terms of the sound
  • Defining bass
  • Beautiful design

  • Thin Cables
  • Glossy finish looks a bit sloppy

Buy R2000DB now from Amazon

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KEF Q100 Bookshelf Loudspeakers – Rosewood (Pair)

KEF is one of the biggest companies in the market producing high-end bookshelf speakers. The company has taken great care of tradition and still work on the philosophy of the founder of the company, Raymond Cooke. Instead of working to create a highly sellable model or an expensive product, Cooke worked tirelessly to create a design that did justice to the music. Till now, the company values the work of Cooke and uses new technologies and science to make breakthroughs in the world of sound.

The structure of the KEF is Q100 is the top feature that we will be talking about. The company has paid extra focus on making a compact design which performs its job perfectly. This also explains the slogan for the product which is “Good things come in small packages and we concur”. The device uses a uni-q driver array for its functions which help it to create the same sound in the room no matter where you put the speaker. The driver maximizes the frequency spectrum in order to keep the resonance balanced.

One advantage of having this technology in the speaker is that it can easily take over the room. Whether it’s a party or you listening to a symphony, the sound from the speaker creates a trance of its own.

The Q100 comes in a variety of colors. You can get it in rosewood, Black Oak, white and American walnut. The speaker is almost a foot tall which makes this perfect as a bookshelf speaker. The speaker isn’t too big so as to feel overpowering the décor of the house. The pair of speakers, therefore, provide a homely feel to your living room or home theater. The speaker offers a clear treble, mid and low range making this speaker a joy to listen with the sound crystal clear.

The Q100 has a blade that is created solely for this model. The dome tweeter in the speaker also offers a sound that minimizes distortion to an all-time low.
  • A very strong bass considering the size of the speaker
  • Produces great sound overall

  • Gold plated plugs don’t work well with the terminals

Buy KEF Q100 now from Amazon

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Klipsch R-15M – Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

Klipsch is a company known to make sophisticated speakers which are engineered to give you an efficient audio system. The traditional design of this speaker with a wooden look and the signature copper spun woofer adds to the value of this great product, making it one of the competitors for the top spot in the list of best bookshelf speakers under $1000. So let us look at some of the features that make the R-15M one of the finest in the market.

One of the top features of the R-15M is its beautiful design. Klipsch has yet again managed to produce a speaker which not only sounds great but uses an exterior that gives a calm sophisticated feel. The device uses a centerpiece that has an injected graphite molded woofer which adds a good amount to the quality of the speaker. The speaker is also very lightweight as well as sturdy at the same time. This means that the speaker, on top of using less power, performs better because it has the specifications to handle distortion even with a smaller frame.

It is a small feature to consider but the branding on the R-15M is pure class. The small logo between the woofer and the tweeter makes the product look extremely elegant along with the pure black body finishing.

A linear travel suspension is accommodated in the speaker which helps to minimize the distortion. Together with the technologically upgraded copper spun woofer, maximum power efficiency is achieved for a very powerful performance. Apart from that, the tractrix horn technology, recently developed by the Klipsch company is also equipped in the R-15M to deliver a high performing top end.  Even though the speakers come in a smaller size than usual, the company has managed to make the sound similar to those of much larger speaker. The smaller size helps you fit the speaker in more convenient places. Moreover, the size strictly comes under the bookshelf speakers gracefully.

The timbre of the Klipsch speakers has remained high in quality. Even with a smaller and much cheaper product, the company has not compromised on the natural feel of the sound from the speaker. Compatible with all genres of audio and music, the R-15M has performed exceptionally well on the sound tests. Even though the size is small, the speaker does not hold back in its bass performance and kicks out a heavy quality of bass.

The device is truly powerful but what makes it a good defining product is that it does not overpower its sound. The mixture of the audio tunes out to be very smooth and not distorted at all.
  • Aesthetic design
  • Very easy to set up
  • Not huge in size

  • The amplifier may not be as powerful as you would like in a party

 Buy Klipsch R-15M now from Amazon

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ELAC Uni-fi UB5 Bookshelf Speaker (Black, Pair)

Claimed by some as the best speaker you can get for $500, the Uni fi UB5 has generated quite an audience with the new best bookshelf speakers under $1000. The speakers are an all-rounder and tick off most of the requirements an enthusiast would have. Along with a great sound, the product also offers a very simplistic design which would be suitable for any household.

The UB5 are extremely heavy. Coming in at 16.5 pounds each, setting them up takes some real muscle. The design for the UB5 is similar to the traditional ELAC speaker styles. The 1-inch tweeter is set inside the midrange driver which is made in a circular positioning. The silver inlay of the drivers produces a lavish, eye-pleasing look. The box also includes a pair of grills to make it look even more aesthetic as well as keep it safe from children and pets. The MDF cabinets contain some sort of internal bracing which helps to minimize vibration. The cabinets have a black vinyl finish which is basically one of the small setbacks.

The speakers are also available in a walnut finished looking as well as a slimmer design incorporating black and white sides. The price for those, however, goes to almost $750.

The UB5 has been produced by one of the pioneers of the business, Andrew Jones. The man is a legend in the audio business and is known to make affordable speakers with a great sound. The power rating for the speakers comes in at 140 watts which is pretty reasonable considering the size of the speakers.

