9 Best Bass Headphones – Reviews & Buyer’s Exclusive Guide

Are you in the market for the best bass headphones available, however, are overwhelmed with the measure of decision out there? In this guide, we will improve the way toward choosing the best bass earphones for your particular requirements.  We have taken a look at what the market brings to the table and have to make a review of the 9 best headphones in the best bass classification.

We have attempted to source the best items crosswise over 3 diverse value classes.  This empowers you to choose the item that best matches your financial plan. You’ll see that we have discovered extraordinary headphones for every class with more costly alternatives.  It would be unfortunate if after buy you didn’t get a particular outline component of the earphones.  We are here to enable you to settle on the correct decision on your first attempt.
The best bass earphones probably won’t be an item that is appropriate for everybody.  You may think about whether this kind of item is for you.  Hence, we bring up the best sorts of purchasers that can profit the most from the loud bass.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Best Bass Headphone

The Audio Technica ATH M50xBL is the most recent model of the M50 line of earphones. You may make the inquiry what is the distinction between the XBL release of the earphones contrasted with the other M50x’s. The BL just stands for blue. The M50’s are widely praised and furthermore a near consistent decision of best earphones inside its value run.

The M50’s are around-the-ear, shut back, collapsing, separation earphones. It accompanies the alternative of 2 straight ropes or a curled rope.

Inside the bundle, you additionally have a Naugahyde sack to keep it everything together when voyaging. The string is enclosed by thick protecting and is amazingly smooth to the touch.

The shading plan is to a great degree appealing, intense, and in your face.
For reasons unknown, I feel like these are the Avengers version of earphones. From its looks, Audio Technica got the reminder that strong hues are in for earphones.

I don’t know whether we’ll see a Lime Green variant of the earphones, yet this shading and the highly contrasting ones are elegantly done.

Sound Technica truly did not pull any punches with the m50’s development, the earphones are strong and durable.

The containers on the ear are rich, rich delicate cowhide, that tenderly rests around your ears.

The band on top has a pad that may foul up your hair, yet keeps the listening knowledge charming. the earpieces both flip more than 180º so you can hear out of one ear autonomously and, each burden additionally turns 90º so every earpiece can be collapsed to lie level in a pack.

These are screen earphones, which are intended to be worn for long utilizing. Since the earphones don’t fasten your ear, but instead lounge around the ear, these earphones are awesome to wear. I wouldn’t state they feel weightless, however, they are light enough at 10 oz where weight isn’t an issue.

The M50’s are screen earphones, which gives the best portrayal of genuine sound conceivable. They will give you precise tones and vocals. Now and then this is alluded to as straightforward sound, however, a level is, in fact, the right term for this sound.

At the point when the strings kick it up a score and after that you can value the sound that these earphones can create. Tuning in to a vocalist like Jennifer Hudson who can belt out the high tones is an approach to exhibit the considerable sound of these earphones.

A few earphones would make a sharp stable at larger amounts, yet the M50’s make a smooth tone that is simple on the ears regardless of the level.
The soundstage is missing on these earphones. There is some partition between instruments, however nothing to be really amped up for.
  • Powerful bass
  • No trade off nonpartisan sound understanding
  • Good stereo imaging and partition
  • Great esteem among peers

  • Bass is fairly over-accentuated
  • Largely plastic development
  • Isolation could be better

Buy Audio-Tehnica ATH-M50x

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Skullcandy Crusher – Best Bass Headphones

Bass. How low would you be able to go? Without a doubt, this may be a Public Enemy lyric, but at the same time, it’s a question that many individuals end up approaching when searching for headphones.  In spite of the fact that it’s simpler nowadays to discover earphones with a vision-obscuring low end, it is conceivable to have excessively of something to be thankful for.

The plan of the Skullcandy Crusher by one means or another figure out how to be a little on the exhausting side regardless of all the false chrome and the skulls all over.  It may have something to do with how thick and stout they are.  Put these on, and you look one set of pilot shades from being a helicopter pilot in an ’80s activity motion picture.

