Best Action Cameras Under $100 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Action Cameras under $100

Action cameras are the best choice if you want to capture those priceless moments during your adventures. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or even scuba diving, Action cameras can help you get those precise shots that are hard to get from normal cameras. Things to consider while buying a good action camera is that it should be rugged so you can carry it around without the product getting damaged very easily.

An action camera should also have a stability because you need to capture moments which would be very fast. Apart from these, there are plenty more which make a good action camera.

However, with all these features, prices for the action camera tends to go a little out of the range which is why we have made this list of Best Action Cameras Under $100 to identify the product that is reasonable and offers the best features. This way, you can make an informed decision and get the action camera that is suitable for your use.


The Akaso E7000 is one of the many GoPro Clones that have started gaining fame in the market. The similar design and high level features make this action camera extremely suitable for people who like photography but cannot afford the expensive gear.

The Akaso E7000 has a generic design which resembles not only the GoPro but many other different action camera models. The camera has 4 buttons on it which controls the functions. The buttons can also control different modes like time-lapse, burst etc. while the up and down buttons can be used to cycle through the settings which you can see on the screen of the camera.

The camera comes with a wifi remote which can be turned on using the settings. The remote makes it very user-friendly and convenient to switch between the camera settings.

The video quality of the Akaso E7000 competes very well against the top tier cameras like the GoPro. Considering that the price of the E7000 is not even half of that of the GoPro. This sets up a pretty decent deal for beginners as they can learn to use the action camera without having to spend so much money.

The Action camera lacks image stabilization because most of the footage taken while moving came out to be muddled. This is one of the major factors that determine how good an action camera is because it is mainly used during adventurous moments.
The audio quality was much muffled and whether you spoke directly towards the camera did not matter because the camera just could not catch the audio correctly. Apart from this, the Akaso E7000 picks up fingerprints and dirt on the screen very frequently which may damage the screen.
  • Very reasonable
  • Equipped with a wifi remote
  • Comes with a lot of accessories

  • Audio comes out distorted
  • Image stabilization is disappointing

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AKASO Brave 4 4K

The Akaso Brave 4 is basically an upgrade of their previous action camera. The company improved the design and features of the action camera to compete with the high-quality cameras that have recently come out in the market. The action camera has 4k 2k and 1080 p recording which is done at different frames per second. The 1080p recording can be done at 60 frames per second which means that the video you record is definitely going to be amazing. The camera enables you to take high definition pictures and record videos in exceptional clarity.

The camera has a wifi mode which you can use to share the footage on social media or even to other devices like your laptop or phone. Because of this, you save a lot of time. All you have to di download the Akaso app and your life can get much more convenient. You can even connect the camera to your television with the help of the HDMI port.

The camera comes along with a waterproof case which it can withstand water even 100 feet deep. This is a great feature as you can use the camera easily underwater without having to worry about the water damaging your camera. This feature makes the camera extremely suitable for scuba diving, snorkelling, and other underwater adventures.

The camera is equipped with a wide angle lens which can rotate up to 170 degrees and down to 70 degrees. With this, you can take the kind of photos you want. Apart from this, the camera also has a gyroscope which prevents shaking. Therefore, blurry pictures are avoided because of the image stabilization technology used to make the camera.

The box also includes many other valuable accessories which you would have to buy otherwise. Thankfully, things like rechargeable batteries, remote controls etc. come in extremely handy while using an action camera.
  • Long lasting battery
  • Comes with a waterproof case
  • Even has a remote control wristband in the accessories box

  • The glass of the camera is delicate and may break easily
  • Advised not to exceed 64 Gb on the card

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Crosstour Action Camera

The Crosstour action camera is very similar in size to the GoPro. For most people, the Crosstour is a great replacement for the GoPro. You can get almost the same features for a price tag that is significantly lower than GoPro’s extremely expensive price. So let us see how the Crosstour has made its way to the list of best action cameras under $100.

The design is exactly the same as that of a GoPro. In fact, you can get the Crosstour in 4 different colours while the GoPro was available in only one. The camera works on rechargeable lithium batteries rated at 1050 mAh which means that the camera can last for very long. The Crosstour focuses largely on the video and photo resolution which makes it comparable to a high-quality camera like the GoPro. Videos can record at 1080p while pictures can be taken at 12 Megapixels. The camera even has a wide angle which allows you to take very different and unique photos which a normal camera wouldn’t be able to capture.

The videos you capture are at 4k but at a lower frame per second rate but if you shoot videos at 1080p or 720p, you can get higher frames per second. Either way, the video resolution is top notch and there is absolutely no compromise on quality.

The camera is obviously waterproof and you can dive in down to 30metres without damaging the camera. Waterproofing is one feature that you simply cannot ignore in an action camera. For underwater sports enthusiasts, the Crosstour is a perfect choice. The camera also has wifi connectivity through which you can share footage conveniently. All you have to do is download an app called the iSmartDv.

