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These headphones are getting famous in the market for the sound quality they are giving to the listener, and the experienced listener can have with these headphones. When we talk about the lofty prices and the heavy bass one thing, come into our mind, and that is beats headphones. These headphones are the most rounded headphones available in the market. These headphones are becoming a famous brand in the market as time is passing. Apple bass and the beats bass is much different from each other in the quality of the sound. But the most preference given to the headphones is the beats. You will hear a balanced sound through these headphones and especially when you want to enjoy every beat of the music you can have these headphones.

These headphones are the cheap one in price mainly under $100 headphones, and these are available in a lot of exciting colors. These headphones come in cable, and these are not used as the modern accessory but are best for those who are the music lovers and don’t want to use a style icon for listening to the music.

These headphones are the part of wired headphones line of the beats company. Another company cannot give these much best headphones in this much affordable cost. These headphones are the combo of modern and old headphones which will provide you with comfort around the neck also. The brand is thinking about the pocket of the buyer and then launch this exclusive line of headphones with a lot of features. The wire of these headphones is very long which can sometimes annoy you, but you will never forget about the sound quality of these headphones. I am using them, and they are perfect if you want to listen to every beat of the music.

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Beats headphones are sleek and beautiful in design they look like the iconic one. These headphones don’t have the high-end finish, but they look extremely good — no use of plastic for the finishing in these headphones which look a most premium element of the headphones. You will feel comfortable when you are wearing these headphones as they look really smart.

These headphones have reasonable EPs plastic like thing which is on the head to flip. Ear cups and headband has a lot of plastic in the design of these headphones. Arms are made of the stainless steel which is durable and high-quality material. These headphones look like industrial headphones. These headphones give you a comfortable fit for ears. They will never slide from your head even if you are jogging while listening to the songs these headphones will still fit on your head and you will be relaxed. These headphones will never be extra tight on your head even if you have a large head these headphones will still provide comfort to your head and ears.

The main shortcoming of the headphones is flexibility. Stainless steel arms are very comfortable for the head and ears and providing you the relaxation, but the ear cups of the headphones will never get down. This means if you want to save them or when you are not using these headphones they will take a lot of space in the bag.

These headphones are good for the eyes, and if you wear them, they will give you a lot of comforts as they have incredibly comfortable ear cups. Sliders are also available in these headphones which give you the option of adjustment on your head so that you can have them on your ears for the longest time. Your ears will never seal with these headphones.

The Beats EP headphone comes in a variety of bright and exciting colors you can select according to your choice. I have them in black as this is a sophisticated color and my favorite also. These headphones are the attention grabber, and that is the reason for the fame of these headphones. If you have these headphones, you can easily listen to the music for the longest time without any irritation in the ear, or you can have them around your neck if you are not listening to the music.

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The design of the Beats Ep headphone is justifying the price of the item, but these headphones don’t have the Bluetooth connectivity, and that makes them traditional. These headphones also don’t have the active noise-canceling, and that makes these headphones lousy choice for those who want every valuable feature of the headphones. These headphones have a cable of 3.5 mm which is also very durable.

These headphones are using an extremely long cable which is annoying sometimes. You don’t need to worry about the battery of the headphones as they are directly connected with the device from which you want to listen to music. This is extremely easy to use these headphones as you don’t need to understand a lot of controls of these headphones. Volume controls are easy to operate and adjust on these headphones. These headphones are inclined more with the music, and you will have the quality sound which you expect from any pair of the headphones of the beats brand. If you think that performance will be not as good as these headphones are not expensive, you are wrong.

We cannot talk about the rivals here because these headphones are on top in providing a smooth and enhanced sound of music. If you listen to the music through these headphones, a sound of crisp will come, and you will love every beat of the music through these headphones. No other brand can give you this much quality music. The strong bass of these headphones is amazing, and you will fall in love with the bass mode of these headphones in this much low price. You have never heard the broad sound of the headphones which you will listen through these headphones. A crippling condition in the mids will affect the whole tone of the music which is somehow disturbing for ears.

