Sand 9 is the technology leader in precision MEMS timing.

Founded in 2007 in Cambridge, MA, Sand 9 is the technology leader in precision MEMS timing. Targeting a $4+B market opportunity with its piezoelectric MEMS products—which clock wireless and wired systems in mobile, low power wireless, communications infrastructure, industrial and military markets—Sand 9 outperforms both legacy quartz timing devices and other MEMS-based solutions. Sand 9’s MEMS timing products enhance quality and performance, simplify system design, and promote space and power savings in integrated electronic systems.

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  • Sourcing Quartz Timing Devices: Myth vs. Reality

    January 31, 2014

    Quartz-based timing devices are the traditional, long-established components used to provide critical clocking signals in all electronic systems. It’s a mature technology, with a track record extending back over 60 years. As such, it’s normal to assume that there will be many credible vendors, numerous sourcing options, and fairly few technical surprises. However, this is not always the case.

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  • Sand 9 TM651 Is First High-Precision MEMS Oscillator

    December 04, 2013

    Sand 9 Inc. unveiled the TM651, the world’s first high-precision temperature compensated MEMS oscillator (TCMO) to meet the noise and stability demands of communication, industrial and military applications. It is the first MEMS oscillator to challenge high-precision temperature compensated crystal oscillators (TCXOs).

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  • Are Sand 9 resonators fundamental or overtone devices?

    November 08, 2013

    Sand 9’s MEMS resonators are fundamental frequency resonators.  Operating at the fundamental frequency simplifies the design of higher frequency oscillators.  Another advantage of Sand 9’s MEMS process is that all frequencies, low and high, are implemented in very small resonator geometries.  The current wafer level package is ¼ the size of the smallest quartz package.

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  • What is the possibility of fine tuning the frequency with a voltage? A “VCMO” would be desirable even if the final frequency would require a synthesizer post stage.

    September 13, 2013

    Sand 9′s MEMS technology can be used to make Voltage Controlled MEMS Oscillators (VCMOs). The VCMO would offer several advantages over quartz: e.g., low phase noise, high fundamental frequency, vibration immunity and package integration. The higher fundamental frequency would enable lower noise frequency synthesizers, benefiting performance-demanding applications. The high fundamental frequency is especially useful when […]

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  • Advantages of Sand 9′s Piezoelectric Resonator vs. Electrostatic

    An overview of the differences between electrostatic and piezoelectric MEMS timing devices, which are competing to displace quartz.

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  • An Interview with Vincent Graziani – Sand 9′s CEO
    Sand 9

    Sand 9′s CEO, Vincent Graziani, discusses how the company’s MEMS resonator technology can help drive innovation and progress in electronics across many different industries.

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