The camera is also equipped with a two-inch LCD screen. This helps you view the pictures and videos quickly. The box of the camera includes a number of accessories that you would usually have to buy outside of the price of the camera. Here, you do not have to spend extra money on the accessories.
  • Affordable price
  • 18 accessories in the box
  • Built in wifi

  • Works only with a 32 GB memory card
  • No separate charger for the battery provided.

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Campark Action Camera X20

The defining feature for this action camera in our list of best action camera under $100 is the fact that it has a touchscreen. Even on such small dimensions, the touchscreen looks and works great. The price of this camera would not let you believe how good this product is. The camera comes in a carrying pouch which apart from keeping it safe also provides a classy look to the user.

In the box, you can find the camera, pouch and the waterproof case which keeps the device safe from water to a depth of 30m. along with these, you get extra rechargeable batteries and different mounts and stickers so that you can attach the camera anywhere you like. The camera package also contains a remote control which makes lives easier as you can control recording footage without having to move.

The camera can make a wifi network and transfer footage to your laptops, tablets, and phones easily. Apart from that, you can even upload the footage directly to social media to avoid the reduction in quality.

The camera has great image stabilization and takes very still pictures and videos at any resolution. The camera has a very decent build quality. With dimensions exactly like the GoPro, there doesn’t feel much of a difference. The body of the camera is made of plastic but it does not feel cheap at all. The camera has a 2-inch touch screen which is something you don’t find usually in an action camera. The Sound quality of the audio recorded from the camera sound exceptionally well.

Although it shows on screen that the camera is producing 4k videos, these are not actually 4k. rather, they are 2k resolution interpolated to 4k which means that the quality is not as high as it should be.
The camera makes very good recordings in daytime due to the natural light. The performance is not as good at night time.
  • Touch screen LCD
  • Number of different mounting options
  • Familiar camera design

  • 4k recording quality is compressed

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YI Lite Action Camera

The Yi Lite action camera provides one of the best choices for people who want to explore the world of action cameras without having to spend a lot of money. The camera works like a charm with great audio and video recording capability and resembles the high-level GoPro in many ways. While it does not have the extremely innovative features of the GoPro like the GPS system, you can find all the core features you would require in the YI lite action camera.

The camera is equipped with 4k resolution which does not work as well as it should due to a low rate of frames per second. Modes like burst mode, slow-motion video and loop recording are also included in this affordable product. The image stabilization, however, does not work very well and at 4k, your videos are bound to come out shaky and blurred. The camera offers the ability to capture pictures at 16Mp which is pretty good considering the price tag.

The camera is equipped with a 150-degree wide angle lens which is basically a fisheye camera. Apart from that, the waterproof case is also included in the list which keeps the camera safe to a depth of 40m.

The camera has its own app called the YI Lite app which helps create the camera’s own network. Through this, you can share the high quality videos and pictures directly social media without having to transfer them first to your phone as this transfer results in fall of picture quality. The action camera design ranks pretty well among the features as it has a scratch resistant casing which keeps the camera safe from damage. Apart from that, the screen covers a decent part of the camera.


The cameras settings which pop up on the screen are very easy to use. You can switch between the camera modes very easily.
  • Two hours of battery life
  • Very simple to use

  • Blurry video results
  • Lacks image stabilization

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Another great addition in our list of best action camera under $100 is the Remali 4k. The camera has the versatility to capture all different kinds of pictures and videos making this perfect product for beginners who want to find out what kind of pictures they like taking. The camera is also very affordable and offers features you can find only inexpensive top-level action cameras.

The action camera offers you the choice to record in any resolution you want from 4k to 720p. With 4k, you get lower frames per second while 720p offers a considerably larger rate of frames per second. The camera is equipped with a 12Mp processor to take pictures. Rest assured, the clarity of the images is exceptional. It also has a 170-degree wide angle lens which produces a fisheye effect on pictures.

The remali action cam comes with a remote control which can be connected using the cameras wifi. With the camera’s wifi, you can easily share pictures and videos to social media without loss in quality. The remote control offers added convenience as you do not have to pick up the camera to pause recording.

The remali package sends a pretty big box which has all necessary and extra accessories that one would require during an adventurous photo shoot. The waterproof case of the action camera allows you to use it 30m deep underwater. Because of this feature, you can use the camera for underwater sports which is usually the basic aim of a person buying an action camera.

The camera comes with a very long lasting battery and extra battery units in the box. The box also has a charger for the batteries and a complete carrying unit to fit all these extra accessories.
  • Good image quality
  • Box includes many accessories

  • No image stabilization technology
  • 4k footage is compressed

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Victure 4K Action Camera

The Victure 4k action camera is the first product in our list of Best Action Camera Under $100. The camera is a waterproof 4k wifi supporting camera which has become a recent favorite of sports enthusiasts. The camera takes extremely clear pictures at 20Mp and high HD clarity. Some of the main features that the camera offers are time-lapse videos, loop recording, and motion detection.

