Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Review


Audio-Technica ATH-M50x is one of the great headphones which is designed for the advantage. A pair of headphones which are sophisticated and normal people are looking for these headphones. This is one of the user-friendly edition which you will surely want to use. I have personally used it, and I am here for a quick review of these headphones.

These headphones are fairly expensive but they do worth the money. These headphones are famous for the sound which provide comfort to the ears of the listener which make them happy. If your headphones are good but too large for your ears, you can give one chance to these headphones, and you will never get disappointed.

You want to listen to music comfortably, and these headphones can be the best partner of you. In the journey, you can listen to your favorite playlist which will make your journey colorful and enjoy a lot. The sound of these headphones is amazing, and you can listen to the songs which you love.

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Comfort and design

If you need larger headphones you should take these headphones which are made to fulfill your needs. At this price, these headphones are amazing to listen to the music. Most of the customers are loving these headphones as compare to Beats Studio and Beats Solo 2. These both headphones are cost efficient but don’t have features like Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.

It is very difficult to make the excellent and stylish headphones for people, and that will cost £150 or less, but Audio-Technica ATH-M50x can do this. You will get the best quality headphones which will fulfill your all needs of listening to the music. This is the pretty good set which is available in the market which is cost efficient too.

Roots of these headphones are clear, some headphones try to look amazing and sleek, but those are expensive to purchase and use steel or aluminum in the headphones. These headphones are using the plastic which is amazing to use. In the ear cup, a metal ring is present, a band of steel is used in the headband which is amazing.

Look of these headphones is amazing and everyone who checks these headphones wants to have them desperately. I have tried them personally, and I can feel convenient for these headphones. I am using them for the last two months, and they are fit for my needs. You should also try them if you are a music lover.

Taking the design of these headphones in mind you will feel that these are pretty good. The big cups of these headphones will stick to your head easily. The headband is adjustable and can fit on your head easily. The original version of M50 headphones is copied, and no changes are made in these headphones.

The full new size of the headphones is amazing, and most people love these headphones. You can use these headphones with the cable or without cable as they are adjustable easily according to the need. These headphones also have 2.5mm socket through which you can easily connect your cable if you want a wired headphone instead of wireless.

In the box of these headphones, three generous cables are present which you don’t need a lot. Coiled and straight cable is portable of 1.2m. You can use this cable when you are at home, and you need to listen to music. There is no remote for iOS, but the sound of these headphones is very smooth.

These headphones are impressively versatile, and you can use it according to your needs. In both situations, you can use these headphones wired or wireless which makes them different from other headphones available in the market. You can use the headphones as you are comfortable they are the best in both modes.

Ear pads of these headphones are large than any other headphones. Other headphones can give your ears a lot of space to head the music. But these headphones are not giving that much space and using these large pads. Your headphones will give you a mid-firm grip on your head. Pads these headphones have are very expensive.

These headphones are DJ style which will give you the feeling that you are in the club and listening to the music. You can easily fold these headphones, and they are portable. These headphones are amazing and slick it looks. You will fall in love with them whenever you see them. They are best in performance also.

These headphones are practically surprising for you. Noise isolation in these headphones is very normal. These are for those who have bigger ears and for the larger area. I am not sure why this is happening to these headphones maybe it is because there is space between ears and the headphones.

We can easily tweak these headphones as per our need. This is not a new feature of, but this makes them smart and beautiful compared to other brands. You can take them everywhere, and your friends will also like these headphones which are your partner while you are traveling you can listen to songs.

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Sound Quality

These headphones get the fame because they have the sound which is loved by a larger audience. It is not the insult of these headphones because a lot of people can enjoy the music through these headphones. You will also love the sound of these best bass headphones a lot.

Power of bass is available in these headphones, and you can also go for beefiness sound in low-end. These are the virtual headphones which are inspiring the music lovers. But you need to set the controls which best suit your music need. These are the expensive headphones which are proving themselves in sound quality.