Playback options of the headphones are extremely clear, and you will love these headphones as they have smooth options and modes through which you can listen to the music. Ear cups don’t have the controls of these headphones, and you don’t need to remind or touch the ear cups for changing the mode of the headphones. The Beats EP headphone also give you the option to listen to the calls and the mic option is available for the call. You can easily listen to what your friends are saying on the phone through these headphones, and it is easy to pick the call when you are busy.

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  • Volume control in item Yes
  • Avg. temperature difference 2.7 C
  • Call or music controls of the headphone Yes
  • Type of the case Pouch style
  • Volume 65 Cu. Inches
  • The detachable function of the item Not available
  • PRTF accuracy 3.48 dB
  • Connectivity of the headphones Not available
  • The latency of the item 0 ms
  • The weight of the item 0.5 lbs
  • The clamping force of the headphones 1.2 lbs
  • Microphones control of the item Not available
  • Feedback of the item Averages feedback
  • Noise-canceling control Not available


Beats EP is the classic design, and that is the reason they get fame easily because everyone now wants to have headphones. I love the pair because they are sophisticated in design. These headphones are available in black color which looks good and stylish. These headphones are the iconic one. These headphones have a smooth and enhanced sound which no other brand can provide you in this much affordable prices. More stylish headphones are the most expensive also so you can easily have them and you will love the music with these headphones as they have the fantastic soundstage.

Design of the headphone is very comfortable and cool which you will quickly love because these headphones are the amazing one. Both ear cups have the logo of the company which looks prominent. You can have these headphones on your ears for a long time and if you have them around your neck. These headphones always come with a pouch so if you are not using them you can easily pack them in a soft pouch so that they can work for longer. You can also use the pouch when you are traveling, and you don’t want to listen to songs anymore. This pouch is really beautiful and stylish which you will surely love.

These headphones are directly connected with the device from which you want to listen to the song there is no detachable or wireless facility come with these headphones. These headphones are for those who don’t like to have wireless headphones and are very particular about their needs for listening to songs. These headphones are made of stainless steel which ensures high quality, and you will love the quality of these headphones. I am personally using them, and they are durable headphones which will provide you with music for a longer time.


These headphones are not wireless, and that is the reason these headphones cannot meet the standards of the modern market. On the other hand, these headphones are for those who love to connect the headphones with the device directly to listen and enjoy music. On the other hand, these headphones have the excessively long cable. No Bluetooth is available in the headphones which make these headphones very normal, and if you want them, you need to know this. That is why the price of these headphones are affordable for the pocket. Students can easily have these headphones for the study purpose.

Arms of the headphones don’t fold down in this version of the headphones which make these headphones risky because they can easily break when fall of badly. I can imagine what type of damage can occur due to the fall of these headphones. Active Noise canceling is not present in these headphones that is the reason these headphones are not ideal if you want to use them in an extremely noisy environment such as when you are on the way, and horns noise is in the environment it will never finish with these headphones.

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I have given the conclusion of almost every headphones so I must tell you today that these are the headphones are for everyone. The well rounded and balanced sound when you listen to the music especially when you are looking something classic. These headphones are for those who are using the headphones for listening to music, not for the fashion accessory. These headphones are available in a lot of exciting colors, and I love the design of these headphones. These headphones are the one who can give the listeners the best experience and these headphones are for those who are the music lovers. These headphones are the comfortable one and provide the extreme relaxation to the one who wants to listen to songs.

You can easily listen to the songs through these headphones for a long time as they are very good in the weight and will never give you the feeling of irritation or burden. These headphones have the rich sound quality in affordable prices that is the reason these headphones become the life of every music lover and especially those who love the beats of classical music.

Design of the headphones is sleek, and you will fall in love with these headphones quite easily. After the enhanced sound of the headphones, you will surely get impressed with the solid design and sleek headphones. Both ear cups have the icon of beats which look amazing and stylish at the same time and will surely make you happy.

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9.2 Total Score

These headphones are stylish and budget-friendly. If you are the classic music lover, you will surely love these headphones. The design of these headphones is impressive. You should purchase these headphones, and these will add music to your life.

  • Good Sound
  • Budget Friendly
  • Smooth design
  • No ACN
  • Bulky look
  • Wired
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