In any event, they’re truly agreeable.

The ear containers turn marginally to give a legitimate fit and the band is genuinely flexible.
The Sensation55 driver that gives the bass that gives these earphones their name requires a solitary AA battery, put behind the left ear pad. Fortunately, you won’t need to transform it frequently.

Skullcandy claims 40 long stretches of playback from a solitary battery, and that is with the bass slider set as far as possible up. It isn’t sure how much battery is spared by pulling the slider down a bit, yet in any event, you never need to stress over the sound vanishing completely.

As said as of now, the Skullcandy Crusher earphones use two unique drivers. While the Sensation55 gives the sound and feel of the low end, the REX40 driver gives everything else. Notwithstanding the numerous drivers, these earphones are likewise acoustically ported, to additionally expand bass and diminish bending.
  • Comfortable headband and glasses
  • Long battery life
  • Works well as a voice headset
  • Customizable bass levels with movable slider

  • Trapped warm inevitably
  • Poorly outlined controls
  • Bass can go extremely high, notwithstanding for the individuals who like it

Buy Skullcandy Crusher now from Amazon

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V-MODA Crossfade LP2 – Isolating Metal Headphone

In spite of the fact that the organization has just been around for a long time, V-Moda has quickly climbed to recognizable quality as an important brand, making enthusiasts of audiophiles, experts and general individuals alike. Not solely are their things known for their sound, yet their usage of considerable materials and their gaudy looks. While the XS addresses the association’s latest assault into headphones, we thought we’d research one a greater amount of the association’s most common headphones, the V-Moda Crossfade LP2.

V-Moda exaggerates their military-level improvement in their advancing, and everything considered: these headphones basically feel exceptional. From the Kevlar-curved connect to the metal shields on the back of the headphones, these are decidedly vehemently developed. In reality, even the flexible and plastic parts feel more grounded than anticipated.

For considerably flashier looks, you can find shields in various shades on V-Moda’s site. Notwithstanding the way that they’re on the weightier side — thank the 50 mm drivers for that — the V-Moda Crossfade LP2s area to a great degree pleasing consolidate of headphones

The single catch remote is compelled in scope, anyway has the unique reward of working with whatever you hurl at it. iPhone, Android, Windows Phone. It doesn’t have any kind of effect, the remote works with any of them.

V-Moda has two various sound check classes that apply to its on-/over-ear headphones: the M-Class “Present-day Audiophile,” and LP-Class “Live Play.” The M-Class headphones are the more exact and balanced of the two, while the LP-Class underline bass more.

  • Great work with splendid materials
  • New earpads are the most pleasant from V-Moda yet
  • An abnormality: Audiophile quality from remote headphones
  • Strong affiliation
  • Fold to a littler size

  • Expensive
  • MicroUSB charging
  • No turning ear mugs
  • No ANC or multipoint mixing
  • Stock ear-mugs may be too little for a couple

Buy V-MODA Crossfade LP2 now from Amazon

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 – Extreme Bass Headphone

In case you’re a music-darling or sprouting artist, an arrangement of extreme as-nails earphones is a flat out must. You will take your sidekick of the decision on a wide range of experiences—not every one of them gadgets benevolent. Heading off to college, on the visit, or even simply hanging out in a studio is kill on plastic as time goes on. That is the reason you have to investigate earphones like the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio.

In light of their construct and sound quality, these earphones are most appropriate to individuals who require either (or both) of these two things:

Music makers with a requirement for a strong, superb arrangement of following earphones in the chronicle stall. Something you can confide in customers or bandmates not to slaughter accidentally.

Easygoing audience members at the PC who require a super-agreeable arrangement of shut back earphones, or clients with glasses.

Like most by far of wired earphones, the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio utilizes a straight 3.5mm TRS-stick connector.

You may require an amp or adequately ground-breaking unit to benefit as much as possible from these earphones.