The Uni-fi has been credited many times as one of the smoothest speakers in the market. The UB5 does in no way disappoint. The audio produced by these giant speakers work great with music as well as more detailed sounds in movies. The drivers in the speakers are made in such a way that sounds are recognized before the output and replicated in a way that makes them feel original. The speakers work fine with your existing amp and lower quality specs, but if connected with some hefty amplifiers, the UB5 can truly show you what they have got.

Throughout the testing, the speakers clearly show why they earn such high praises. The different sounds such as bass guitars or cymbals were exceptionally clear meaning you could clearly distinguish between the sounds because of the quality of the sound coming from the speaker. For many, jazz music has turned out to be the best audio you can listen to on this device.
  • The treble, mids, and lows were clearly distinguishable
  • Very reasonable price
  • A sturdy high-quality bass

  • The vinyl finish on the speakers does not make them look as sophisticated as they could have been

Buy ELAC Uni-fi UB5 now from Amazon

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Klipsch RP-150M Bookshelf Speaker – Cherry (Pair)

Klipsch has been one of the pioneers or the audio industry. The founder of the company was considered one of the few people who revolutionized the way speakers were built. Employing an approach which used physics and the science of sound to make the speakers work perfectly. The horn technology that the company has been using since their inception has been greatly upgraded with the help of technology and now they have released one of the finest bookshelf speakers and that too in a very reasonable price.

The new RP-150m equips a horn which can be seen from its dimensions. The dimensions are larger than a contemporary speaker as it contains a massive woofer and a new high-frequency horn. The design also has drivers which are lined with rubber because they contain angled baffles that are towards the inward side of the speaker. The rubber used helps to hide all the small nuts and bolts of the speaker and also to minimize the high-frequency resonance.

The thing which makes the RP-150m an eye catcher is its look. The product is available in cherry or ebony, which both come with a matte black plinth. The beautifully assembled speaker looks great in a home theater setting as well as a speaker in the living room. Without a doubt, an eye-catching exterior.

The baffles are covered by a magnetic fabric cover to protect the speaker from dust particles. The covers show an aesthetic logo of the Klipsch Company. All the technical wiring and inputs are located at the back so that when you wall mount the speaker, the small wires coming out of the speaker do not make it an unpleasant site.

The speaker works like a charm with any kind of music. Be it rock, orchestras, pop or symphony. The newly employed technology makes the sound of the RP-150M as natural as possible. The speaker sounds even better with more acoustic songs with the sound of the guitar feeling like a live performance.

The speaker has a fixed setup strategy which helps to optimize the sound for the audience. To set up the speaker, you need to put it in a triangular position and the tweeters to be held up at ear level. For the perfect experience, it is advised to not set it up near a wall.
  • Strong sound with very good quality
  • Does not need too much power

  • Size is not very suitable for a bookshelf speaker
  • Needs to be set up with too much care to perform optimally

Buy Klipsch RP-150M now from Amazon

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Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 – Best Bookshelf Speaker Under $1000

With the introduction of the Atmos technology, the whole audio system business changed course. The new technology considerably upgraded the audio listening experience and most of the companies producing speakers started incorporating the Atmos technology in their speakers. One of these was Pioneer which produced the Elite SP EBS73, individually designed by Andrew Jones. The service was so great that Jones, himself, came to the buyer’s house to help fit in the speaker and assist with the placement. The speaker works so fine that it would be considered a great buy even if it did not have the Atmos-enabled technology.

The pioneer Elite uses a Coherent source Transducer driver along with 41-inch tweeter. The driver and the tweeter are conveniently placed in the same areas which help to keep the sound in a single flow. This means that you will not find a slight delay in the audio because the sound travels from the same part of the speaker.

The atmos enabled speakers to result in a substantially better sound overall along with another benefit. The tweeter and the driver are very similar meaning that sound traveling from both the parts are identical thereby enhancing your experience.

One of the top services provided by Pioneer with the speakers was that Andrew Jones came to you to assist in the setup of the speaker. The speaker had two bookshelf, two towers, a center channel, and a subwoofer. The reason why Andrew jones presence is important while setting up is that connecting all the channels with each other is a difficult task and a professional being there helps a lot. The speaker also has grills on it for added protection. However, taking them off resulted in a huge improvement in sound. The installation of the speakers is a bit difficult because you need 2 separate cables for the speakers as they are independent units. Other than that, the procedure is basic.

The best part about the Pioneer Elite is obviously the Atmos. The system is a treat for the ears, helping to maximize sound even for small details. The system performs best when you are listening to calmer sounds like the rustling of leaves or raindrops. However, most of the movies nowadays have reduced the margin for you to enjoy the Atmos because of the blend of sounds of thunder and lightning, it becomes difficult to observe where the Atmos plays its part.

Apart from the not so deep bass, the speaker does a wonderful job of replicating music as well. The audio sounds natural making it a good speaker even without the Atmos. With this speaker, Pioneer has given the audience a 2-in-1 product which works great as a music system as well as a home theater to watch movies.
  • Size is not too big so easy to accommodate
  • The atmos enabled feature works like a charm for movies that are made for atmos
  • Music delivery is great too

  • The subwoofer could be made better
  • The finishing lacks the aesthetic sense

Buy Pioneer Elite SP-EBS73 now from Amazon


While all the entries in this article for the speakers are truly some of the best in the market, there is one speaker which we feel has trumped all. The Pioneer Elite has to be one of the best from this list of great speakers because the Atmos-enabled sound system gives it a substantial edge over other systems. Individually designed by Andrew Jones, this speaker is the winner from this list of best bookshelf speakers under $1000 that you can buy.

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