The sound of these headphones is rare, and that makes them an expensive one. An open back pair of these headphones soundstage is naturally battered. Comparing with the quality of other headphones these are the best one in audio. This makes them famous in the audience and the youngsters. I love the rich sound of these headphones.

Smooth trebles are also the part of these headphones which make the sound of these headphones exciting and lively. Those who have discerning ears these headphones can easily satisfy the needs of them in the high-end flavor. These headphones can easily win the recognition of the mainstream which is impressive.

You can enjoy the music with these headphones easily and use them for professional applications, and these headphones can easily connect to these apps. Bass through these headphones is accurate that you will experience every beat of the music. If you want to listen to the audiobooks through them, every world will be clear, and you will understand that easily.

If you have the bassy headphones, it could also have low-end resonance with lone voices, and you can make separations of the music scales which will have a great impact. The music of these headphones is smooth and don’t have the trample of everything else. I love the music through these headphones but making a certain scale is important.

If you want to listen to the music for one these headphones can be your best choice. These headphones bring depth bass and extra power which are amazing features of these headphones. You can use these headphones for movies and games where deep or extra bass and sound effects are needed.

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N Specification Details
1 Driver Diameter     45 mm
2 Magnet Neodymium
3 Voice Coil     CCAW (Copper-clad aluminum wire )
4 Frequency Response      15-28,000 Hz
5 Maximum Input power     1,600 mW at 1 kHz
6 Sensitivity 99dB
7 Impedance   38 ohms
8 Weight 285 g (10 oz.), without cable or connector
9 Interchangeable cables      Detachable 1.2 m-3.0 m coiled cable, detachable 3.0 m (9.8’) straight cable and detachable 1.2 m (3.9’) straight cable
10 Accessories Protective carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter


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  • Powerful bass which makes these headphones different from other competitors. I have tried them, and the sound is fantastic in these headphones. This is the reason for its fame among music lovers. You can do the party with the bass mode of, and the feeling of DJ music will surely come from them.
  • Good stereo imagining and separation make every beat separate now you can listen to the audiobooks with ease. Every world and beat will be very clear with these headphones which make these headphones impressive, and that is the reason listeners can now listen to everything conveniently.
  • The versatility of these headphones makes them different from other headphones you can use them in the home with wire and on a journey you can use the headphones with the help of Bluetooth. On the other hand, great value among peer is one of the amazing benefits of these headphones.
  • These headphones come in the pouch which is a secure way to keep them. You will love the pouch. On the other hand, these headphones can easily tweak this is not a new feature but is very secure if you are not using the headphones you can pack them.
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  • Bass used on these headphones is over-focused which also increase the resonance, and you need to adjust the music to listen to the music smoothly. It is not easy to listen to the music in bass mode. Too many adjustments can annoy you, and you might not like the music through these headphones.
  • Isolation of these headphones can be better, and the manufacturers should take care of this especially. On the other hand pads of these headphones are expensive but they expand the music, and it feels terrible.
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I have reviewed a lot of headphones some of them were not that good, but some of them were amazing. These headphones are different than other as these are famous among the music lovers. These headphones are the powerful one and the combo of traditional and trendy headphones which make them unique.

They have more style in the bass, and powerful bass makes them exciting. Panache sound from the headphone is very rare, and these headphones can make that sound. These headphones are not expensive because these have a lot of features and the price is justifiable.

Most of the rival of these headphones is an expensive one, and you cannot purchase them at economical prices. This can be an excellent alternative to expensive headphones. You can have the ultimate comfort with these headphones.

These are very convenient to wear, and if you are not listening to the music, you can comfortably wear them around your neck. These headphones are not too much in weight which makes them smart and beautiful. Cups of these headphones are very large, but the headband makes them comfortable for the listener. I will recommend these headphones if you want to buy headphones online these headphones should be your priority.

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9.2 Total Score

These headphones are highly recommended because of their amazing performance and exclusive high quality sound. They are a bit expensive but they do worth the money. Must give a try!

  • Great Experience
  • Powerful Base & Good Stereo
  • Good for EDM
  • No wireless option
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