MEMS Devices Meet Rugged Military and Aerospace Demands

High performance. Small. Rugged. These are three ideas that come to mind when thinking about servicing the demands of military and aerospace applications.

Radar, guided munitions, UAVs, satellites and communications equipment require high performance and often function in non-ideal environments.

MEMS Devices Can Take Military and Aerospace Demands

At the heart of these systems is the need for a highly accurate timing source that can withstand the harsh and rigorous demands of the military and aerospace industries. To date, quartz devices have supplied the majority of timing requirements for these applications.

Sand9_MilitaryHowever, quartz is extremely fragile and susceptible to shock, vibration, EMI and sudden changes in temperature. To address these weaknesses, quartz suppliers are forced to redesign their products to incorporate custom mounting techniques and expensive packaging, resulting in significantly larger package size and greater power consumption. As a result, military and aerospace customers have been forced to accept these bulky, expensive devices simply because they have not had a suitable alternative – until now.

Sand 9 MEMS Overcome Quartz Limitations

Sand 9’s piezoelectric MEMS technology meets the performance requirements for today’s military and aerospace system needs, but without any of the environmental drawbacks. First, they have more than an order of magnitude greater immunity to vibration conditions, reaching a point that would cause quartz to disintegrate.

Sand 9 MEMS also offer superior thermal coupling to deal with rapid changes in temperature, and the ability to operate with high stability at extended operating temperatures. Finally, the devices deliver high immunity to shock and EMI, in significantly smaller package sizes and at considerably lower power consumption levels.

In short, military and aerospace customers now have a real alternative to quartz for their mission-critical applications.

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