To the extent earphones go, Beyerdynamic’s plan dialect has been ultra-clear throughout recent decades: they need these things to last. Keeping that in mind, the DT 770 Studio utilizes a great deal of metal in its band and ear glass forks, alongside a thick layer of sturdy hard plastic on the ear mugs.

The link is ensured by a great deal of elastic and plastic, which is ideal for this sort of earphone. You may see immediately that these earphones utilize a velour cushioning, which is precisely the kind of thing that those with glasses like to leatherette earpads on the grounds that it doesn’t squeak or catch when you move your head.

It additionally has the additional advantage of not catching in warm as gravely as the previously mentioned elective does. In case you’re a sweat-soaked individual, you may choose you to have to air it out every now and then—yet the cushions are effortlessly removable for cleaning.

First of all, these are not “sloppy” earphones, or whatever the hellfire words individuals jump at the chance to utilize while depicting sound they don’t care for.

You need to control them accurately. On the off chance that you realize that your PC or telephone can deal with it, these earphones can deal with practically anything you toss at them, yet you have to realize that they’re an extremely bass-substantial arrangement of jars.

They unquestionably bear that Beyerdynamic signature spike in accentuation. You may find that cymbals and other stringed instruments can now and again abandon you with a to some degree sharp ringing, yet it’s truly not too normal. In the event that a track is appropriately blended, you won’t see this to such an extent, outside of the way that you can really hear the cymbal sparkle.

  • Comfortable (Velour cushions).
  • Great disconnection
  • Build quality and lightweight
  • A carrying case is incorporated

  • Bulky development
  • Lack of sub bass
  • Sibilance and highlight of the highs

Buy Beyerdynamic DT 770 now from Amazon

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Sony Mdr-xb950/b – Extra Bass Headphone

Sony has quite recently propelled the spic and span $199 XB950B. I purchased and I’m evaluating it. The base sound highlights are indistinguishable.  The N1 includes commotion dropping, a crumbling plan, a conveying sack, and somewhat better battery life. The greatest new liven over the old XB950BT show is that you would now be able to modify the level of bass lift, and experiment with some encompass sound modes too.  However, you ought to know about something essential:

You should not purchase both of these if you don’t have an Android or iOS gadget.

You CANNOT utilize or control the full degree of their exceptional bass and encompass highlights without a cell phone.

Changes you make to the above settings are spared inside the earphones, and you can turn them on or off by squeezing the new “Bass Effect” catch.

This takes a shot at any Bluetooth gadget and on wired associations also. It’s win or bust here. Squeezing the catch turns on both the encompassing sound and bass lift alternatives you’ve set in the application. The best way to pick only either is to utilize the application and physically turn one off.


The XB950N1 and B1 both help SBC, AAC, and AptX for Bluetooth transmission. However, a few notices online both in Sony official statements and in retailer postings that these likewise bolster LDAC… it appears that they don’t. You can take after that unusual adventure in the latest answers at the base of this article.

A USB link is accommodated charging, however, you’ll have to control it with either a block or a PC.

The B1 is evaluated at 18 hours, contingent upon how regularly you utilize the ANC and what volume you utilize.

I haven’t ever completely depleted the battery, however, in light of some straightforward math about my utilization, this number appears to be correct.

Sony incorporates a similar voice prompts from the 1000X inside these earphones, with clear notices that disclose to you when you’ve controlled on the earphones, turned on the Bass Effect mode, and so forth.

Bass is the superstar, particularly when you utilize the lift. It’s voluminous. It’s mysterious. It’s profound, very much broadened, and to a great extent free of twisting.

Sony calls these “Additional Bass” earphones which is as it should be.

  • Excellent battery life
  • NFC and aptX
  • Comfy

  • Poor-quality bass
  • Not working without a portable application

Buy Sony Mdr-xb950/b now from Amazon

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Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro – Best Bass Headphones

The Custom One Pro left us indeterminate whether we might want to utilize earphones with the capacity to modify their sound with a couple of sliders, or on the off chance that we rather put our cash into earphones that are increasingly sure about how they truly need to seem like.

