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The popularity of wireless headphones has blown through the roof in recent times. Companies with very famous names such as beats and Sony have all made their impact on this genre of music equipment. Here, we discover the recently released Beat Solo 3 which is one of the flagship headphones released by Beats. After years of much criticism and low tier performance, Beats has upgraded its technology and have given the market that substantially improves its position in the market.

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Beats by Dr. Dre is a high-end audio brand founded in 2006 by Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine. Through its family of premium consumer headphones, earphones, and speakers, Beats has introduced an entirely new generation to the possibilities of premium sound entertainment. One of the pioneers in the business, Beats launched itself towards the top of the music industry with their simplistic design and good quality speakers.

The brand’s continued success helps bring the energy, emotion, and excitement of playback in the recording studio back to the listening experience for music lovers worldwide. Right around 2010, Beats had lost its rank in the market as it consistently failed to deliver the high performance that they promised. To cater to this downfall, Apple Inc. acquired Beats by Dre in July 2014
after which they have released the Beats Solo3, their flagship product.

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If you have an iPhone, connecting the headphones wirelessly is extremely convenient. You just activate Bluetooth on your phone, turn the headphones on, and press the pop up on your phone which says “connect” and you’re good to go. You can even use NFC or other connecting methods to connect to the Beats Solo3.

However, this connection process is only this simple on iOS. With Android or Windows, though, the Solo 3 Wireless connect like any other Bluetooth device where you have to pair the
headphones and be patient. In either case, the Bluetooth works perfectly with the connection hardly dropping in between. Blips or drops in connection are few and far between. They can also hold a connection from dozens of feet away, thanks to their strong radio connectivity. Battery life is truly class- leading, though. Not only do these headphones last for up to 50 hours, but they’re also pretty quick to charge, too.

Beats claims that you can get playback of 3 hours from a 5-minute charge and a full recharge takes an hour or so. A quick press of the power button on the right cup also lights up a 5-LED display
that tells you how much charge is left making it extra convenient to know when to put the headphones on charge. You can use the Beats Solo 3 Wireless wired when you need to charge them.

The included cable features a remote housing to let you take calls handsfree and control your music without taking your phone out of your pocket. When used wireless, you use on-cup controls instead. The ‘b’ logo on the left cup is actually a button that controls play and pause and there are panels above and below that alter the volume. Invisible and easy-to-use, these are great headphone controls which add to the aesthetics of the headphones.

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They’re mostly made of plastic, which feels a little too cheap around the ear cups, and aren’t extraordinarily stylish. They look very similar to the Solo 2 with the added feature of weight. The weight of the headphones is very light and once you fold them down, these compact headphones become very portable and easy to carry.

The design is comfortable but it could be made to be even more luxurious. The padding is fine, but they clamp down with just a bit more force than one would prefer which make them a little tiring to use after a while. After a couple hours of listening, you would want to take off the headphones to let your ear rest up a bit. All the necessary pause, volume, and track skipping buttons are built right into the left ear cup. If you are connected with an iPhone, you can activate Siri as well.

The ear cups also contain a built-in microphone. It can be used easily to take calls or give orders on Siri around.

The Beats Solo 3 Wireless uses a rubber for the headband, spreading the pressure well and creating a much higher-friction hold than conventional headband padding. The idea is you' ll be able to wear these headphones while out jogging without them feeling too heavy and difficult to handle.

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The Beats Solo 3’s strong point is the tech that goes into its wireless capabilities. Apple credits its W1 wireless chip for the headphones excellent up-to 40 hours battery, but the exact specs are – as usual for Apple – rather opaque. We' re very happy for wireless sets like this to last around 20 hours, and the former Beats Solo 2 last 12 hours between charges, so this is a huge improvement.

It means most people should be able to get two weeks use before charging rather than just one. Wireless charging is super-quick too: Apple claims you get 3 hours of playback from a 5-minute charge. They use a micro USB cable, although there's no way to directly connect this too and charge the headphones from, an iPhone Lightning port.

What's actually even more useful than ultra-long battery life is the reliability of the wireless signal. We didn't hear a single burble, blip or cut-out once during testing, and we' ‘ve mostly been using Android phones rather than the iPhones that are " officially supported" by this pair.

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The Beats Solo 3 Wireless sound mostly like the Solo 2. This means they’re a lot better than the first Solo headphones but are a bit expensive. Bass is big, bold and hard-hitting, just as you’d hope from Beats headphones. It’s not sluggish and super-boomy like low-quality bassy headphones but is also not afraid to overstep the mark given the chance.

These bass headphones have moderately reserved treble, and smooth mids, meaning there’s nothing to cut through the low-end in tracks with very strong basslines or mixes with boisterous kick drums. That bass dominance doesn’t cloud the other parts of the mix, but it makes them hard to focus on. They’re fun, but not exactly delicate or aimed at close listeners.

For example, while the smooth mids have a decent texture to them, making vocals sound right, there’s enough excess mid-bass to stop elements of a mix from seeming truly separated. The sound is big and energetic for an on-ear set, but there’s a slight clag that adheres to instruments in the lower-mid registers.

  • Excellent wireless stability
  • Good Bluetooth-phone interaction
  • Energetic, punchy sound

  • Firm headband pressure
  • Lack of fidelity for the price

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The Beats Solo 3 Wireless make huge improvements in some areas and change little in others. Top on its list of achievements is class-leading battery life and wireless stability on-par with the
very best, regardless of whether you use an Android or an iPhone. It&#s the sound that matters most though, and it's not at the level of the best at the price.

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