The camera also has the convenience of wifi which means that you can connect your phone to the camera and instantly transfer photos and videos. Apart from that, the camera also comes with a package including 20 different accessories meaning you don’t have to spend money on different items you might require along with the camera.

If you need a camera that delivers a similar performance as the highly rated GoPro, then the victure 4k will be a good investment. The camera gives you the option to record videos in 4k, 1080p and 720p depending on the setting. You can take amazing pictures with the 20Mp camera as well. Perhaps the most important thing about the camera is the fact that it has almost 30frames per second which means that you can capture very quick moments easily. Among these controls, you can also customize the iso, shutter speed and the exposure to suit your style.

The camera has been equipped with an image stabilization technology which helps you prevent taking blurry pictures and enhance the clarity. The 170-degree wide angle lens also allows for better pictures.

The camera has a very user-friendly manual which explains all the features of the camera. With the car mode, you can use the camera s a car dash cam to record videos while driving. The packaging includes a waterproof case which you can use 98 feet underwater. That is a huge number considering the price tag. With this case, there is no way your device can get damaged.

One feature that is missing from the camera is that it cannot record in slow motion which is a feature you can find in many other cameras
With the wifi feature, not only can you transfer footage easily, you can even view footage on social media.
  • Excellent image quality
  • 26 accessories in the package
  • A huge number of customizable settings

  • You only get 90 minutes of recording time
  • Slow motion mode not available

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Apexcam 4K

The Apexcam is another action camera we found that performed exceptionally well in our tests and came very close to competing with top tier cameras. The affordable price and presence of most features in this camera allow us to add this into the list of best action cameras under $100. The camera works with 4k resolution at 30 frames per second which means that 4k videos are not as great as one would experience in an expensive camera but the camera still gets the job done. Pictures are captured at 20Mp which is a lot for such an affordable camera.

Apexcam 4k is also equipped with a 170-degree wide angle which lest you take fisheye pictures and videos. One feature that we hardly found in any other cameras under $100 was the image stabilization technology. The cameras lacked stability which is why footage came out extremely blurry. The camera has different camera modes such as the time-lapse mode, burst mode, loop recording, and delay video. With these, you can experiment with your footage.

The box has a waterproof case which keeps the camera safe till 40m underwater. This makes the camera perfect for water sports like scuba diving, surfing etc.

The action camera also has a built-in wifi and a remote control. All you have to do is download the application. With the remote control, you can easily switch between settings and control. The remote can be used from almost 30m away which makes this very convenient for adventure enthusiasts. The wifi can help you view the footage on your laptops, phones, and tablets so you don’t have to transfer all the footage from one place to another. The camera is also equipped with an external mic which is very good at absorbing sound. The mic greatly reduces background noise and performs a very good outdoor video recording.

The camera comes along with many different accessories. These include the waterproof case, extra batteries and many other things you usually have to buy apart from the camera. Here, you do not have to make that extra trip to the store to get wires and small parts.
  • Affordable price
  • Image stabilization works well

  • Low battery life

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Rexso Explorer K

The Rexso explorer K is another camera in this category which fits the needs of a beginner action camera enthusiasts. The camera is affordable and offers you a decent number of features which you could only get if you spent a good amount of money. With superb camera quality, the Rexso explorer captures amazing pictures and records clear video.

The Camera takes pictures in 16Mp which is enough for an action camera to produce a good resolution. the video recording is done in 4k with a decent rate of frames per second to capture the clarity. You can witness some of the best color saturation in this camera which is primarily one of the reasons we have added this in our list of best action cameras under 100.

One great feature of this camera is that it does not take up space like the other cameras. it has an encoding software which lets you save the heavy 4k videos without them taking too much space on the SD card. This is very useful as the videos are usually very large files and eat up space very quickly.

The camera is also equipped with a very good display screen. it almost takes up all the space on the back side of the camera but the good thing is that the display works like a charm. you can easily switch between the settings with the help of the screen.

One problem with the camera is that it has a very difficult firmware. the interface is very difficult to understand especially for users who are using an action camera for the first time. The interface is complicated and needs an improvement desperately.
The camera is equipped with a very good image stabilization technology which helps you take pictures that are not blurry. This is a very important feature for an action camera s they are used mainly in moments with quick movements like cycling or surfing.
  • Video encoding technology
  • a number of accessories added in the box
  • Good customer support team

  • Spelling errors in systems user interface
  • has a raw image bug

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All the action cameras mentioned above are good alternates for the expensive GoPro. All of these have a number of features which you might not find in others. However, the one we found was the best suited for people using an action camera, be it a beginner or an expert, was the Apexcam 4k. This camera, along with producing great results, uses good image stabilization technology to avoid blurry videos. Apart from that, the apexcam gives a tough competition to its competitors which are not even in the same price range. With this camera, the affordable price is a good bargain.

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