Sand 9 Welcomes Alan Zhou to Board of Advisors

June 12, 2014

Alan Zhou has joined Sand 9’s advisory board. Dr. Zhou, an Internet of Things and mobile communications technology visionary, has over 20 years of start-up and global company executive management experience in the mobile wireless industry, where he held technical and management executive positions at AT&T, Lucent and Qualcomm.
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Sand 9 Wins 2014 SBANE New England Innovation Award

May 29, 2014

Sand 9, Inc. today announced that it has been awarded SBANE’s 2014 New England Innovation Award. The Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE), sponsor of the New England Innovation Awards since its inception in 1986, selected Sand 9 as a winner from among 210 innovative organizations that competed in the final phase of the competition.
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Sourcing Quartz Timing Devices: Myth vs. Reality

January 31, 2014

Quartz-based timing devices are the traditional, long-established components used to provide critical clocking signals in all electronic systems. It's a mature technology, with a track record extending back over 60 years. As such, it's normal to assume that there will be many credible vendors, numerous sourcing options, and fairly few technical surprises. However, this is not always the case.
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Sand 9 TM651 Is First High-Precision MEMS Oscillator

December 4, 2013

Sand 9 Inc. unveiled the TM651, the world's first high-precision temperature compensated MEMS oscillator (TCMO) to meet the noise and stability demands of communication, industrial and military applications. It is the first MEMS oscillator to challenge high-precision temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs).
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Sand 9: The Stealth MEMS Timing Startup

November 26, 2013

I’m happy to have found out about this relatively new MEMS company. The first two products, TM061 and TM361, introduced on September 3, 2013 were called “The first precision MEMS timing products for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Mobile”. On November 18, 2013, the TM651 was introduced for communications infrastructure, industrial and military applications. Let’s examine these products.
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