The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro is an exceptional one of a kind combine of earphones, for sure. Their fundamental offering point is the capacity to flawlessly switch between various sound profiles, enabling audience members to utilize the earphones for various music classifications and even totally unique applications, including gaming, blending, music tuning in, and numerous others.

Beyerdynamic ran with a modern look that influences you to feel like the earphones can take some genuine beating.

Something else we didn’t care for about the development of the earphones is the removable link. All the more particularly, the connector for the removable link. Beyerdynamic utilizes a custom locking system that keeps the link safely set up. Sadly, it likewise confines your decision of sound link to those with thin lodging.

The sound customization highlight of the Custom One Pro is controlled by means of two sliders – each situated on one earcup. Try not to ask us for what valid reason Beyerdynamic concluded that it would be a smart thought to give clients a chance to redo every driver independently. As we would see it, the main thing it will prompt is that individuals will neglect to set the two sliders similarly situated and their listening background will get destroyed.

The two sliders have three positions: direct bass, energetic bass, and substantial basis. The straight bass makes the earphones sound impartial, the dynamic bass creates a fun sound mark, and the overwhelming bass will most likely just be put to use with electronic music.

You can undoubtedly change the bass on-the-fly without upsetting a product equalizer.

What doesn’t work is the capacity of the earphones to contain the huge bass inside the earpads.
Sound spillage is extremely an issue with these earphones, and utilizing them in broad daylight spots may be an issue.
  • Customizable sound
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile match of earphones
  • Sound stage
  • Bass quality

  • Ears can get exceptionally hot
  • Not versatile

Buy Beyerdynamic Custon One Pro noe from Amazon

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Grado Prestige Series SR325e – Best Bass Headphones

When you tune in to your most loved music do you ache for an energizing recurrence reaction or amazingly impartial playback? On the off chance that you live incredibly the flattest reaction conceivable, you likely would prefer not to stick around until the end.

In case you’re anything like us, you presumably concur with the significance of having every one of the realities previously you make any inferences! Continue perusing our Grado SR325e Headphones Review to perceive any reason why they’re as yet a famous decision among both audiophiles and easygoing audience members!

As you can most likely tell from the photo over, these jars are made of 3 isolate materials – calfskin, metal, and froth. They are the main earphone in the Prestige Series to include the all metal, powder-covered aluminum ear containers (and barbecues).

Despite the fact that they do looks fundamentally the same as past models from this organization, there are a couple of contrasts you’ll need to consider. In the first place, we should investigate the open back ear glass outline.

At the highest point of the page, these jars have a restrictive sliding change headband plan. As you change them to locate an ideal choice for you head measure/shape, you’ll see that the slider is firm yet not very tight. This enables you to make smooth alterations with no scores or snaps. (On the off chance that you can’t survive without a delightful snap while making your headband modification – these likely aren’t the correct pick for you.)

Now that we’ve secured a portion of the nuts and bolts, you’re most likely pondering what sort of link is incorporated.

These jars are particularly known for creating a splendid, vivacious, and energetic reaction that makes them exceptionally amusing to tune in to.

Their somewhat forward profile or more normal vocal lucidity are only two of the principle reasons they’ve possessed the capacity to remain a well-known decision among both audiophiles and easygoing audience members. While they do remain to some degree level contrasted with ‘telephones like the Beats Studio Wireless, they certainly aren’t level or impartial.

  • Good and open sound reproduction.
  • Decent build quality.

  • Easily fall off your head.
  • Poor noise isolation

Buy Grado Prestige Series SR325e now from Amazon

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JVC HA-SZ2000 – Best Bass Headphones

A friend of mine recently sent me an entire pack loaded with earphones for a few weeks ago so I figured I should review them. The main issue is that there are such a significant number of them!! It is extremely unlikely I can finish a full survey of everyone so I’ve chosen to think of them as across the board mass audit.

