Sand 9 Ready to Enable a New Mobile World

Sand9_MobileThe proliferation of mobile phones during the past quarter century has dramatically changed the way we communicate – both individually and as a global entity. Today, 4.3 billion subscribers own or have access to mobile phones. Even in the most remote locations, communities now have access to a world beyond their borders that until recently they could never have imagined.

MEMS Needed for Smartphone Demands

Mobile phones today do more than just allow individuals to talk. With the invention of smartphones, these mobile devices enable users to create their own personal ecosystem– allowing them to browse the web, videoconference, listen to their favorite music, make financial transactions,  keep in touch with friends around the world, find the nearest restaurant and navigate to almost anywhere on the planet.

As mobile phones continue to evolve, the design and architecture of internal components need to evolve as well. System on Chip (SoC) innovations have allowed for simplification of the core electronics design, which is critical to optimize performance, reduce cost and reduce size.

But one function that has eluded system integration is timing. Today, timing is provided by quartz devices, which are stable yet bulky components that do not allow for integration. Due to their design, quartz timing devices cannot be overmolded and co-packaged without significant and unpredictable performance degradation.

Sand 9 MEMS Make the Mobile Difference

Sand 9’s MEMS timing devices are significantly smaller and perfectly suited for System in Package (SiP) integration. Today, Sand 9’s MEMS are being designed into next generation cellular transceiver ICs, enabling mobile phone manufactures to reduce costs, streamline supply chains, improve overall performance and reduce size. Sand 9’s MEMS also meet the rigorous performance requirements for GPS/GNSS and WiFi, opening up further opportunities for system integration and creating a design platform that will allow a new generation of mobile phones to meet the demands of an ever-growing mobile world.

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