Temperature Sensing MEMS Resonator

Sand 9 Temperature Sensing MEMS Resonators have high Q, low Rm, an integrated temperature sensor and an integrated calibration heater, making them ideally suited to the most demanding wireless applications such as GPS/GNSS, cellular transceivers, WiFi and other wireless connectivity products. The TSMR architecture consists of a piezoelectric MEMS resonator hermetically sealed in a WLCSP with a resistive temperature detector and calibration heater integrated monolithically into the MEMS die. The WLCSP die is 50% smaller than the smallest quartz device, and can be co-packaged with wireless ICs to deliver an unprecedented level of integration to smartphone and tablet OEMs.

Sand 9 TSMR products offer 10x better thermal coupling than quartz by physically integrating the temperature detector and calibration heater with the MEMS resonator, resulting in high-precision temperature compensation at < 10 ppb/s. TSMR products feature fast start-up time as well as superior activity dip performance, resulting in an extremely reliable timing source. TSMR products are high-quality, rugged devices, enabling use in harsh environments.

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Part # Frequency Operating Temperature Dimensions Integrated Heater Integrated Temperature Sensor Price
76.8 MHz -30C to +85C .71x.79x.50mm Yes Yes Contact Us
Part # TM361 More Info
Frequency 76.8 MHz
Operating Temperature -30C to +85C
Dimensions .71x.79x.50mm
Integrated Heater Yes
Integrated Temperature Sensor Yes
Price Contact Us
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