The SZ2000 is a vast earphone plainly not designed for movability (unless you have a big bag).

Development is overwhelmingly amazing plastic with some aluminum trimming which gives off an impression of being for the most part corrective as opposed to auxiliary.

There is adequate soft padding and soft leather around each ear glass and the drivers are fixed with a delicate texture.

The headband is additionally very much cushioned and secured on the best with delicate calfskin. A nylon work covers the cushioning where the headband contacts the scalp. The link is ended with a decent looking gold 3.5mm jack and the SZ2000s performed well from a versatile player so the 3.5mm jack bodes well regardless of whether they’re a genuinely cumbersome earphone to use with a convenient gadget.

These are very substantial jars and I can envision them getting to be awkward after in excess of two or three hours, however for an hour or so they felt fine to me. What I noticed, however, was some glow around my ears because of the cozy fenced in areas on every ear container.

This could be an inconvenience for a few people.

The soundstage is clear and characterized, yet cozy as you would expect from a shut can. Fit as a fiddle, the soundstage appears somewhat triangular reaching out to the front and each side more than slantingly, however, it’s as yet a charming introduction and very extensive for a shut telephone.

Treble from the SZ2000 is definite and clear, yet somewhat moved off. The final product is a weakness free listen that still offers a lot of detail. It’s in reality truly perfect treble adjust for a bass-arranged can and helps me to remember the introduction of decent mid-level speakers in a decent listening room.

  • Great bass
  • The relaxed sound is moderately adjusted in spite of the upgraded bass
  • Solid and alluring plan

  • Weight might be an issue over a broadened period
  • Ear mugs might be excessively cozy for a few

Buy JVC HA – SZ2000 now from Amazon

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Bluedio U Plus – Best Bass Headphones

The huge ear glasses effortlessly cover your ears to shut out ambient noise. They overlap up for simple transportability, however, utilize a rotating component contrasted with the collapsing instrument utilized on earphones like the Bluedio UFO or Turbine T3s. It functions admirably, however, motivations the headband to level when you’re wearing them which looks odd.

They’re also impressively adjustable, with ear cup rotating independently in addition to a customizable headband to get them precisely where you require them.

PPS12 innovation is a sort of innovation that can expand your earphone encounter. There are 12 drivers in this innovation. Among them, three drivers are for trembles and another three are for mids and bass. This astounding innovation guarantees you to appreciate all scope of recurrence to the whole limit. You can have unequivocal, enlivened highs from this earphone.

All things considered, the Bluedio UFO Plus are fit for delivering some lovely sound. Nonetheless, their sound mark unquestionably supports bass, with it having a tendency to rule higher frequencies on requesting tracks.

I wouldn’t utilize them to blend a collection yet they’re extraordinary for general listening especially given that the vast majority lean toward improved bass reaction.

These earphones truly wake up when you feed them bass-overwhelming music, with blasting bass that sounds so perfect.

Tracks like Skrillex’s Bangarang sounds mind-boggling. Acoustic tracks have great profundity, with the earphones’ 12 drivers taking care of mids and highs well.

  • Solid manufacture quality
  • Bluetooth and Wired help
  • Attractive Design

  • Bass-overwhelming sound won’t be for everybody
  • Expensive

Buy Bluedio U Plus now from Amazon


At this point, you have a superior feeling of the accessibility and assorted variety of bass earphones available today. However, you’re most likely as yet thinking about how to limit your pursuit. These are in no way, shape or form the main bass earphones on offer, and it’s conceivable that you’re searching for different highlights that might be recorded here.

So how might you best choose which bass earphones are appropriate for your necessities? You can start by thinking about a portion of the accompanying inquiries. There are such huge numbers of contending feelings on the web, and a considerable measure of them originate from paid influencers: people who utilize their huge internet-based life followings to underwrite certain items or administrations for cash.

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